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Iconic Salvador Dali painting returns to Glasgow

31 March 2011

Christ of St John of the Cross has just returned to Scotland after six months in the US on loan to The High Museum of Atlanta for an exhibition on Salvador Dali.

It will now go back on show in an improved position at its permanent home in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.

It has only left the UK six times since it was bought for Glasgow's collection in 1952.

The title of the painting was said to have been inspired by a drawing made by a Spanish Carmelite friar who was canonised as St John of The Cross in the 16th Century.  It was made after the saint had a vision in which he saw the crucifixion from above.  Dali painted his crucifixion scene set above the rocky harbour of his home village of Port Lligat in Spain. 

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