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Hutch Artist Biography

Producing clean and crisp stencils, Hutch has been decorating the streets of Brighton, London and beyond with his street art for the best part of the last decade. Whatever the medium, his work is obviously loved and continues to put a smile on your face, even if it is often serving up some provoking messages. Grenades, spray cans and scalpel blades all feature in his stencils, stickers and paste-ups, mixing the tools of the trade with his erotic imagery. Hutch likes to drag ink through mesh with a squeegee onto surfaces creating limited edition works of art.

His work has found its way onto surfaces varying from canvas to cardboard, wood to walls and from pavement to human skin. He hand pulls all of his own screen print editions which are exhibited and sold throughout Brighton, London and New York. He has considerable knowledge and understanding of the versatility of the stencil, not just for use with spray cans but also as a medium for creating his own limited edition art prints and T-shirts.

Hutch has a passion for erotica, 50's nostalgia, music and urban street art, coupled with a 20-year obsession with screen-printing. He identifies Coop, Bill Plympton, Shepard Fairey, Ralph Steadman, Monty Python, religious propaganda and comics as his main influences. He explains: “My style ranges from sinister to the erotic sometimes overlapping with a bit of tongue in cheek”.

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