Zachary Walsh Artist Biography

Zachary Walsh is a figurative painter in the truest sense he adopts minimalist abstract backgrounds into which he installs his carefully composed figures. As a result of this juxtaposition his compositions radiate a rare sense of calm and mystery. Originally from Manchester, Zachary Walsh earned a First Class Honours degree from John Moore's Liverpool University and a Masters of Art from the Royal College of Art in London.

Using members of his friends and family as models, Walsh creates portraits that are at once romantic, harmonic, and yet self-consciously 21st Century. Every one of his portraits stem from a sincere optimism about the value of beauty in painting, tinged by a sensibility for contemporary realities, helping us to see the conflict of the personal at the heart of the theatrical tableaux.

Zachary Walsh has gone on to feature in countless shows around the world with top destinations including Japan, Holland, Ireland, France and Mexico - as well as featuring in high profile exhibitions on home soil that include appearances in Shoreditch & Hoxton galleries, the famous Cork Street, the Oxo Tower, the Standard Chartered Bank and numerous art fairs. Wherever his work is seen it has always been admired for its poise and sincerity. For four consecutive years, Zachary Walsh has been selected by the critically acclaimed, Holland Park Opera as their in-house Artist. He has again been given the commission for the 2013 seasonal productions.

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