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The paintings present the structure of a narrative whilst inviting the viewer to create their own interpretation. Sweeney aims to capture the essence of the subject that is often based on a chance life encounter; references to mythology and mysticism combine the realistic with the fantastical. Her recent work has become highly decorative and ornate, reflecting her fascination with detail. Sweeney has recently had her first solo exhibition, "Anomaly", featuring a new body of acrylic paintings and a selection of screen prints including a special edition for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. Sweeney's work has been exhibited around the UK, including shows in London, Brighton and Henley. She was shortlisted and selected for the Cork Street Open last year and has a solo show booked for 2013 in Chichester. Read our editorial featuring Kelly Sweeney: Read our Kelly Sweeney Qand A.

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