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RETNA Artist Biography

Graffiti artist RETNA creates work that blends photography with painted graffiti styling taking influences from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as Arabic, Hebrew, and Asian calligraphy. Combining elements of the past, present and future, RETNA's work appears fast and effortless. Showcasing his first solo exhibit "The Hallelujah Work tour" in New York February 2011, he has also attracted the attention of Rand B artist Usher, who commissioned him to create a portrait of singer Marvin Gaye. His compositions are powerful fusing various media's starting with a visual point and improvising quickly to form the piece. Growing up in L.A RETNA was introduced to the mural culture at an early age and led one of the largest collectives in the City. Born in California in 1979, he really made a name for himself in early 1990's and his State side exposure has continued since. RETNA was covered in a 15-page feature exclusive to Juxtapoz magazine's September 2010 edition after finishing a commission at the Cosmopolitan towers with Kenny Scharf and Shephard Fairey. In December 2007 he collaborated with El Mac and Reyes on the large scale mural "La Reina del Sur" exhibiting at Miami's art basel. His earlier series "Men of the Cloth" was released at Mendenhall Sobieski gallery in Pasadena, California in 2006. RETNA had his first group exhibition at the Contemporary Corruption Show at 01 Gallery, Los Angeles in 2000. Today he is aligned with the Art Work Rebels and Mad Society Kings Art Groups as well as being a member of internationally exclusive art collective, The Seventh Letter.

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