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Danish artist Henrik Simonsen's charcoal drawings, prints and paintings explore the organic processes of nature. Simonsen takes lessons from the simplicity of natural forms and uses nature as a metaphor for the human experience. He describes his way of working as allowing the elements of the piece to "grow" on the canvas. Born in Denmark in 1974, Simonsen's traditional Scandinavian background is an evident influence on his art, which is also inspired by the 18th Century Rococo period. Rococo looked to nature for its inspiration, which is also traditional in Scandinavian architecture and design. "It took me moving away from Scandinavia before I felt I could engage with the tradition," Simonsen explained in an interview. Henrik Simonsen did his foundation in Denmark and studied Art and Design at Exeter University, during which time he went to New York on a 5 month exchange program. After graduating from Exeter he shared a studio in Brighton with Dan Baldwin and Antony Micallef, who had been on the same degree course as him. He also spent time in Venice which is where he acquired a love for colour. He currently lives and works in Brighton. All of the prints Simonsen has made have a source of inspiration in a painting or other work he has done, but they are all created as original screen paints. He enjoys making something original in a print medium, "to me it's a much more interesting way of working as you are not trying to make a print look like an original. "Spending time living in East Sussex, Henrik exhibited his work with Art of Treason at Brightonメs Art Fair in September 2011. In 2009 Simonsen featured in an issue of Art of England magazine and was also selected to submit a painting for the one year anniversary at the Bunny Gunner Art Show in LA. Henrik Simonsen has exhibited at various venues around the world including the Royal Opera House London, The Silas Marden gallery in Long Island and Brighton's White Gallery. His work has shown alongside modern masters such as Bridget Riley, Anthony Gormley, George Baselitz, Victor Pasmore and Gehard Richter.

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