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A.CE is a London based artist who has been active in the UK street art scene for over 10 years. His wheat-pasted images and stickers have featured prominently across the urban landscape and the streets surrounding him, once viewed as an open skate park, are now interpreted as potential exhibition space. A.CE was born in London in 1980. モGoing back to my youth, skateboard graphics in the 80メs and 90メs were definitely my first source of inspiration, and that runs deep inside me to this day. Skateboarding defined me.ヤ Inspired in part by skateboard culture, Pop Art, and graphic design, his work is an extension of the graffiti he started doing back in the 90メs.Heメs played around with all mediums over the years; paint, pens, stencils, stickers. He likes the opportunity for scale that paste ups offer, and they were a natural progression from the smaller stickers he stated with. The medium of paste ups lends itself to the style of work that he likes to do, he likes the punky D.I.Y. aesthetic and the links to commercial screen printing.The focus of A.CEメs work is on appropriated, ambiguous found images and established graphics, such as cartoons and brand logos. Issues of consumerism, nostalgia and gender have all been tackled within his work, although a degree of ambiguity is always intended, in order to allow the view to form their own interpretation. What does the future hold for A.CE? In an interview he said, モI think at the very least youメve got to keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself. Iメll continue to enjoy the process of making my work that I enjoy now, and Iメll progress as and when I find new ideas and influences. Iメve no idea what path Iメll be going down in the next few months or years.ヤRead our editorial featuring A.CE: London Looks Ace after Late Night Stick Up

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