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Lester Magoogan Artist Biography

Lester's World is a reflection on life seen through the eyes of Lester Magoogan, a collection of uncomplicated, yet evocative, line drawings - which speak volumes about people and the world around us. Lester's artistic expression of human traits is inspirational; his bubbly contagious personality ensures a meeting is never forgotten. Lester was born with Down's Syndrome and is a testament to creative fulfillment for everyone. His work promises to bring a smile to even the most serious art lover's face. Lester Magoogan is an outstanding young man with a rare perspective of the world. Lester's father, Wesley Magoogan, played saxophone for the likes of Hazel O'Connor, Billy Ocean and Joan Armatrading, discovered Lester's unique talent in 1999. After watching a television programme where Billy Connelly interviewed a painter and spoke about maintaining a child's eye perspective in art, a light bulb went off in his head and he decided to share his son's artwork with the world. Since then Lester has shown at Tate Modern, Lowry and Dragon Bar in Shoreditch, London and appeared on television in the UK and abroad. He is a prolific artist who sometimes produces up to 200 line drawings a week. Most of his amusing black and white drawings are of endearing monsters with huge mouths and large, blunt teeth. Lester's work has been praised by some of his most prestigious peers. Sir Peter Blake and Jamie Hewlett, who produced the artwork for The Gorillaz, are both huge fans of his work. "Lester's drawings show his keen sense of humour" his minimalist approach goes to show that less is more." (Spike Milligan)"Lester has all the spontaneity of Miro and Dubuffet" (George Melly - Jazz singer, critic and comic strip writer).

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Nudger By Lester Magoogan
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