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GERMS Artist Biography

Jaime Zacarias AKA GERMS is known for his allusions to the LA/Chicano culture such as his use of Luchador masks which are brought to life by their protruding tentacles and floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewersメ imaginations. He is also particularly influenced by Surrealist artists like Marcel Duchamp.He grew up in south central Los Angeles' and worked hard to stay away from the gangs and violence that surrounded him. He stayed in school and received lots of support from his peers and from teachers who encouraged his artistic talents with materials, time, and entering his work for competitions. He has a natural desire to paint and continues to find happiness and beauty in spending hours of a day painting and sketching.He describes his work as spontaneous and unplanned and uses his feelings and instinct to tell him when something is finished. ムI find myself mesmerized by the seemingly infinite details and borderline infectious behaviours of each character that aim to transform and challenge the icons we know so well. Each painting is admirable and a true labour of love.メ Jaime Zacarias

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