• Mark Vessey

    Mark Vessey

    “My work is about trying to establish a sense of order. There is comfort in collecting things, studying things that people take for granted, grouping everyday objects into such a way that they become something special, seeing how they fit together to become a thing of great beauty.”

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  • Marion McConaghie

    Marion McConaghie - New!

    Marion McConaghie takes inspiration from vintage wallpaper, history and nature to create intriguing images of animals, butterflies and insects in her artwork. 

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  • Galzilla


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    Galzilla loves to create a work that has a connection with our internet and consumption-driven world, often a pastiche, a collage of reality that viewer can relate to. 

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  • Sea Shell Motel By Richard Heeps

    Richard Heeps

    Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love for his subject matter.

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  • Autumn By Edward Bawden

    Edward Bawden

    Edward Bawden worked as a printmaker, graphic designer and illustrator, and here at artrepublic we are lucky enough to have an extensive range of his wonderful limited edition art prints for you to purchase.

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  • I Never Left (E.T) By Mark Davies

    Mark Davies

    Mark Davies' pieces use bold colour and dynamic compositions, which seem to flicker and dance on the page, as they depict moments from familiar narratives.

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  • Laugh Now Ewok By Thirsty Bstrd

    Thirsty Bstrd

    Thirsty Bstrd’s iconographic series, ’When Banksy Meets Star Wars’, renders familiar tropes from the galaxy far, far away, in a contemporary, Banksy-esque aesthetic, to create prints with panache.

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  • Laundeette, Camden By Diane Patrice

    Diane Patrice

    Fusing her passion for music and her skill in photographic portraiture, Patrice has shot such stars and icons as Rihanna and Amy Winehouse.

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  • Stairway To Royal Albert By Clare Halifax

    Clare Halifax

    Clare Halifax is a contemporary artist focusing on cityscapes, landscapes and animals.Her work comes from the buildings that surrounded her when she was growing up as well as the nostalgic reminisces of places and items on her particular interest. 

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