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Dolk Lundgren, or simply Dolk (Norwegian for dagger/knife), is widely recognised as Norway's preeminent graffiti artist and has rapidly gained popularity since emerging on the scene. His subversive and witty stenciled art works can be seen across Europe and adorning walls in cities such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, London and Prague.

Born in Bergen (Norway) in 1979, Dolk studied Graphic Design in his native Norway and Melbourne before discovering stencil art in 2003. Early in his career, it was speculated that Dolk was a pseudonym for famous Bristol-based stencil artist Banksy, who Dolk claims inspired him to make stencils. For some time, it was assumed, due to some stylistic similarities, that Dolk was an outlet for Banksy's less politically charged works.

Like many other street artists, Dolk decided to branch out into more legal forms of expression and since 2006 he has been exhibiting his work in galleries and art shows worldwide. His sharp and intelligent images proved to be an immediate hit from the moment he was first introduced to the public in Britain. In 2008, Dolk and Pøbel created the project "Ghetto Spedalsk" in Lofoten, northern Norway. The goal was to move the urban art form into no mans land by painting 20 stencils on abandoned houses. In 2010, Dolk received a lot of attention for creating three large-scale playful works for the opening of Halden prison, a state of the art correctional facility in Norway. The murals were painted on the walls of the exercise yard with one featuring an inmate in classic striped uniform complete with ball and chain. Another piece displayed a runner about to cross a finishing line made of 'police do not cross' tape. The Newspapers Daily Mail called the prison "the world's poshest prison with plus £1m Banksy-style art".

Dolk was also commission by the Norwegian state in 2011 to put up his artwork at the main railway stations in Oslo and Trondheim which goes to show how highly appreciated and desired his work is in the country. In 2012, was established, the unofficial fan site covers news, artwork, information etc. about the artist. His famous works include:

- The work "Che" from 2007 impersonate a cigar-smoking Che Guevara proud pointing on his own t-shirt with the iconic portrait from 1960 taken by Alberto Korda of himself. Dolk's stencil is distinguished by many as the ultimate copy of this portrait, that after Che Guevara’s death was pirat copied and created an enormous turnover.

- The work "Burger King" from 2006 portrays Prince Charles in a birthday crown in paper from Burger King.

- The work "Spray" is a twist on the iconic picture taken by Eddie Adams during the Vietnam War where general Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executes the Vietcong prisoner of war Nguyễn Văn Lém with a head shot. Dolk have changed the head with a flower, and the revolver with a spray bottle. In Bergen city this work was preserve in 2009 by the local government by framing it in protective glass.

More art prints from Dolk

3 x Chief By Dolk
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