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Hero Artist Biography

Danny Capozzi aka Hero73 was part of Bristol's urban art scene where he shared a studio with Will Barras, Mr Jago (from Scrawl Collective), Sickboy, China Mike, and Paris. Obsessed with drawing characters from the age of 6 months, he grew up in the 1980’s, inspired by the graphics and the cultures that surrounded him; Skateboarding, Graffiti, Breaking, DJ-ing and urban photography. After studying Audio visual and Graphic design at Epsom college of Art then 2D and Stop Motion Animation at Bournemouth College, Danny moved to London and worked as a model maker and character designer for The Puppet factory.

In 1999, he started to put on exhibitions in Bristol and London and soon became part of Bristol's urban art scene. At this time, he also developed his own unique Style of illustrating and adopted his pseudonym Hero73. He then went on to open the Bionyc Industries Shop along with his sister Bru creating limited edition prints and T-Shirts. After this, he went into animation and had the great pleasure of working with Aardman Animations to produce a CGI Animated show called "Chop Socky Chooks" which was BAFTA nominated and won the Gemini award for best Animated series 2008. He has also worked with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Channel 4 and MTV.

He now works as an illustrator, production designer and director on TV series and commercials as well as producing screen prints for exhibitions. In spring 2010, he will be teaming up with Inkie for the Style Wars doodle battles in various locations round Europe

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Audrey Hepburn -Portrait By Hero
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