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Mike Edwards is one of the pioneers of contemporary Typographic Art, creating his first 'readable' visual images from text back in 2004. Mike's pieces draw inspiration from contemporary media, art history, Pop Art, classical painting and Rock and Roll. For as long as he can remember Mike Edwads has felt he was an artist. The main focus of his work is the study of depiction and, more specifically, whether visual images can be depicted by words. In his innovative and unique Word Paintings - or Text Portraits - each single letter is rendered in a separate colour. When viewed from a distance the letters merge to create a unique image with a photographic-like quality. When viewed closely the text is clearly readable.Mike Edwards is drawn to themes of liberty and freedom of expression. His subjects have included the Bermese freedom fighter Aung San Suu Kyi and committed individualist, pop legend, David Bowie. His medium is predominantly paint, "liberated by Photoshop." The method is "insanely painstaking" and has taken years to develop. His distinctive portraiture form of typographic art is very labour intensive and he has joked, "sometimes it drives me to the edge of quitting and getting a day job as an abstract expressionist or a minimalist or something." Mike Edwards has sold thousands of prints and paintings including to such luminaries and collectors as Felix Dennis, Robert Lyndsay, Roger Taylor, Zoe Ball, and Christian Mathews as well as supplying images to Habitat, Urban Outfitters, Budweiser and Bacardi.Mike has been seen on the BBC and ITV and in 2011 received press for his Brighton Festival street-portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi. David Bowie signed a unique version of Mike's David Bowie artwork which went on to sell for £22,000 at auction at Abbey Road studios for Cancer Research.Read our editorial featuring Mike Edwards: Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Mike Edwards, Charming Baker and Ben Eine The Art of Politics and The Politics of Art

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