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Carrie Reichardt Artist Biography

Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness is best known for her ceramics and mosaics which include both original pieces like her amazing ceramic spray cans and re-worked vintage china. She considers herself to be a craftivist and her eclectic range of imagery with simple words and sayings, invites the audience to re-question and think again about how they view the world.Having spent many years investigating methods of transferring images onto ceramics, she has developed a technique of layering images, using a combination of homemade, vintage and digital ceramic decals (transfers).Unlike others producing ceramics all of Carries work is placed in her kiln, fired with a glaze to once again return the item back to a usable piece of ceramic. Most of the artists three dimensional pieces have been fired many times as many of the glazing and transfer techniques she uses mean a traditional approach to her ceramics is required.Along with her partner, Mr Spunky, she co-founded The Treatment Rooms, a project in which they are transforming their home into a work of art. They are working with her extensive collections of vintage ceramic decals, that she sources from across the globe to mosaic the entire inside of the house, an epic undertaking.She was born in 1966. Her title the Baroness, which she uses ironically, is taken from the last Tsar of Russia making her grandfather an honorary general for helping the allied forces in WW1.After completing her foundation at Kingston Uni in 1988 she went on to study fine art at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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