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Staff Recommendations

Take a look at our staff recommendations for some insider perspective on our favourite prints in the Brighton gallery. Things come and go quickly however, so call the gallery on 01273 724829 or email brighton@artrepublic.com to avoid missing out!


Inna from our Brighton Gallery: “I was as shocked and sad as anyone when David Bowie passed away last year and it’s been fascinating to see the different ways artists have since paid tribute to the visionary musician. This sparkling edition by rocker “Wild Cat” Will Blanchard is particularly fitting, capturing Bowie in his famed Ziggy Stardust period.

Glitter Bowie

There is something very Warhol-esque about this print with the gold glitter adding a suitably glamorous element. Produced as a small edition of 25 and priced under £200 this piece is a perfect memento for any Bowie fans wanting to remember the iconic performer.”



Helen in our Brighton Gallery: "Copyright always comes up trumps with the depiction of fierce women in his breathtaking print editions. Combining the simplicity and graphic look of stencils with detailed hand painted flowers, Copyright makes work that is perfectly weighted and is hugely popular.


This print is loaded with symbolism like much of Copyright’s artwork and is the kind of picture you can easily find yourself getting lost in. At under £200 for the print, it also presents fantastic value for money."
Damien Hirst

Jake from our Brighton Gallery: “I’m a big fan of Damien Hirst and think this lenticular is one of the best editions by the artist in our gallery. By using advanced printing techniques Hirst has really captured the 3D qualities of his infamous diamond skull piece ‘For The Love of God’.

Skull Damien Hirst's original diamond skull

When moving past this piece it creates the visual illusion of the skull laughing in a really sinister yet comedic way. The original skull was valued in the region of £50m and featured over 8,000 flawless diamonds, so it’s great to be able to own a homage to the original for a much more affordable price.

Damien Hirst Skull

This is one print that pictures cannot do justice and must be seen in the flesh. It can give the impression of following you around the room and there aren’t many editions that you can say that about!

If you are interested in any of our staff recommendations, please call the gallery on 01273 724829 or email brighton@artrepublic.com for enquiries or more information.

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