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Prefab77 started working together as a design studio in 2005 and since then their foray into the art world has grown into something much more serious. They take their inspiration from all sorts of places including the punk movement, British royalty, NME magazine and British patriotism.Now based in Newcastle, UK they originally started working in New York City. They love to satirise modern British life, celebrating and mourning the passing of great institutions, and poking fun at the Hogarthian characters they come across on the streets.Each artwork they produce tells a story of modern Britain like the anniversary 'Luverly Jubilee' mug that is chipped, just like the reputation of the Royal Family, 30 years after the bunting has shrivelled and the Jelly melted.Prefab77 are also involved in the street art scene in a big way. Doing nothing by halves their street work involves paste up murals as high as a house. They describe their work as ムa mixture of acrylic, spray-paint, varnish and inks on wood or paper. Their flammability makes them a sound investment for the future as fuel prices increase to rise.メPrefab77 worked with Nike, Converse, and Hurley on the live art wall, and collaborated on a snowboard with Ride Snowboards in 2010. Prefab77 have been one of the street arts scenes most under rated stars and only now are they really getting the credit that they thoroughly deserve. See Prefab77 at work in this great little video: Read our editorial featuring Prefab77: Stars on the Rise: Prefab77

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