Lyonel Feininger art prints & posters, available now at

Lyonel Feininger

Lyonel Feininger art prints & posters, available now at

Lyonel Charles Feininger (1871–1956) was a German-American painter, and a leading exponent of Expressionism. Although he is known more for his Abstract Expressionist paintings, he started his career as a cartoonist and illustrator in 1894. His work appeared in French, German, and American magazines, and in 1906, the Chicago Tribune hired him to draw cartoons for two comic strips: The Kin-Der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie's World. Lyonel Feininger started doing "serious" art at the age of 36 in 1907, with his first exhibition at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in Paris in 1911. Many of Lyonel Feininger's art prints show his distinctive style - angular planes of light intersecting and overlapping one another. His earliest works have a lively, art nouveau look, which later shifts to a muted, impersonal style. In addition to his other work, Feininger also ventured into musical composition and photography. At artrepublic, run into this complete performer and enjoy of some of his art prints.

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