Brian Jones Artist Biography

Brian Jones was born in Liverpool and has gained his degree in Fine Art from Liverpool Polytechnic, where he was tutored by Jeff Nuttall and Jamie Reid, creator of The Sex Pistols album cover art. This was the beginning of a twenty-year association between the two artists, with Jones assisting and collaborating with Reid on various projects, exhibitions, and events.

Brian Jones describes himself as “Twisted through Pop, subverted by Punk”. His “New Pop” art plays with well-known popular culture and images and the resulting body of work reflects the humorous and witty views of its creator whilst dealing with current world issues such as war and politics. His most famous works include ‘Madollar’ - dollar bills stamped with Madonna’s face - to politically suggestive pieces such as ‘Blairman Mao’ and cult icons like ‘Chelvis’.

Jones’ art could easily be seen as offensive, but with politicians, premiership football managers and pop stars amongst the collectors of his work, Jones has found a balance that makes this artist’s future one to watch. He shows both nationally and internationally, with pieces in public collections and works owned by politicians, football managers, film and pop stars, plus other notables in the creative industries.

More art prints from Brian Jones

Chelvis By Brian Jones
Blairman Mao By Brian Jones
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog By Brian Jones
(£iving in a) ConDem Nation By Brian Jones
Madollar (black) By Brian Jones
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