Mr Purnam Artist Biography

Mr Purnam's work possesses a strong graphic sensibility and has an ability to make you look at the world differently. He juxtaposes images, moods and thoughts, to create fresh and whimsical alter egos. His characteristic silhouettes are often adorned with colourful disembodied curves and playful shapes. An ageing starlet one day is transformed into a glamorous beauty queen the next. His work embraces a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, and draws inspiration from Victoriana, 60's psychedelia, social media, the latest news headlines, lyrics from songs and occasionally, even the colour combination of vintage wallpaper. Being colour blind has never held Mr Purnam back, often leading to striking colour combinations that make his work unique. Mr Purnam was born in the UK, grew up in Indonesia and Australia, where he studied Graphic Design, then moved back to the UK and fell in love with the British sense of humour.A humour that is injected into his art.He was a finalist in artrepublic's Street Art competition and has exhibited in London.

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