Nikki Black Artist Biography

Brighton based artist Nikki Black produces a stunning range of digital art and illustrations. Her sought-after limited edition prints explore unique views of landscapes, land marks and song lyrics. Nikki Black was born in 1979 in Tehran and became passionate about art at the age of 12, studying painting and drawing in a specialist school. In 2006 she moved to England and settled in Brighton, where she had quickly established herself amongst the thriving local artistic community. Her influences include Persian rugs, Mayan ruins and American Indian patterns. She gets inspiration from the shapes, colours and textures around her; she has explained how 'anything I look at can trigger an idea in my head.' Texture and colour give her beautifully intricate works an intriguing and engaging quality. She describes herself as a workaholic, spending most days designing on the computer and painting. She uses a few different design programs to create her digital art pieces, but mostly Adobe and Corel. Once she has finalised her composition and design she sends it off to the prints and after proofing they print her limited editions. In an interview with artrepublic, she said 'When I look at my creation and I know it's finished, there is nothing more satisfying.'

More art prints from Nikki Black

F**k Off By Nikki Black
Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd By Nikki Black
Loved Up XL - White By Nikki Black
London Eye By Nikki Black
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