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Aroe art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com


Aroe art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

We are thrilled to have a range of limited edition art prints by UK based artist ‘Aroe’ available here at artrepublic. Aroe is an incredible graffiti writer based in Brighton, who creates unbelievable free-hand art works all over the world, from Russia to Egypt, Malaysia and Columbia. He has covered buildings in San Francisco and trains in India and Eastern Europe. In 2011 a music festival invited him to Senegal, to put on a graffiti showcase and give a masterclass. He says; “I still do illegal graffiti across the world. I do illegal graffiti because I think it’s more important than legal graffiti. It’s not in a confrontational way I just think it should make you question things…If I’m going to do a painting for an art gallery it will be a variant of something that I’ve done on the street or I’ve done on a train…Graffiti will never die out because of the simplicity of what it is. It is you making something from nothing.”
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