Gerry Baptist Artist Biography

Gerry Baptist's graffiti-inspired naive graphics and bold contrasting colours create striking compositions that comment on modern life and the contradictions of our consumer society. His early years in India and background in graphics have had a lasting effect on his work.

Gerry Baptist was born in India in 1935 of Portuguese/British parents and was educated in India and England. He believes that the common thread of strong colour and energy that has been woven into his work throughout his career emerged from the vivid images and magical colours that accompanied his childhood in India. 

Gerry Baptist studied painting and graphics at Walthamstow School of Art and the London College of Printing. But his formal education was much enriched by parental encouragement, by the opportunity to experience contrasting cultures and – not least by the rich variety of books, magazines, comics, musical instruments of all kinds and every kind of drawing materials. He was taught by the painters/printmakers George Chapman, Ruskin Spear and John Ward and the graphic designers George Adam and Harold Bertram and was awarded the National Diploma in Design with distinction, in 1955.

After completing his studies, Gerry Baptist worked as an art director for advertising agencies in England and Germany, and continued to develop his skills as an artist, painting large-scale expressionistic abstract drawings and paintings from life. During this time, he was a founder member of the advertising agency Yellowhammer in 1972. He and his partners later worked on new product development which gave them the opportunity to explore many new product ideas with companies such as, Shell, Tate & Lyle, Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, Boots and others. His work in graphics gave him a valuable insight into typography, illustration, photography and all forms of printmaking. In 1993, he showed his work at the Nancy Smillie Gallery in Glasgow and the Medici Gallery in London until eventually, he concentrated full-time on his career as an artist.

Gerry Baptist has been exhibiting regularly since 1993 at Galleries such as The Royal Academy, The Medici and Mark Jason Fine Art, Workplace Art in London, The Pump Gallery in Dorking, John Davies Fine Paintings in Stow, Lucy Simmonds in Hong Kong and other galleries in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Toronto and NY.  He was elected as an associate member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 2008 and has won several prestigious art Prizes.

"The ephemera of the media - political and trivial, comic book art, ever changing fashions and a constant curiosity in popular culture has always formed a large part of my interest. I use whatever type of printmaking that I feel is apt for the subject I'm working on and that has led me to use screen prints, etchings and digital images". Gerry Baptist

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