Hello Marine Artist Biography

Hello Marine is inspired by her love for music and fashion, the French Ye-Ye movement in the sixties, her childhood and all the different people she meets. She describes her work as "vivid, vibrant, sometimes retro or slightly surreal" which is certainly pleasing to the eye. When not hard at work in her "happy mess" of a studio, you may find her dancing at some concert or looking for inspiration in second hand book shops.

Hello Marine was born in Paris and grew up in South of France. After finishing her general education and baccalaureate in France (France's national secondary-school diploma) she studied advertising and marketing while still keeping an interest in drawing and painting. She was not sure whether advertising was the right path for her carrier, so she took some time off to decide what to do next. She came to England as an Au Pair and after a year learning English she applied to Plymouth College of Art where she did a foundation course in Graphic Design. After which she applied to Brighton for a degree and then set up herself as a freelance illustrator.

Hello Marine was always encouraged to express herself creatively as a child and was lucky enough to have parents interested in art who would take me often to exhibitions, museums, galleries and such. Her dad had a photography studio and was passionate about photography which has definitely had an impact on her interest in image making.

Her love for music is a big inspiration for Hello Marine's images, "music has a special place in my creativity though, if only because the music is always on in my studio". She says it plays a vital role in the creation of her illustrations and many of her favorite clients have been involved in music design. She also has a big collection of old and new art magazines which are a constant source of inspiration.

With some figure work both striking and memorable, Hello Marine’s work can be described as vivid, vibrant, sometimes retro or slightly surreal - appeal to both adults and children alike.

Now living and working in Brighton as an illustrator she divides her time between commissions for clients (including The Big Chill Festival, Penguin, The Guardian, Virgin, Coca-Cola, The Times) and personal work that she exhibits regularly. 

More art prints from Hello Marine

Blue Chair By Hello Marine
Colette By Hello Marine
Playground By Hello Marine
Black Cactus By HelloMarine
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