Ben Eine Lenticular

Ben Eine Lenticular

Ben Eine Lenticular

Ben Eine has fast become one of the leading Street artists in London and also across the globe with his typographical art covering walls and shutters around the world as well as a number of sell-out print releases.

Eine has always found the art of Lenticulars fascinating - starting as a child when finding a Lenticular Bookmark at the bottom of his cereal box which captured the movement of a running tiger, to later years when seeing fellow Street

Artist and friend Eelus take to the Lenticular Scene with his ‘Not Everything is So Black and White - 3D Lenticular’ release back in 2015 exclusively here at artrepublic. Not only is this series of work Ben Eine’s last UK release of 2016 but it also sees him make his first Lenticular Debut in revisiting his 2012 release ‘Circus Love - Canvas’ but giving it a 3D twist.

Lenticular Technology has far advanced in recent years and this stunning series of works shows 3D technology can truly bring a piece of art to life adding greater movement to the piece and depth in colour. There are 4 colour Variants available in this new series of work and Ben Eine has been at the forefront in the entire Lenticular journey from start to finish to ensure each piece reflects his artistic intentions.

Here at artrepublic we are delighted to be showcasing Ben Eine’s first series of Lenticular artworks and would like to thank him for not only his continued support and partnership but for creating influential, iconic and fantastic works of art.

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