Jo Peel Artist Biography

Jo Peel spends her time documenting in great detail her fascination with everyday scenes and scenarios. From abandoned East London construction sites to the streets of Vietnam and Bali, all are captured in her well observed and uniquely executed style. With high profile group shows in New York and Hong Kong as well as the UK, Jo's work is fast becoming a feature in the urban contemporary art scene.

Jo Peel has her very own imitable style, using acrylics and spray paint she confidently creates a dialogue by accurately recording the urban landscape in front of her. By leaving in the elements of construction and decay each exquisitely detailed painting carries rawness and reality that pin points a moment in time with an inviting warm and nostalgic feel. As well as drawings, paintings and prints Jo has designed and produced t-shirts for cult clothing label Rogue Chimp, stocked in select outlets in Tokyo and London, created bespoke murals and logos on street walls and within interiors, as well as designing and illustrating sets for photo shoots.

She has decorated rooms in the Artist Residence hotels in Brighton, UK (which featured on Channel 5's Hotel inspector) and Cornwall. Spotted at the Mutate exhibition in London by Tom Conran, Jo was commissioned to install her Trellick Tower artwork as a 3-meter-high piece in his Deli on Portobello Road, London - and has also adorned several walls in the West End with her diggers and cranes, including a 20-foot-tall painting next to Ladbroke Grove station. Jo Peel's references are predominantly from the environment rather than people. She is inspired by the process of change within the urban environment; how a city becomes a living and breathing creature, with its own personality and culture. East London in particular has changed enormously over the last decade and she loves to be able to document this change and live within an environment of such contrast.

Jo Peel is a serious contender in the Urban Contemporary scene and a member of the internationally renowned Scrawl Collective, regularly being commissioned by Chanel, Tom Conran, Hoxton Hotel, Honest Entertainment and Shaun Clarkson ID amongst others to paint huge exterior street works. She has an ever-increasing set of collectors from around the globe having successfully shown in London, Japan, New York and Hong Kong.She has worked with artists such as RYCA, David Walker, Zac Walsh, Will Barras, Stik and Static.

“The process of drawing something that seems upon initial glance pretty ordinary, allows me to really get involved in the structure and notice everything about a scene. It is these details that interest me about our world and can so easily be passed by."Jo Peel

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Meat Market Roman Road By Jo Peel
Rubbish By Jo Peel
Righton Pier - Orange By Jo Peel
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