Richard Diebenkorn art prints & posters, available now at

Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn art prints & posters, available now at

If you want to escape for a moment, take in an art print from Richard Diebenkorn. This highly influential mid-century American artist which takes you between figuration and abstraction through seductive colours and surfaces chosen in his work.

Inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn drew on his bright Californian surroundings to create images defined by planes of carefully chosen colours. Diebenkorn’s work remains rooted in the outside world, and he is celebrated for capturing his surroundings on canvas without representing them literally. Moving between New Mexico, Illinois, and, ultimately, California, his work progresses in tune with the changing architecture and landscape. If you would like to escape with the art of Richard Diebenkorn, enjoy of some his art prints at artrepublic.

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