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World renowned and award winning artist, Dave White is a contemporary British painter who dedicates his work to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive subjects. His expressive style is defined by thick, animated brush strokes and his work oozes colour and vigour.

Dave White was born in Liverpool in 1971. He attended Liverpool John Moores University in 1991 where he studied for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Painting) and worked in John Lennon's old art studio. Graduating in 1994, White enjoyed success from the early inception of his career. He was selected for the prestigious Northern Graduates exhibition at the Royal College of Art and went on to exhibitions in London and at international art fairs. In 1997, Dave White was exhibited alongside David Hockney and Picasso at Sotheby's Blue Cross Centenary exhibition. His work also featured in group shows at Connaught Brown with exhibits by Picasso, Dubuffet, Miro, and other 20th century greats. His international exhibition highlights have subsequently included the People's Square Exhibition Hall (Shanghai), Dia Art Centre (New York), Centre for Arts (Rotterdam), and Art Basel Week (Miami).

In 2002, White created a celebrated sneaker series which brought international exhibitions and attracted the attention of global companies, including Nike who purchased a series of White's work for their corporate collection. White's work continued to be admired by major brands. In 2007, Coca Cola commissioned him to create a painting of Jay Z's new design for Cherry Coke. White is also the only living artist to have collaborated with Brand Jordan for the release of his sell out Air Jordan I.

White worked on the Project on Creativity with acclaimed artist Chuck Close at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, where he was exhibited again in 2012 in CNNCTD 100, which showcased the 100 cultural influences of this generation including Cindy Sherman and Pharrell Williams. This success has attracted a great deal of media interest and White has featured in many publications, including GQ Magazine, The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Wall Street Journal, and the front cover of Creative Review. The Daily Telegraph described White as モone of Britain's most feted up-and-coming painters.

White was involved in the largest installation of public art ever to appear in London when he was one of the artists chosen to customize an old English phone box for the ambitious BT ArtBox project which appeared in Trafalgar Square. In September 2012, he undertook a residency at the Goss Foundation of Contemporary Art in Dallas, where he featured in an exhibition and created a painting in situ that sold at a contemporary art auction hosted by Simon de Pury for Phillips de Pury in aid of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Dave White's largest and most successful solo exhibition to date, titled Natural Selection, was inspired by endangered species. It was hosted by artrepublic and held at the venerable Hospital Club Gallery. Comprising of large-scale oil paintings, works on paper, and other limited editions, the series represented the beauty majesty and magnificence of incredibly rare animals. It showcased the emotive power of White's dynamic, colourful and charged Pop Art style. Dave White has said, My work is always influenced and inspired by the things I love. His subject matter is things he has a deep connection with.

From sneakers to cheeseburgers, comics, weapons and animals, they are mostly objects and creatures he discovered as a child and formed a strong bond with. He never paints in silence, preferring to work listening to old school jungle, break beat, electro and hip hop. Despite the disparity of White's subjects, all of his work simultaneously evokes a sense of urgency and life. His interest in the struggle of survival imbues his work with a powerful and primal quality. As his career continues to reach impressive new heights, and his work attracts more attention from the world's press, international brands and serious collectors, Dave White remains fundamentally a brilliant painter.

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Grizzly Bear By Dave White
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Lion Cub By Dave White
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