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Brad Faine Artist Biography

Brad Faine's recent limited editions combine layers of letters numbers and images in a chequerboard format to create a composition packed with information that challenges the viewer to unlock the messages within the different layers of the work.Brad Faine's early studies centred on an interest in View conceptual art printsconceptual art and later developed towards a concentration on colour field painting. His interest in printmaking was motivated by a desire to make multiple flat colour images for which screen process printing was ideally suited. He found the hard edge image too restricting and for this reason he developed a form of continuous tone printing within the limitations of the medium. He started Coriander Studio in 1972 to make limited edition silkscreen prints, and worked with Henri Chopin who introduced him to a large number of artists including View Tom Phillips art printsTom Phillips, View Patrick Hughes art printsPatrick Hughes and William Burrows. In 1984 Brad was responsible with View Peter Blake art prints Peter Blake, Graham Bannister and Gordon House for originating and publishing "The Band Aid" print, which involved organising 104 artists to produce an edition of 500 prints, the proceeds of which went to the Band Aid trust. Brad also continued to work as a painter and printmaker in his own right; he has works in many private and public collections in the UK, the USA and the Middle East, and has been in mixed shows in London, New York, Dubai and Tokyo.Born in 1945 in Brighton Brad Faine studied painting and printmaking at Leicester College of Art and at Goldsmiths College.While at Leicester he developed the first truly playable 3d Chess set which was later exhibited at the "Invention of Problems" Exhibition at the ICA. He then taught printmaking part-time at Farnham College of Art and St. Martin's School of Art as well as lecturing at numerous colleges.Read our editorial featuring Brad Faine: Peter Blake the Man of Letters and Alphabet Art Spotlight on Brad Faine.

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