Dan Innes Artist Biography

Dan Innes is a Brighton, UK based designer and self-taught artist who's fun, vibrant and emotive artwork can be found both in print from and out and about on local walls. Dan Innes studied industrial design and has long had a passion for art. He found his way into the street art scene because, as he explains, "there was a lot of amazing work being produced but also far too much that was way below standard, so I decided to find out at which end of the scale my work would fall".

Inspired by the everyday events he encounters along with a more subversive look at depicting the current world climate we live in, Dan Innes creates colourful mischievous visuals which are playful on the surface yet have a more sinister undertone. Children and soldiers are common motifs in his work. The soldiers, painted in bright flat tones, often carrying water pistols, resemble toy soldiers and reflect Innes' interest in playfully and subtly addressing serious questions of innocence, war and modern technology.

Once he has an idea, he looks for the best approach for it. Blending detailed imagery with bold colour and a messy finish to create his pieces, Innes' work uses a combination of screen printing, stencils, spray paint and hand finished brushwork. "Stenciling isn't something I base my work around", he says, "I don't like to limit what I can do by only using stencils as this could impact the final piece; however, stencilling does come into it a fair amount".

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