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Jake Wood-Evans enigmatic limited edition prints perfectly capture the spirit of his oil paintings. He mixes both classical and contemporary art to create dark, ethereal works which capture the imagination and provoke deep emotional responses. They are simultaneously unsettling and beautiful and range from sensitive small studies to large scale, epic canvasses.Jake Wood Evans became an artist when his enjoyment of drawing pictures on the back of his school books got really out of hand. He studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, where he received a classical training and was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Academy for classical study at the Prado Museum in Madrid. He also won the accolade of "Free Range" Most Promising Graduate. Returning from Madrid Jake settled in Brighton to paint full time. For a year he inhabited in his studio, literally living on oil paint and canvas. The spaces Jake Wood Evans creates in his rich oil paintings seem to transcend time and space, they are both light and dark, delicate and aggressive. He pursues the timeless themes of death, love, loss and beauty. His intention is to affect the viewer, "I want to be able to make the viewer feel something that is not simple, I like to make things ambiguous so that there is room for the viewer to imagine, and depending on their mood feel something different each time they look at the work". Jake sinfluences range from the great artists of the Baroque and Renaissance, in particular Diego Velazquez, to 19th century colourists, Gerhard Richter and Francis Bacon. He is fascinated by the Old Masters and their depiction of light and likes to try and make objects glow in his own work. In our Qand A he explained how "I fill my head full of imagery and I am always looking for subject matter. It could be something very small that triggers off the excitement required to make a painting." Jake has been recognized as a superb draughtsman and he begins every piece with sketching. He allows for happy accidents and discovery in his process and often the more successful paintings end up completely different to how I imagined. His preferred medium is oil, which he believes offers him the most scope and is consequently the hardest to master; there`s a reason why the great painters from Velazquez to Francis Bacon used it. Although many of his works are very dark, Jake never uses black paint, he builds up black with layers of condensed colour such as reds and blues. He always paints listening to music, which he switches to classical when he needs to concentrate on details or make decisions. Jake Wood-Evans has exhibited throughout the UK, including a solo show at our sister gallery Ink_d in 2012.Read our editorial featuring Jake Wood-Evans:ᅠTop 5 Contemporary Nudes, Q and A with Jake Wood-Evans

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