Simone Lia Artist Biography

Simone Lia is a British born Maltese illustrator and creator of comic book art. She has written and illustrated several comic and children's books as well as the graphic novels 'Fluffy' and 'Please God, Find me a Husband'. Her charming illustrations have also been turned into limited edition fine art prints.Simone Lia began painting and drawing in her Dad's tool shed at the age of 13. After studying for a BA at the University of Brighton she went on to write and illustrate books for children. She has created a number of children's books including 'Billy Bean's Dream', 'Follow the Line' and 'Little Giant'; and comics such as 'Golden Lions' and 'Monkey and Spoon'. Along with Tom Gauld, who she met at the Royal College of Art whilst studying for a masters, she began self-publishing comics as Cabanon Press. The two volumes of comics, called

"First" and "Second", were published together in November 2003 by Bloomsbury. Simone also set up the Happiness At Work studios, with Stephen Smart in 2003.Since then, Simone Lia has set up an art studio in an old pub, written a couple of graphic novels including "Fluffy" (a story of a bunny in denial) and has had her work exhibited at The Tate Britain. In 2004 she won second prize in the book illustration category of the Vand A Illustration Awards. As well as working to brief for commercial artists, Simone regularly creates stories with her much loved cast of characters. These characters include a wilful sausage, a carrot, a mute chip, a bean and bunnies of various shapes and sizes. These characters have had their own weekly comic strips in The Independent, The Guardian, and David Fickling Comic (DFC) Library.

More art prints from Simone Lia

Worm Fountain By Simone Lia
I’ve Got No Brain II By Simone Lia
I'm Not A Bunny (Yellow) By Simone Lia
I Like Reading By Simone Lia
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