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Lidia de Pedro is back in the gallery with two fantastic new prints...

22 October 2014
Spanish artist Lidia de Pedro has had a numerous amount of sell out shows and has become highly collectable amongst a loyal following. Her work is flamboyant and colourful, and uses her compositions as a way to record thoughts and idea and to comment on recent news and events.

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of her newest prints since her stunning solo exhibition at our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery last month. Lidia de Pedro previously released ‘Free to Everyone’ which was a huge success. Since the release of her first print, her characteristic and original style has quickly gained a strong following. Lidia de Pedro’s original work is seething with different techniques and materials, resulting in densely patterned, multi-layered, colourful and personal art. “I see my work as a combination of things I like. I’ve noticed small decisions that are made very quickly and almost unconsciously influence the outcome of the final piece.”Lidia de Pedro.

To the Moon’ and ‘Wonderland’ are her latest releases, which are both beautifully hand finished and silkscreen printed. They are small editions of 25 so don’t miss out on these irresistible new releases!

New Banksy mural defaced

17 October 2014

The new Banksy artwork in Folkestone which we reported on has been vandalised just weeks after being painted by the elusive artist. The piece titled ‘Art Buff’ which has an estimated value of around £300,000 has been viewed by thousands of art fans since it was confirmed as an original. 

Police are now looking in to reports of criminal damage after a crude penis was spray painted onto the plinth of the stencilled artwork. The damage is not thought to be permanent with the entire image now being covered in protective plastic sheeting to prevent further harm. The mural was Banksy’s unofficial entry into the Folkestone Triennial art festival.

It is not the first time a Bansky piece has been painted over. Last week Clacton-on-sea county council acted quickly to erase a Banksy mural, commenting on immigration, after alleged receiving complaints deeming it “offensive”. Earlier this year another defaced work by the artist, “Kissing Coppers”, sold for £345,000 at auction in Miami. The stencilled work, which shows two policemen sharing an intimate moment, was originally painted on the side of The Albert pub in Brighton. Vandals covered the piece in black paint but it was expertly restored to its former glory by professionals before being carefully removed from the wall and sold. 

Images credit: : Gareth Fuller/PA

Moniker Art Fair |16 - 19 October STAND 7

15 October 2014

Moniker Art Fair returns for its fifth year this week, having firmly established itself as London’s premier event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture. The fair runs from 16th -19th October.

Our sister galleries ink_d and Lawrence Alkin Gallery have put together a special joint project for their first appearance at Moniker, which takes place at East London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery. The following artists have made a new original and a print exclusively for the fair. The prints will only be available during the fair dates; Bonnie and Clyde, Carne Griffiths, Carrie Reichardt, Copyright, Magnus Gjoen, Maria Rivans, Pure Evil and Tom French, which can be purchased online at artrepublic. There will also be work and special installations by Dan Baldwin, Dave White, Miss Bugs, Ryan Callanan and Static.

The exciting spectacle that is Moniker will attract 14,000-plus visitors to the capital’s East End, forming one of the major satellite event of London’s Art Week, when 60,000 visitors descent on the city to form an unparalleled international art audience. Moniker Art Fair will be venue-sharing with London’s leading artist-led fair – The Other Art Fair – in what will be a showcase of independent and established talent all under one roof. Your ticket allows you to gain access for both events. Make you sure to visit our sister galleries at Stand 7 to check out the great work in what will be a huge weekend for art. 

For visiting information and to claim your half price tickets to the fair use the code MONIKER50. Buy tickets here

Bruce McLean: Sculpture, Painting, Photography and Film Exhibition

13 October 2014
Firstsite in Colchester, give you the chance to look into the world of the internationally recognised Scottish artist Bruce McLean. The exhibition presents a major survey of the work of Bruce McLean featuring work from 1965 to the present including sculpture, painting, photography, drawings, ceramics and film, and is presented across seven galleries occupying 855 square meters.

His work varies from vivid ceramics, coloured steel sculptures and humorous pictures and paintings that have caught recognition to become one of the major figures of contemporary British Art. McLean was born in 1944 and studied at Glasgow school of art and St.Martin’s in London, where he was taught by Anthony Caro. He found the attitude there ponderous: “Twelve adult men with pipes would walk for hours around sculptures and mumble.” In reaction her turned to making sculptures out of rubbish, to performance art and to producing photographic works in which he would often pose. His work mocked paintings and prints in which humour remains central.

Not only does the Firstsite exhibition show case some of his earlier works but it will also present a number of recent paintings alongside significant works from the 1980s and 90s. A selection of films will be shown in timed screenings in the auditorium. An exhibition not to miss! We have a range of Bruce McLean prints at artrepublic to check out here!

The exhibition dates are Saturday the 14th June - 30th November 2014.

Brand new releases by Carne Griffiths have arrived in the Gallery...

13 October 2014
Carne Griffiths has always been a favourite at the Gallery, his wonderful blend of flowing lines and fascinating organic shapes are once again connected in his newest body of work from his Solo Show ‘ORIGINS’. Griffiths uses liquids such as inks, graphite, vodka, whisky, tea bags and embroidery thread to create the wonderful mix of portraits.

The series has been named ‘Origins’ questioning whether we trace back to a single source or if in actual fact we carry a small amount of information passed from generation to generation. Is there a thread that links us all together, a common consciousness?

Carne has released these limited edition prints from the Solo Show, ‘Origin’ – a beautiful side facing portrait of a woman, the ink and liquids bleaching the image to create earthy crisp tones. A wonderful signed and numbered limited edition of just 25. The original sold at the Solo Show so don’t miss out on the print.

Griffiths has also released ‘Becoming’ this time the original portrait was created using a mix of dreamy soft and heavy lines in graphite. This stunning limited edition of only 33 is also available with hand embroidery in a mix of different colours including ‘Citrus Yellow’, ‘Amethyst Purple’, ‘Emerald Green’, ‘Saffire Blue’ and ‘Rose Pink’. Don't miss your chance to own one of these prints!

Damien Hirst - Schizophrenogenesis

10 October 2014

Damien Hirst’s solo exhibition of new prints and editions has opened this week in London. Whenever Damien Hirst has a new body of work out there is a palpable sense of anticipating and excitement surround it and a unique buzz that only he can generate.

The brilliant new show titled ‘Schizophrenogenesis’ has been centred on the minimalist aesthetic of the medicinal pill; medical objects and ephemera have been a continuous presence in Hirst’s work since his early Goldsmiths days. The new series of prints and sculptures demonstrates Hirst’s life-long investigation into our almost-spiritual relationship with the rigours of science and the pharmaceutical industry.

Hirst explained the power behind the pill: “Pills are a brilliant little form, better than any minimalist art. They’re all designed to make you buy them… they come out of flowers, plants, things from the ground, and they make you feel good, you know, to just have a pill, to feel beauty.”

Included in the exhibition will be ‘The Cure’; which consists of a wall of Hirst’s new edition of thirty silkscreen prints, each depicting a two-colour pill set against vibrant backgrounds of pop-candy colours. Prints and printmaking hold an important position in Hirst’s artistic output. ‘The Cure’ reflects this constant investigation into and re-invention of techniques and medias. Much like his memorable ‘Souls’ series ‘The Cure’ colourways are vibrant in hue and exquisitely printed.  

Also on display will be a series of corresponding sculptural works; fourteen hugely enlarged resin pills, each measuring thirty centimetres long, as well as ten smaller pills, rendered in an array of seductive, immaculate colours. Sculptures of medicine bottles, pharmaceutical boxes, ampoules, syringes, a scalpel, and drug packaging that all play with concepts of scale – the tallest measuring nearly one and a half metres. The editions continue Hirst's exploration of contemporary belief systems; religion, love, art and medicine. Hirst elaborates on the notion of scale in his new sculptures: ‘I’ve done that kind of Alice in Wonderland thing, where I’ve just played with the scale, which I never did that much before. So I’ve just taken all those medical things and enlarged, and reduced, and blown them up.’

Dan Baldwin - The End Of Innocence

06 October 2014

Down at our Brighton Gallery we are thrilled about Dan Baldwin’s upcoming exhibition of brand new work, on show this month in New York City. The End of Innocence will be Baldwin’s first solo in the Big Apple and promises to display a vast body of work covering the breadth of his immense artistic talent with paintings, ceramics, bronze sculptures and works on paper. 

In the show Baldwin examines the theme of loss of innocence by incorporating the ephemera and detritus of a by-gone childhood into his new body of work. Objects with great sentimental value are key components in the pieces and include personal items ranging from his father’s boxing gloves to his son’s baby teether. Baldwin manages to bridge the gap between abstract and figurative painting by creating mixed media images that are dense with symbols and layers of meaning. 

The exhibition will also showcase Baldwin’s ambitious first foray into the medium of bronze sculpture. Wounded Bird (Pathology and Trauma) is a bronze of a female skull made as a testament to the fragility of life, a theme that is constantly examined in his work. Another sculpture depicts a young girl wearing a dress, which once belonged to the artist’s wife. 

Baldwin also made headlines earlier this year when he provided the artwork for the Scottish singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini’s new single ‘SCREAM’. Baldwin’s incredible painting ‘CYCLONE’ not only featured on the album sleeve, it was also made into a colossal backdrop used at the singers live shows. Mr Nutini clearly has great taste in art! 

We are certain Dan Baldwin’s new show is going to blow New York away and can’t we wait to see the new body of work he’s conjured up. Check out the extensive selection of Dan Baldwin print we have currently available and keep an eye out here for new prints from the talented artist follow ‘The End of Innocence’. 

Hayden Kays gets work in Tate Galleries

03 October 2014

It has been announced this week that one of our newest and most exciting artists, Hayden Kays, has a postcard of his artwork for sale in all of the Tate Galleries. The image used is of Kay’s sculpture ‘This Is Not A Brillo Box’, which pays homage to Andy Warhol’s iconic 60s Brillo Box. 

Kays’ also recently created the artwork for rock band ‘The Kooks’ latest album ‘Listen’ and all of their following singles. His brilliant heart design is visible on posters and billboards across the country. The limited edition silk screen ‘Handle With Care’ is available through artrepublic and follows a similar style and format to the ‘Listen’ cover. 

Kays has previously been described as ‘The screaming voice of an angry Britain’ and is proving to be one of the hottest young artists around. Gaining recognition from institutions like the Tate signals exciting times for the multitalented artist. 

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Rob Wass, Dave White & Dylan Floyd

03 October 2014

View our hottest art highlights for October 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a mesmerising edition by Rob Wass, a ferocious Dave White and a memorable new print from Dylan Floyd. 

Rob Wass, 'Murmuration' – A signed limited edition print of 150, this is a hand-finished silkscreen. Black is the only colour to have been printed with the other colours being applied by hand, making each piece very individual and unique. The heavy use of black for the trees and starlings contrasts with the other pockets of colour. Rob Wass’ work is about control, movement and trickery; making static work appear as if in motion. 

Dave White, 'Apex VIII' – This is a signed limited edition silkscreen print of just 50, which has been finished with a diamond dust background and varnish. This piece is from his recent show in LA and follows on from his Aquatics Series. Through his work Dave White want the viewer to reconnect with these creatures, highlighting their beauty and fragility. The first Apex shark we had in the gallery sold out in just 5 weeks. 

Dylan Floyd, 'Griffin Kitten' – This is a signed limited edition giclee print of just 25. The piece shows a kitten with a griffin’s head; one of the artist’s memorable creatures. The abstract gold pattern creates beautiful depth, glowing behind the griffin kitten. Dylan Floyd is a self-taught artist who began his career painting on street walls. He is inspired by graphic novels, children’s stories, animal and patterns. 


02 October 2014

The local council in Clacton-on-Sea has removed a new Banksy piece which takes a satirical stab at views on immigration after receiving a complaint deeming the artwork as “offensive”. The stencilled work depicts a group of grey pigeons holding up signs including one stating, “migrants not welcome” which are aimed at a single more colourful, exotic bird. 

The location of the mural is significant as a by-election is due to take place in Clacton-on-Sea following the local MP’s defection to the UKIP party. The local council, who painted over the artwork, said they did not know it was a genuine Banksy. By the time Banksy had posted photos of the new work on his website it had already been removed much to the dismay of locals and fans of the artist. 

This is not the first new Banksy work to surface this week. The elusive maestro was also busy in Folkestone, Kent. A a site along the coast he painted the mural “Art Buff” which shows an elderly woman staring at an empty plinth. On his website Banksy stated that the new painting was “part of the Folkestone Triennial. Kind Of...”. Plastic sheeting has been placed over the work and Shepway council said it was working with the owner of the building to ensure that it remains undamaged, unlike his other new painting. The triennial is a two-month long showcase of art in the Kent town, which has previously attracted the likes of Jeremy Deller, Martin Creed and Tracey Emin. 

Seaside towns seem to be Banksy’s port of call right now, we can only hope the artist pays a visit to Brighton in the future! 

Excitement Down at the Brighton Gallery for the New Luscious Sara Pope Releases...

01 October 2014
Sara Pope has been a favourite at the Brighton Gallery since her first release of luscious lips earlier in June 2013. She started off with a range of seductive celebrity lips including Lips 1 and Lips 2 which has sold out. Her latest collections are bold and drizzling with punch like the previous collection, but with added gloss, gold leaf and diamond dust finishing. We couldn’t have been happier to hear the news of new work by Pope.

Sara’s Lips pack a thought-provoking Pop Art punch but beneath their glamorous gloss she likes to raise question about the ideal of beauty and the transience of celebrity culture. She has said, “I like to explore the banal notions of style and glamour, conformity and non conformity.” Originally from Stoke on Trent Sara Pope studied Mathematics in Leeds and went on to build a background in fashion before painting independently 7 years ago in 2009.

The new release comprises of Lips 3 a beautiful high gloss giclee print, Lips 4 which has been hand finished with 23ct gold and gloss and Lips 5, hand finished with diamond dust. We can’t chose which one we prefer, as they are all dripping with beauty! Don’t wait around too long with these gems as they are only an edition of 25 each!

Absolut Andy Warhol

26 September 2014

The influence of Andy Warhol’s artistic genius is as strong as ever with Swedish vodka brand Absolut recently announcing that they will be launching a limited edition, Andy Warhol inspired bottle in time for the Christmas period. 

Almost 30 years since the priest of Pop created original artwork for the brand, the vodka maker has said it plans to release a tribute bottle taking inspiration from his painting. The ‘Make the Holidays Pop’ bottle is black in design with vibrant blue, pink and yellow lettering. Four million of the bottles are to be introduced worldwide with the Andy Warhol Foundation receiving a portion of the profits as royalties.

The original “Absolut Warhol” ad, which ran in the 1980’s, was significant as it began a relationship between the brand and popular artists. In the following decades artists including Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha and Kenny Scharf all supplied artwork, helping Absolut to become America’s best-selling imported spirit and global design icon. 

Andy Warhol also made headlines recently when the last of his 610 ‘time capsules’ was opened. 30 years ago the artist consigned 300,000 of his everyday possessions to be sealed in cardboard boxes for future generations to uncover. Postcards, cans of Campbell’s soup and outlandish finds like a mummified pizza and a fossilised slice of birthday cake have all be recovered from the boxes alongside notes and drawings by the artist. Warhol saw the time capsules as a work of art in themselves and as a means of capturing the essence of his life. It looks like Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame shows no sign of ending anytime soon! 

Major Documentary on David Hockney to air on BBC

26 September 2014

It has been reported that BBC Two has commissioned a feature-length documentary on Yorkshire’s favourite son, the celebrated artist David Hockney. The programme entitled HOCKNEY is set to air next year and will focus on the life and work of the iconic painter.

The filmmaking team behind the project also worked on a documentary examining another of Britain’s greatest artists in Lucian Freud: Painted Life. Freud and Hockney shared a close friendship and often featured in portrait form in each other’s work.

BBC Two Controller Kim Shillinglaw says: “David Hockney stands as one of Britain's seminal and most important artists, and I'm delighted to be showing this major film on him on BBC Two. I know this film will be a riveting and inspiring watch.” 

David Hockney has given unprecedented access to his personal archive of photographs and films for what promises to be a candid and unique visual diary of his life. It will also show Hockney’s endlessly prolific output, with him taking to the studio seven days a week at the grand age of seventy-seven years old. The film is set to be a fascinating insight into a national treasure and a revealing account of one of Britain’s best-loved artists. 

Diamond dust Apex VIII arrives at our Brighton Gallery with an Almighty Splash...

24 September 2014
Well established artist Dave White has caused a stir down at the Brighton Gallery with his dazzling new release Apex Shark VIII. Renowned for his depiction of endangered creatures, he has tackled one of the most powerful aquatic predators in this intensely beautiful print – the great white shark. 

Apex Shark VIII is the latest release from his aquatic series, which also featured the Sea Horse, Octopus and the previous sell out Apex Shark which was released earlier this summer and sold out after only two weeks of release. Dave White really captures the intensity of the predator, giving it a real life feel of its beautiful movement yet fierce fully passing past showing off its gritty menacing teeth. In an interview in The Independent, Dave White explained, “Obviously great whites have a nasty reputation, but in actual fact they’re fragile and beautiful. I want people to look at how rare they are – that’s the crux of it all.”

Oozing with bold brush strokes and dripping finishes, this limited edition is a 16 colour silkscreen with varnish and features a beautiful diamond dust background. It is limited edition of only 50, signed and numbered on the reverse. Don’t let this masterpiece swim out the door before it is too late!

Mr Brainwash leaves his mark on New York

19 September 2014

The art world maverick Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash made his presence known in New York City last week when a huge mural by the artist was unveiled on a building near the site of the World Trade Centre. The mural, which reads “WE LOVE NEW YORK”, was displayed on the department store Century 21 to coincide with the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

In an interview with the Gothamist website, Guetta explains how the mural is his way of showing his love for New York and as a means to greet the people of the city. Having recently moved to the Big Apple, Guetta goes on to describe his plans for collaborating with other artists and helping local schools with his art, as well as becoming a part of the artistic community. The mural is loaded with iconic American imagery including the national flag, a heroic fire fighter and policeman wielding a can of spray paint. Besides the New York mural Guetta has collaborated with the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rick Ross, Coca-Cola, Nike and Mercedes.   

Guetta reiterates that his modus operandi is to create work that is inspired by love, positivity and beauty, often for the benefit of charities. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to in his new adopted home of New York!  

Swing back to the 60s with David Studwells glorious new iconic prints...

18 September 2014
David Studwell is one of our newest artists to join artrepublic, and what a fantastic release of limited edition prints they are. No doubt we are all attached to the charm and beauty of the iconic figures of the past. David Studwell has re-created some of these synonymous figures from certain eras such as the 60s. Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor are just some of the icons used.

David Studwell studied in art and design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London; where he later carried on to learn the skills of printmaking in West London. His Limited Edition prints are beautifully silkscreened, although Studwell also likes to work with collage and mixed media in some of his other works. 

Influenced by Pop Art in particular, these bold figurative images have been reformed to create something with more vibrancy and more of a modern approach bringing the past to the future. These vivid silkscreen prints are all very low editions of just 10. Don’t wait too long to own one of David Studwells marvellous creations!

Scotland's Great Debate

12 September 2014

The ongoing debate about Scottish independence is due to reach its conclusion next week with what will be a historic vote. All the media focus on the event got us thinking about the multitude of artists the country has produced over the years and the important role Scotland has played in the world of art. 

The political artist War Boutique has tackled the issue of the Scottish referendum head on with two prints, Vote- Yes and Vote – No. One print features the red, white and blue of the Union Jack to represent a no vote and for Scotland to remain a part of Great Britain. The other silkscreen is in the classic blue and white of the Scottish national flag signifying a vote for independence.

Often referred to as ‘the People’s Painter’, proud Scot Jack Vettriano has voiced his support for independence stating, “I think any small country that is attached to a big country wants independence”.Vettriano is probably best known for his painting ‘The Singing Butler’ and despite being largely scorned by art critics, has had an exceptionally successful career. He is one of the most reproduced artists in the world and was even asked by Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond to create his official Christmas card back in 2010. 

Bruce McLean is another Scottish born artist who has achieved worldwide success, having studied at Glasgow School of Art in the early 1960s. McLean’s wide artistic practice incorporates sculpture, performance art and painting. His vivid and energetic take on traditional still life compositions has been very popular in our gallery. His rebellious spirit is always apparent in his work. 

Regardless of the outcome when the votes are counted, Scottish art will undoubtedly continue to thrive and the country will carry on producing exceptionally talented artists whether part of Great Britain or independent. 

Abstract Art Season on the BBC

10 September 2014

BBC Four are celebrating Abstract Art this week with a season of programmes, ‘When Art Broke Free’, exploring one of art’s most extraordinarily innovative and groundbreaking movements.

The season includes a host of interesting shows including ‘Why Can’t a Four Year-Old Paint a Pollock’, finding out just how challenging it is to create a famous Jackson Pollock drip painting, and ‘The Rules of Abstraction’, which sees art critic Matthew Collings explore how Abstract Art rose to prominence in both the art world and modern culture. There are in-depth explorations into the influence of Abstract Art on modern design and how jazz embraced the art movement through its album cover iconography. 

A brilliant documentary, ‘Abstract Artists in Their Own Words’, tells the story of Abstract Art in Britain through the words of some of its leading lights. From Barbara Hepworth’s Abstract geometric forms to Bridget Riley’s Op Art imagery, the film reveals the impressive and diverse ways in which British artists tackled the idea of abstraction in the 20th century. To celebrate the season BBC Four have also commissioned four British artists to produce their own channel idents, each inspired by the spirit of abstraction. Artists Laure Prouvost, John Smith, Sebastian Buerkner and James Richards all give an insight into what Abstract Art means to them. 

This fantastic BBC Four season celebrates the enduring influence and legacy of Abstract Art. To discover more about the groundbreaking movement why not delve into our extensive Abstract Art collectiction. 

Explore the ‘When Art Broke Free’ season on the BBC website. 

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Justine Smith, Pam Glew & HYBRID

05 September 2014

View our hottest art highlights for Sep 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Jessica Miles takes you through three fantastic pieces, including an explosive edition by Justine Smith, a storming Pam Glew and an exquisite HYBRID.

Justine Smith, A Bigger Bang – This is a giclee print, signed, limited edition of 40. Smith’s primary medium is paper collage and sculpture, with bank notes and political themes reoccurring in many of her pieces. In this print each country is represented as an island covered in its national currency. Russia completely dominates the piece as the largest country in the world with England represented as a fifty-pound note. It also comes in a white colour way, which gives it a softer feel. Smith has exhibited internationally and her work can be found in The British Council and financial institutions. Prime Minister Gordon Brown chose to hang her iconic image of the Euro on the walls of 10 Downing Street during his tenure.

Pam Glew, Calm Before the Storm – This is a signed limited edition of only 50. It is a giclee print with a gloss finish. The Brighton based artist specialises in portraits painted freehand onto vintage textiles. She uses household bleach to create bold faces emerging from the darkness. This print features fashion icon and supermodel Cara Delevinge on a vintage union jack. Glew has exhibited alongside the likes of Tracey Emin, Peter Blake and Damien Hirst. 

HYBRID, Jacqueline Kennedy –This is a signed limited edition of 75. It is a beautiful giclee print with a silkscreened layer of high gloss varnish, creating a really nice subtle sheen. The original for the print was created using a fascinating collage of Jaqueline Kennedy’s handwritten letters, notes, postcards and newspaper cuttings. It was finished with real butterflies from around the world, which really bring it to life. HYBRID is an artist that likes to remain undisclosed so the work can speak for itself. 

New Release by Mike Edwards in the Brighton Gallery

05 September 2014

Down at the Brighton Gallery we are very excited to see local artist Mike Edwards brand new release ‘Keith Richards’. The typography master is well known for his ‘readable’ visual images made out of text. With a love for Rock and Roll icons in his previous best selling prints, ‘Keith Richards’ is undoubtedly a next favourite for any rock and roll fans.

The image is of Keith Richards from the world famous and revolutionary band ‘The Rolling Stones’. When viewed from a distance the letters merge to create an image with a photographic-like quality, but up close you realise it has been made up different song titles from the iconic band. Mike Edwards is one of the pioneers of contemporary Typography Art.

His medium is predominantly paint, "liberated by Photoshop." The method is "insanely painstaking" and has taken years to develop. His distinctive portraiture form of typographicart is very labour intensive and he has joked, "sometimes it drives me to the edge of quitting and getting a day job as an abstract expressionist or a minimalist or something."

This Giclee signed limited edition print is of 100. Don’t miss out on this typography masterpiece!

Zeus Unveiling at Gatwick Airport

21 August 2014

Holidaymakers and those travelling through London’s Gatwick Airport will have the opportunity to view two new sculptures by legendary Grafitti artist Dean ‘Zeus’ Coleman. The pair of large scale ‘urban sculptures’ have been designed by the artist to inspire passengers and celebrate the extensive range of destinations across the globe Gatwick now serves. 

Zeus has a reputation as a prolific graffiti writer and has played a prominent role in both the UK Hip-Hop and graffiti scenes having worked for the likes of Tim Westwood and Def Jam record label. The artist has been described by The Face Magazine as “A 3D graffiti pioneer” and in recent years has made a number of unique graffiti inspired fish tank as well as installations. Zeus fuses elements of graffiti, typography, fine art and sculpture into his practice creating his own individual visual language. 

The pieces on show at Gatwick will measure around 2 metres high and depict two iconic landmarks in New York’s Chrysler Building and Dubai’s colossal Burj Al Arab. The installation, which will launch in time for the busy bank holiday weekend, will run for two months and is set to be viewed by hoards of travellers as then embark on their journeys all over the world.

The work will be official unveiled in the Airport’s South Terminal today by Zeus and Spencer Sheen, Head of Retail at Gatwick. We cannot wait to see what the 3D graffiti maestro has created! 

Unseen Andy Warhol Films to be Digitalised

19 August 2014

Andy Warhol was most famous for his brightly coloured Pop Art prints. However, he was also a prolific filmmaker shooting 60 features films and over 500 black and white shorts in the years between 1963 and 1972. In the early 70s Warhol removed the vast majority of these films from the public domain and they have remained hidden in archives until now. 

New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is joining up with The Andy Warhol Museum to digitalise his entire body of film work. The mammoth task, which will take several years to complete, involves taking over a thousand rolls of 16mm film, painstakingly scanning them frame by frame and converting them to high-resolution 2K format. 

Eric Shiner, director of The Warhol Museum explained the intention behind the labour intensive project, “The Warhol’s mission is to be the global keeper of his legacy. Making it possible for curators, scholars and the public to see Warhol’s total output as a filmmaker for the first time is a major step toward achieving our goals”.

The entire process will help viewers gain a deeper understand of the work of the artist but it is not the only recently attempted to recover “lost” work by Andy Warhol. Experimental works of art by the Pop-Art provocateur were recently salvaged from 30-year-old floppy discs by a team of computer experts. 


19 August 2014

Damien Hirst has recently been given the go ahead for perhaps his most controversial work to date, with plan to build an entire village near his childhood home. The proposed 750 home eco-town has been drawn up by architects MRJ rundell + associates and will develop an area on the edge of the seaside town Illfracombe in Devon. 

Damien Hirst has already left a mark on the town with his colossal sculpture ‘Verity’; A 66-foot tall bronze depicting a pregnant women holding aloft a large sword. The artist/town planner also owns a restaurant in the area, which rather fittingly specialises in seafood. 

The new town is set to benefit from the latest in renewable energy technology featuring environmentally friendly wind turbines, solar panels and insulation. The entire project is predicted to take 10-15 years to complete and will draw on Hirst’s iconic style and artistic flair. It remains to be seen whether the houses will be painted with his signature multi coloured spots or if animals in formaldehyde will be on sale in the local supermarket!

Image credit:

Ben Eine & Jo Peel’s Living Walls at the Olympic Park

05 August 2014

Urban artists Ben Eine and Jo Peel have been creating epic murals at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London as part of a participatory public art project entitled ‘Living Walls’. Through collaborations with the local community, the major project aims to create world class art for everyone to enjoy in and around the park.

Ben Eine has produced a monumental 400m long mural stretching over the Olympic Park hoardings. Titled ‘The Review’, it is his largest street art work to date. Eine has been inspired by the proposed plans for a new cultural quarter on the park and his signature circus font depict adjoining adjectives referring to the Games.  

Jo Peel is currently working on ‘Meet Me in the City’, a project to recreate her urban landscapes of local landmarks in 3D, using common structural elements such as windows and doors. Stories of love, relationships, dreams and emotions surrounding the Olympic Park development will be told by Peel along 200m of canal side hoardings. Her mural will incorporate parts of Hackney Wick and chart their change from an industrial to culturally significant area.

Pure Evil Featured in the Financial Times

04 August 2014

Did you spot the interview with our favourite Street Art maverick Pure Evil in the Financial Times last week? Interviewed by Peter Aspen for a feature on the rude health of Urban Art market, Pure Evil is described as “one of the most prominent names of the thriving street art scene.”

Peter Aspen writes, “And yet urban art has never been in ruder health, its ephemeral zest turned into something more long-lasting, and commercially viable. Banksy, the movement’s flag-bearer, has become an auction-house favourite. And Pure Evil himself... is becoming an unlikely interloper in the traditional art establishment.”

Aspen observes that there are “signs that street artists are becoming more ambitious in their scope, keener to align themselves with the centuries-old subjects of traditional art forms.” The interview with the purveyor of UK and international business and economic news is further proof of Pure Evil’s rocketing reputation and the vitality of the Urban Art market. 

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Marion McConaghie, Aroe & Damien Hirst

31 July 2014

View our collectable art highlights for August 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful edition by Marion McConaghie, a brilliant Aroe and an outstanding Damien Hirst lenticular.

Marion McConaghie, ‘Violet Butterfly’ – This is an edition of 50 signed, stamped and numbered by the artist. She has created a series of butterflies; this is one of the three that has been hand-finished in 27 carat gold and silver leaf. The gold and silver touches really highlight the piece. Marion McConaghie grew up in Northern Ireland but is now based in Lewes in Sussex. Marion McConaghie is inspired by everything vintage and antique but brings a contemporary feel to her work. Her work is fresh and timeless making it extremely popular in the gallery.

Aroe, ‘Ink Panther’ – This is a giclee signed limited edition print of just 50 by Brighton based graffiti artist Aroe. Every print is hand-finished with a unique tag in the bottom right-hand corner making each one completely different. Aroe has created huge pieces all over the world and has been known to cover buildings in San Francisco and Brighton. His tag remains on trains in India and Eastern Europe. All of his graffiti is free-hand, no stencils or projectors used. 

Damien Hirst, ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ – This is a lenticular on acrylic signed limited edition of 150. Damien Hirst is one of Britain’s most recognised artists of today gaining institutional fame when he won the Turner Prize in 1995. He was a prominent member of the YBAs in the ‘90s. They were seen as part of the wider Brit Pop cultural movement. This piece was taken from his series of animals in formaldehyde which also included a cow and sheep. Along with ‘For the Love of God’, this print has become one of the most iconic images in contemporary art.

Art Everywhere: A Very Very Big Art Show

29 July 2014

We’re delighted to see Art Everywhere returning for a second year. The collaborative project presents the UK’s favourite art from the nation’s public collections in a vast nationwide exhibition. It is the largest outdoor exhibition with thousands of poster sites and billboards up and down the country celebrating a summer of art.

There are 30,000 poster sites with 25 works of art on display for 6 weeks. "Whether you're on the high street and you suddenly see a Turner, or you get on a bus and you see a Chris Ofili, it is about having great images beautifully reproduced in an unexpected urban context," explained Stephen Deuchar, co-founder of Art Everywhere. "This is a fantastic initiative and I hope it goes on for many, many years to come," said the artist Antony Gormley.

The 25 artworks were chosen from a long list of 70 works in public galleries. David Hockney's elderly parents, Marc Quinn's blood-filled head and Dora Carrington's painting of an idyllic Lake District farmhouse are among the works chosen. With 38,000 public votes and the help of the finest UK curators and creatives the exhibition is now on until 31st August!

Damien Hirst to Open London Museum in 2015

24 July 2014

One of the most controversial and divisive art world figures, Damien Hirst, is set to cause a stir in the world of curating next year when he opens his first museum in London. Best known for his vitrines of animals preserved in formaldehyde and his clinically precise spot paintings, the former YBA is converting a building spanning the length of an entire street in Vauxhall, South London. 

The new space which is being transformed from a former theatre and scenery production workshop has been designed by Caruso St John architects, who were also the team behind the recent redevelopment of the Tate Britain. The currently unnamed complex will comprise of six separate galleries and a restaurant. The Museum had been scheduled to open later this year but will take longer to complete. A spokeswoman for Hirst’s Science Ltd Company says it now due to be ready “in May or June” next year.

Back in 2012 Damien Hirst initially announced his plans for the venture as a means to share his own personal art collection with the public. His private collection known as 'Murderme', consists of over 2000 pieces spanning generations of international artists including: Francis Bacon’s ‘Study for a figure at the Base of a Crucifixion’, Andy Warhol’s ‘Electric Chair’ and Pablo Picasso’s ‘Nature morte au crane’. Murderme, which has been valued in excess of £100m, gives a fascinating insight into Hirst’s own personal interests and tastes. 

Rob Wass Releases a Beautiful Flock of Starlings

22 July 2014

We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of Rob Wass’ latest limited edition print! ‘Murmuration’ is a magnificent two colour silkscreen print on Somerset Satin 300gsm fine art paper. Each print in this limited edition has been exquisitely hand-coloured by the artist with beautiful French inks.

A murmuration is when starlings flock together, wheeling and darting through the sky in tight, fluid formations. Murmurations can range from small groups of a few hundred starlings in a small ball, to undulating seas of millions of birds. Inspired by these aerial ballets birds perform, Rob Wass has created a bewitching image of a tree formed from swirling flocks of starlings.  

This elegant new print is an exclusive artrepublic release. Rob Wass’ previous hand-finished limited edition ‘We Are Bigger Than Them – Colour’, which also featured elegant birds in formation, quickly sold out so we’re expecting this ‘Murmuration’ to fly out of the door!

The Art of the Nation

21 July 2014

Most of the nation's greatest works of art are in our museums and galleries, but there are also thousands of significant works in homes across the country. A new series on BBC Radio 4 begins this afternoon investigating the art-works in UK homes and considering the stories they tell about our national identity. 

In the first programme of the series BBC Art Editor Will Gompertz reveals the importance of discovery, hearing about the joy of uncovering apparently lost masterpieces and acquiring works by chance. Gompertz meets an unemployed couple from Lincoln who believe they have tracked down, via the internet, works by Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Manet and Paul Cézanne

He also finds out about a businessman who happened to become a good friend of Pablo Picasso. The genius artist gave him one of his prized plates which sat in a drawer for 40 years, because its new owner thought it looked horrible. Now his son has re-discovered it! And there's the tale of home owner who happened to find a work by Francis Bacon on a wall - long hidden behind fitted furniture. This is sure to be a fascinating series!

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