Hero73 art prints & posters, available now at


Hero73 art prints & posters, available now at

Hero73 is the street art name of Danny Capozzi, a high profile member of Bristol's thriving urban art scene, which also spawned Banksy and Nick Walker. Over the years, Hero73 has developed a distinctive illustrative style that combines his passion for street culture with his favourite toys and cartoons from his childhood. He has always believed that words and slogans are powerful in advertising, but characters have the ability to reach out and connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Hero73 has working as a freelance stop motion Animator and Director for Aardman Animations for over 12 years. During this period Danny was funded by channel 4 and Bigfatstudio to do two short films Vinny and Ill Communication which were well received on the world festival circuit. His skills have also been applied to a variety of commissions for an impressive list of clients for branding and commercials including Revlon, Disney, Unilever and Rimmel.

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