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Normメs work combines his routes in graffiti art with his new work as a Tattoo artist. He has worked in a variety of media adapting already-existing advertising imagery, constructing intricate miniatures of ghetto city buildings and scenes as well as traditional paintings of beautiful women. His journey as a graffiti artist, tattoo artist and fine artist has brought a fresh outlook on an ever-changing art scene.Norm started creating graffiti as part o the AWR/MSK (Mad Society Kings) family based in LA.With their help he rose through the ranks of the graffiti world and developed his unique style that is recognized and well known throughout the globe.He then took up an apprenticeship under Grime and the rest of the crew at Skull and Sword in San Francisco. From this he has branched out into tattoo machine building creating various tools of the trade used the world over by renowned artists. Now fully trained Norm owns and operates Will Rise Tattoo in Los Angeles, California.

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