Pahnl art prints & posters, available now at


Pahnl art prints & posters, available now at

Pahnl is a UK based artist who uses stencils, film, animation and photography to bring his miniature world to life, on and off the streets of Oxford. Thus, if you take the time to look around you, you would discover Pahnl's miniature people, dogs, cats, birds playfully interacting with spaces in the city. Pahnl always strives to make his work interact with its environment, but he also makes use of stickers, posters, film, art prints, and photography - to bring his cheeky world to life. Taking influence from comics and street signage, whilst adding his own subversive twist, Pahnl is just trying to bring an unexpected smile to our faces. His work has featured in group shows across England, as well as shows in America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy and Russia. If you are ready for a fantastic voyage through a miniature world, choose your limited edition art prints from Pahnl.

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