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Sadie Hennessy Artist Biography

モMy work is concerned with absurdity and poignancy. I operate within a cultural framework of ムEnglishnessメ and explore ideas of nostalgia and faux-nostalgia. My practice is currently about creating objects that reflect the crises and existential bogeymen that pervade our 21st Century consciences, both on a domestic scale and at a global level too. My work intends to unsettle its audience and to elicit a jolt of recognition in them. I am not afraid of using humour to create a reaction but it definitely comes from the darkest end of the comic spectrum. モ Sadie Hennessy, September 2010Sadie Hennessy graduated from Central St. Martins College in 2010 with an MA in Fine Art.She studied B.A (Hons) in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, graduating in 1987. She has exhibited widely in the UK, and will begin a print making residency at Croydon College in 2011. In 2010 she was selected as the inaugural artist at the Lautrec Gallery at Chelsea Arts Club, London and will be showing in the forthcoming Future Map exhibition.

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