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Carmen Spera Artist Biography

Carmen Spera is a New York based artist who began as a painter in the 70s, pioneered the vanguard ムfurniture art movementメ of the 1980s and is best known for his glass sculptures of guns. His silkscreen prints reproduce these life-size, fragile, glass sculptures of weapons such as the AK47. By branding them with high-fashion design logos, such as that of Chanel, he seeks to evoke dialogues on power, the global market and arms trade.He has exhibited all over the US as well as in Italy and France."I've taken the iconic images of assault weapons that typically inspire reactions of fear and discomfort and rendered them fragile by creating them from glass. I've also branded them with high fashion design emblems. These pieces join themes of violence and aggression with luxury and class, and are designed to evoke dialogue on power, the global market and arms trade. I am also reclaiming images that have recently been used by our government and media to spread fear and distrust, and challenging the viewer to perceive them within a larger, more nuanced context." - Carmen Spera

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