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Imbue is best known for his arresting images that take familiar everyday logos and imagery and manipulate them to them a new twist, making people take a closer look. London born artist Imbue, now lives and works in Brighton. After years experimenting with different styles and techniques using printing kits, markers, paints and various other materials, Imbue has finally crafted a unique style. Since moving to Brighton, Imbue has created some clever and striking images.He now produces limited edition screen prints, posters and canvas's that have been sold in Japan, America and Hawaii to name a few. He is still involved in creating street art and Imbue stickers, stencils and posters still appear overnight as he continues to adjust the streets. Recent campaigns include placing two vending machines on Brighton pier that appeared to be offering hard drugs and sneaking his "Not So White" image into the Disney store. In June 2009 Imbue had his first solo show at the Ink_d gallery called "A World Gone Mad". The show featured an installation, a film, original canvases, hand-finished limited edition screen prints and unique sculptures. A collection of Imbue prints, now sold out and previously available from artrepublic. IMBUE did a nice bit of guerrilla art when he framed some posters of "Not So White" and placed them in the Disney store in Brighton. He then filmed confused customers and you can see the film " href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__sWBv2fsK0">here.Pooh print (Silkscreen Limited Edition of 30)

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