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Fox Artist Biography

Raphael Fox, known as ‘FOX’, is a UK based artist living in Brighton. He is also the founder of Studio Salute, a studio for screen printing and other creative adventures, including design, illustration, animation and film. He creates fascinating mix media prints inspired by the aesthetics of the hand drawn Vs. the clarity of the digital. Fox has an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration. Following his degree, he took Jane Sampson's silk screen course to "get my hands messy" and invested time in learning screen printing from the masters. Passionate about printing and creative exploration, his work is a celebration of life and a commentary on society, exploring themes such as history, animal imagery, love, and humour.

Fox works with a broad range of mediums including photography, line drawings, and typography. He believes his work has "a healthy combination of machine and hand". He is always experimenting with techniques, trying to push the realms of printing. He has printed onto wood and book pages, in gloss and gold, and on t-shirts. Once he even made a print with his own blood titled "Life Tonic”. ᅠ

In 2009, Fox won the London Cut and Paste competition for his 2-D design and was flown out to NYC to battle it out for the Global Cut and Paste Championships. He made it through to the final four globally. Fox has worked on several collaborations with artists including Tabitha Bowdler, Molly Askey Goldsbury, and Lauren Hutchinson. He also founded New Blood Print Club (Inkspot Press), and was artist in residence at Artist Residence Hotel, Brighton. He has created art work for Computer Arts Magazine, Adobe, YEN magazine, Boxfresh, Mogwai, Unkle and Dark Horses, amongst others.

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