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Cosmo Sarson art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

Cosmo Sarson

Cosmo Sarson art prints & posters, available now at artrepublic.com

British artist Cosmo Sarson hit the headlines with his giant 28ft mural of Jesus break-dancing on a prestigious Bristol wall. The artist has successfully translated his epic street art creations into highly collectable limited edition prints. Born and bred Londoner, Cosmo Sarson started doing graffiti and break-dancing as a child. He started break-dancing in 1983 and then went on to study Fine Art at The Byam Shaw School of Art, adding traditional artistic disciplines to his graffiti skills. He achieved early success when his degree show was sponsored by Paul Smith.

Working in oils and gouache, Cosmo Sarson, began exploring themes around Hip Hop culture, creating almost trompe l’oeil images of break-dancers, skateboarders and bmx riders. He stopped painting in 1997, hanging up his brushes after a solo show on Regents Street. He remained retired from the art scene, in which his friends included the then relatively unknown Nick Walker and Ben Eine, until 2009. Cosmo began to focus on images of police and rioters after the student riots last year, capturing the anarchy of the rioters and the desperation of the police using big splashes of colour of thick bold lines.
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