Le Violon D ingres 1924 by Man Ray

Le Violon D ingres  1924 by Man Ray
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80cm x 60cm
32" x 24"

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Le Violon D Ingres is one of many surrealist photographs created by Man Ray. He was inspired to create this one by the nude paintings of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. As in Ingres’s Grande Odalisca the model for Man Ray’s photo Kiki also wears a turban. He then altered the classical nude image by adding the f-holes of a stringed instrument. These were painted on to the photographic print which was then re -photographed to create the finished piece.

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About Man Ray

Man Ray worked in a variety of media and achieved substantial success in each. His most famous object is generally regarded as 'The Gift' (1921), a flatiron with a row of nails sticking out of it and his most renowned painting is 'Observatory Time' (1934) depicting an enormous pair of floating lips. 

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