Francis Bacon Artist Biography

Francis Bacon is probably best known for his unique, disturbing and moving interpretations of Velasquez's famous painting of Pope Innocent X. As an artist he wanted to show what was deep inside a person rather than their surface appearance. He often took lots of photographs of his subjects which he would fold and tear to create his distorted compositions. Bacon was born in Dublin in 1909 and later moved to England. He also traveled throughout Europe, gaining inspiration for his later works. He was not only a painter of art but also had a stint as an interior decorator before he found fame in 1945. By 1953 he had become an established figure in both the British and American art world. He was homosexual and painted his on and off lifetime partner George many times. Bacon was also a heavy drinker and gambler, and sadly died in 1992.

More art prints from Francis Bacon

Georges a Bicyclette By Francis Bacon
Triptych 1974 left section By Francis Bacon
Self Portrait 1969 By Francis Bacon
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