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Dr D Artist Biography

Graffiti artist Dr D is from London and makes her street art using a cut and paste technique on existing notices and billboards. She carefully doctors these billboards turning mass produced advertising on its head and making both critical and humourous statements.Her Tube Series of prints are a tongue in cheek look at the announcements you can hear every day on the London Underground. These prints in the style of notices produced by London Underground have been doctored by Dr D and were originally posted up on Tube trains and stations.Dr D spent much of the late twentieth century researching a vaccination technique for global corporations so that they might survive the Y2K virus. After years spent closeted in a small and dusty laboratory she was shocked to find that in reality nothing happened (other than share prices in IT companies rocketed as they experienced their very own gold rushes). Dr D has spent the last five years taking her revenge on the corporations that led her down this ill fated path.

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