Belinda Eaton Artist Biography

Belinda Eaton is a British artist born in the Sixties in Mombasa, Kenya. She graduated with a B.A. Fine Art from St. Martins School of Art, London in 1983. Belinda Eaton's strong rich paintings reflect her nomadic life: she has lived in London, New York, France, Karachi, Barcelona and is currently living and painting between England and Andalucía, Spain. Belinda Eaton’s magic realism paintings and portraits evoke a world of colour, vivid characters, uncontained energy that can’t be trapped by the limits of the canvas, images constantly on the move, living life, dancing, drinking, and eating. Belinda Eaton experiences everything as energy, nothing is static. Every painting is a journey. She said that when she paints, she becomes totally absorbed in the paint, the brush stroke and the colour and they take on a life of their own. She just keeps painting and adding, until the painting becomes alive for her.

Belinda Easton was involved in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Fine Art Exhibition, and people may remember her work from the 2005 BBC TV series Star Portraits. 210 archival prints were produced of her painting "Woman with Football" and they were Official Licensed Products of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

"My paintings are my world, my fascination for people, plants, animals and colour. They are how I perceive things with all their energy." Belinda Eaton (2005)

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