Definitely Mary Artist Biography

モNothing is a mistake in my art. Nothing is planned, it just flows from pen to paperヤ This is artist Definitely Maryメs (Mary Allen) philosophy on the way she looks at and produces her work. As a small child, Mary would always sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper to characterise the world around her. While growing up Mary travelled the world drawing upon different countries and cultures gaining an abundance of influences, the most profound of these would be from the Asian continents. For example, Japan with itメs classic, unique fine lined detail portraying a sense of simplicity, quirkiness and dramatics. Mary Graduated from Monash University in Melbourne Australia as a Bachelor Of Arts in graphic design, whilst there she found the works of Keith Haring, Alphonse Mucha as well as the satirical comic strips of Charles Schultz, helped her to develop her own unique style.Being a designer has also influenced Defiantly Maryメs fine art practice, using characterised images, simplified shapes, structures and fine line detail.She has worked as a lecturer at Brockenhurst College teaching Art and Design and Design Technology, where the students she taught were a great inspiration to her. She has also worked with a variety of corporate clients including Mercedes, Azuli records, as well as other projects involving music, clothing and various commission art works.Read our editorial featuring Definitely Mary: Definitely Mary on a Vintage Bike

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