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Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Marion McConaghie, Aroe & Damien Hirst

31 July 2014

View our collectable art highlights for August 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful edition by Marion McConaghie, a brilliant Aroe and an outstanding Damien Hirst lenticular.

Marion McConaghie, ‘Violet Butterfly’ – This is an edition of 50 signed, stamped and numbered by the artist. She has created a series of butterflies; this is one of the three that has been hand-finished in 27 carat gold and silver leaf. The gold and silver touches really highlight the piece. Marion McConaghie grew up in Northern Ireland but is now based in Lewes in Sussex. Marion McConaghie is inspired by everything vintage and antique but brings a contemporary feel to her work. Her work is fresh and timeless making it extremely popular in the gallery.

Aroe, ‘Ink Panther’ – This is a giclee signed limited edition print of just 50 by Brighton based graffiti artist Aroe. Every print is hand-finished with a unique tag in the bottom right-hand corner making each one completely different. Aroe has created huge pieces all over the world and has been known to cover buildings in San Francisco and Brighton. His tag remains on trains in India and Eastern Europe. All of his graffiti is free-hand, no stencils or projectors used. 

Damien Hirst, ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ – This is a lenticular on acrylic signed limited edition of 150. Damien Hirst is one of Britain’s most recognised artists of today gaining institutional fame when he won the Turner Prize in 1995. He was a prominent member of the YBAs in the ‘90s. They were seen as part of the wider Brit Pop cultural movement. This piece was taken from his series of animals in formaldehyde which also included a cow and sheep. Along with ‘For the Love of God’, this print has become one of the most iconic images in contemporary art.

Art Everywhere: A Very Very Big Art Show

29 July 2014

We’re delighted to see Art Everywhere returning for a second year. The collaborative project presents the UK’s favourite art from the nation’s public collections in a vast nationwide exhibition. It is the largest outdoor exhibition with thousands of poster sites and billboards up and down the country celebrating a summer of art.

There are 30,000 poster sites with 25 works of art on display for 6 weeks. "Whether you're on the high street and you suddenly see a Turner, or you get on a bus and you see a Chris Ofili, it is about having great images beautifully reproduced in an unexpected urban context," explained Stephen Deuchar, co-founder of Art Everywhere. "This is a fantastic initiative and I hope it goes on for many, many years to come," said the artist Antony Gormley.

The 25 artworks were chosen from a long list of 70 works in public galleries. David Hockney's elderly parents, Marc Quinn's blood-filled head and Dora Carrington's painting of an idyllic Lake District farmhouse are among the works chosen. With 38,000 public votes and the help of the finest UK curators and creatives the exhibition is now on until 31st August!

Damien Hirst to Open London Museum in 2015

24 July 2014

One of the most controversial and divisive art world figures, Damien Hirst, is set to cause a stir in the world of curating next year when he opens his first museum in London. Best known for his vitrines of animals preserved in formaldehyde and his clinically precise spot paintings, the former YBA is converting a building spanning the length of an entire street in Vauxhall, South London. 

The new space which is being transformed from a former theatre and scenery production workshop has been designed by Caruso St John architects, who were also the team behind the recent redevelopment of the Tate Britain. The currently unnamed complex will comprise of six separate galleries and a restaurant. The Museum had been scheduled to open later this year but will take longer to complete. A spokeswoman for Hirst’s Science Ltd Company says it now due to be ready “in May or June” next year.

Back in 2012 Damien Hirst initially announced his plans for the venture as a means to share his own personal art collection with the public. His private collection known as 'Murderme', consists of over 2000 pieces spanning generations of international artists including: Francis Bacon’s ‘Study for a figure at the Base of a Crucifixion’, Andy Warhol’s ‘Electric Chair’ and Pablo Picasso’s ‘Nature morte au crane’. Murderme, which has been valued in excess of £100m, gives a fascinating insight into Hirst’s own personal interests and tastes. 

Rob Wass Releases a Beautiful Flock of Starlings

22 July 2014

We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of Rob Wass’ latest limited edition print! ‘Murmuration’ is a magnificent two colour silkscreen print on Somerset Satin 300gsm fine art paper. Each print in this limited edition has been exquisitely hand-coloured by the artist with beautiful French inks.

A murmuration is when starlings flock together, wheeling and darting through the sky in tight, fluid formations. Murmurations can range from small groups of a few hundred starlings in a small ball, to undulating seas of millions of birds. Inspired by these aerial ballets birds perform, Rob Wass has created a bewitching image of a tree formed from swirling flocks of starlings.  

This elegant new print is an exclusive artrepublic release. Rob Wass’ previous hand-finished limited edition ‘We Are Bigger Than Them – Colour’, which also featured elegant birds in formation, quickly sold out so we’re expecting this ‘Murmuration’ to fly out of the door!

The Art of the Nation

21 July 2014

Most of the nation's greatest works of art are in our museums and galleries, but there are also thousands of significant works in homes across the country. A new series on BBC Radio 4 begins this afternoon investigating the art-works in UK homes and considering the stories they tell about our national identity. 

In the first programme of the series BBC Art Editor Will Gompertz reveals the importance of discovery, hearing about the joy of uncovering apparently lost masterpieces and acquiring works by chance. Gompertz meets an unemployed couple from Lincoln who believe they have tracked down, via the internet, works by Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Manet and Paul Cézanne

He also finds out about a businessman who happened to become a good friend of Pablo Picasso. The genius artist gave him one of his prized plates which sat in a drawer for 40 years, because its new owner thought it looked horrible. Now his son has re-discovered it! And there's the tale of home owner who happened to find a work by Francis Bacon on a wall - long hidden behind fitted furniture. This is sure to be a fascinating series!

Image credit:

Pure Evil in the Press & on the Streets

15 July 2014

Pure Evil gave readers a rare insight into the complex world of Graffiti in a recent interview with The Times newspaper. The artist explained the unspoken code of conduct present on the streets and voiced his opinion on the breach of etiquette when pieces of Banksy’s work had been painted over by rivals. He also explained the order of importance in Street Art with simpler tags at the bottom, 2 colour ‘throw ups’ in the middle and larger more detailed pieces at the top of the graffiti pyramid.

Also hot off the press... Pure Evil’s image of a hooded character stealing one of the Olympic rings emerged during the London 2012 games and has just been used as the cover artwork for Jules Boykoff’s new book ‘Activism and the Olympics’! The book, which is released later this month, examines how anti-Olympic activists deployed a range of approaches in order to challenge the Olympic machine. 

As well as book covers and interviews in the national press, Pure Evil has been out leaving his own mark on the streets. The artist has just painted a fresh mural on a wall of the new East Dulwich Picture House in South London. Fittingly he sprayed painted stencilled portraits of bygone film stars with Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich all featuring on a background made up of his signature multi-coloured vampire bunnies. Pure Evil is clearly the man of the moment!

Image credits: @KiPricePhoto

Jonathan Ross Digs the Strange Case Company

15 July 2014

Yesterday Jonathan Ross, officially ‘the most powerful man in broadcasting’, publically declared his enthusiasm for Brighton based art duo The Strange Case Company in a tweet to his 3.79 million Twitter followers! 

“I dig this Brighton artist @StrangeCaseCo at  or at ArtRepublic" tweeted @wossy directing his multitude of fans to our latest release by The Strange Case Company. ‘All Change’ is an unusual silkscreen on acrylic panels, signed, limited edition. Three separate, individually screen printed, 3mm acrylic sheets combine to produce an innovative portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth. 

Jonathan Ross met the Queen in 2005 when he was made an OBE in her Birthday Honours for services to broadcasting. He celebrated the honour by playing ‘God Save the Queen’ by The Sex Pistols on his BBC Radio 2 show! Follow Ross’ patriotic lead with this brand new work. 'All Change' is a tiny edition of only 20 so don’t delay if you’re tempted...

Image credit:

‘Freedom’ by Warren J Fox Arrives in Our Brighton Gallery

14 July 2014

This week we welcomed artist Warren J Fox to artrepublic! Causing a stir in our Brighton Gallery we were very excited to see his latest realise ‘Freedom’ featuring the city’s famous West Pier. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Warren J Fox has swapped sandy beaches for sunny Brighton and Hove.

This magnificent signed Limited Edition print features a striking Canary bird perched on top of a superb rendition of the West Pier, built in 1866. ‘Freedom’ is available as an edition of 25. A double-pulled gloss silkscreen glaze across the halo and drips from the pier add extra levels of detail to the eye catching giclee. 

With Brighton and Hove Pier prints such as 'East Pier Starling’ by Shane O'Driscoll, ’Nikki Black's 'Brighton Pier’ and Edward Baldwin's 'Brighton Pier’ remaining massively popular in the gallery, this stunning piece of work won’t be available for long. It’s the perfect print for canary collectors and Brighton enthusiasts alike.

‘Griffin Kitten’: Behind the Scenes

14 July 2014

Last week Dylan Floyd released his latest, highly anticipated, print ‘Griffin Kitten’. Floyd’s striking bird/cat hybrid first made an appearance at our Urban Art Fest as a Street Art piece this May and has now been transformed into a spectacular limited edition.

‘Griffin Kitten’ is a giclee print on 330gsm Somerset Velvet paper with screen-printed glue and hand-applied gold leaf. Check out these photos of Dylan Floyd, who is known for his incredible finishes, painstakingly gilding his imaginative creature’s beautiful abstract halo: 

“The ideas behind these pictures are not about mutation necessarily, they are more about animals as Totems or spirits, as saintly in some way. This is why I use the iconographic elements in the work. They are mythological creatures, contemporary mythological creatures,” explained Floyd in our artist’s interview

The Art of Futebol

10 July 2014

As the world prepares for this weekend's final, artworld stars and world-class footballers are teaming up to celebrate the Brazilian World Cup and raise vital funds for charity. Footballs signed by Brazilian legends including Pelé, Ronaldo and Romário have been transformed into artworks by some of our favourite contemporary artists including Static and Pure Evil.

Static have paired up with Zico and Pure Evil has joined forces with Raí. The other dream teams include David Luiz and Inkie; Falcão and Pakpoom Silaphan; Neymar and Richie Culver; Oscar and Tolleck Winner; Romário and Cibelle; Pelé and Rob & Nick Carter; Ronaldo and Nasser Azam; Ronaldinho and Patrick Hughes; Ramirez and Jimmy Galvin.

The balls are being auctioned off today in a private event at the Embassy of Brazil by celebrity auctioneer Jon Baddeley from Bonhams Auctioneers. Proceeds from the auction will go to Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC Trust), which supports grassroots community projects to transform the lives of the most vulnerable kids in Brazil. 

Banksy Bargains Sell at Bonhams

09 July 2014

The enigmatic and prolific street artist Bansky has been making headlines again. A lucky fan struck gold when she sold two original canvases by the artist for £124,750 last week, an incredible 1800% increase in value on what she originally paid for them. 

The canvases were bought from a market vender in New York’s Central Park last summer. Banksy set up the stall selling original pieces of his own work for a cut price as a stunt and backlash against the nature of the art market. The stall was alongside other vendors selling tourist souvenirs and at $60 each for a canvas they seemed somewhat expensive for what appeared to be a fake. The event which only lasted one day was part of the artist’s ‘Better Out Than In’ month long residence in the city, which saw him create a different piece of Street Art each day. 

The canvas of ‘Winnie The Pooh’ sold for £56,250 and his ‘Kids on Guns’ went for an incredible £68,500 at the Bonhams Contemporary Art Sale. The unnamed woman must have been delighted with her brief foray into the high end art market! 

Image Credits: An employee of Bonham's auction house examines 'Kids on Guns' by Banksy displayed alongside Banksy's 'Winnie The Pooh' Photo: NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP

Happy Birthday David Hockney

09 July 2014

Perhaps the most popular and versatile British artist of the 20th century, David Hockney, was born on this day in 1937. Happy birthday David Hockney!

David Hockney was born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1937 to a working class family. He went on to a prize-winning career as a student at the Royal College of Art. It was there that he met fellow artists such as Peter Blake, R.B. Kitaj, Peter Philips and Patrick Caulfield, who were to become stars of the British Pop Art Scene. By his mid-20s, Hockney had already become one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary artists in Britain. 

Did you know.... like his father, Hockney was a conscientious objector, and worked as a medical orderly in hospitals during his National Service (1957–59). He is also a staunch pro-tobacco campaigner and was invited to guest-edit the Today programme on 29th December 2009 to air his views on the subject, “Smoking calms me down. It's enjoyable. I don't want politicians deciding what is exciting in my life.” (Hockney)

Peter Blake: Pop Victoriana

09 July 2014

National treasure and Pop Art trailblazer Sir Peter Blake currently has an exhibition of original limited edition prints on at The Watts Gallery in Guildford. 

Peter Blake has often used Victorian design and ephemera as inspiration in his art with the show includes works such as ‘To a Darling Child’ and ‘The Wooden Puzzle Series’ that are available from us at artrepublic. Running until 31st of August this exhibition is a must see for any fans of the ‘Godfather of British Pop Art’ and demonstrates the application of the Victorian aesthetic in his sensational printed work. 

Quentin Blake Opens the World’s First House of Illustration

04 July 2014

This week Sir Quentin Blake has opened what is believed to be the world’s first public education space and gallery dedicated to Illustration. The House of Illustration in London is the new home for the art of illustration, from emerging talent to established artists. 

The gallery’s inaugural show ‘Inside Stories’ celebrates the work of one of the UK’s most popular illustration practitioners, Sir Quentin Blake. “Illustration has been one of the most distinctive strands in the history of British art,” said Blake. “It’s one of the things that the British are good at – we don’t say that often enough.”

The House of Illustration has been active since 2002, when it was founded by a group of illustrators led by Blake and Emma Chicester Clark. Since then it has helped to organise several exhibitions and education programmes, as well as establishing itself as the official archive-to-be of Blake's enormous output of some 4,000 drawings and 250 illustrated books. Now the gallery has its first permanent home displaying diverse illustrations form fashion designs, to political cartoons and advertisements.

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Sir Peter Blake, Jimi Crayon & Sarah Shaw

02 July 2014

View our collectable art highlights for July 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including an outstanding limited edition by Sir Peter Blake, a brilliant Jimi Crayon piece and a beautiful Sarah Shaw giclee and silkscreen work.

Peter Blake, ‘The Aquarium 2013’ – This is a silkscreen, signed, limited edition of 100. Peter Blake is one of Britain’s most well loved and well known artists. ‘The Aquarium’ was taken from Blake’s well celebrated ‘The Classroom’ suite. As usual with Blake’s work there’s a great attention to detail, this piece in particular features an abundance of marine life along with a lot of historical and quirky characters. 

Jimi Crayon, ‘A Weird Scene’ – This is a signed limited edition of 25. It’s a 9 layer silkscreen print which also has foil gilding and spot glazes. Jimi’s a London born artist but he’s actually based in LA at the moment. He produces Street Art murals, music videos, prints and digital work. It’s a fun and vibrant piece which really shows off his imagination!

Sarah Shaw, ‘Monolith V’ – This is a really nice small edition of 25, also signed by the artist. It is a giclee and silkscreen print with added glazes to recreate the effect of the original oil painting. ‘Monolith’ is a series of paintings based on a glimpse of road side flowers strapped to lampposts in memorial. She describes them as a momentary reminder of mortality. Sarah features in her work themes of beauty, history, the passing of time and the brevity of life. There is always an attractive use of colour and texture in her work. 

Own Art Now Available up to £2,500!

25 June 2014

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the brilliant Own Art scheme which enables you to spread the cost of hundreds of limited edition prints, interest free* whilst receiving and enjoying your art straight away. As part of the celebrations, customers can now borrow anything from £100 to £2,500 (previously £2,000)!

We are super proud to be one of a few UK galleries selected by Arts Council England to offer art lovers this 10 months interest free credit* and one of just a handful of websites offering online applications directly through our checkout. Now we can offer Own Art up to £2,500, even more of our massive art collection is accessible to collectors and fans.

Incredible pieces by top artists, including Damien Hirst’s ‘Probucol’ and Peter Blake’s ‘Framed Marilyn 2010’, are newly available to purchase through Own Art so now is the perfect time to invest in contemporary art, grow your collection and support living artists!

Meet New Artist Pam Glew...

25 June 2014

We’re delighted to welcome Pam Glew to artrepublic! An established contemporary British artist, Pam is known for her unique technique of painting with household bleach on vintage fabrics and flags. Her innovative work plays with our notions of idols, patriotism and the culture of heritage. 

This video from 2010 is a little dated but offers a fantastic insight into Pam’s artistic processes, her interests and her quirky working space:

'Calm Before the Storm' is Pam’s latest limited edition print. In this striking new work she has immortalized British icon and supermodel starlet Cara Delevingne, who has unequivocally taken the fashion world by storm. Delevingne is portrayed on a patriotic Union Jack background, demonstrating Glew’s fascination with flags.

Stanley Donwood Designs for Glastonbury

23 June 2014

Festival season is upon us once again and over the next few weeks revellers up and down the country with be packing their wellies, instant noodles and cider in preparation for some alfresco party action. The biggest festival in the UK and arguably the world, Glastonbury, kicks off this week and artist Stanley Donwood has once again created an incredible design for this year’s festival.

Stanley Donwood studied with Radiohead front man Thom Yorke at The University of Exeter and has provided artwork for all of the band’s albums since their 1995 breakthrough ‘The Bends’. He also has a long standing affiliation with Glastonbury. We have limited edition silkscreen prints of Donwood’s designs for both ‘The Glastonbury Festival 2011’ and ‘Glastonbury Festival 2013’.

The image on this year’s programme shows a cropped section from Donwood's painting ‘Nether’ which is also available at artrepublic as a limited edition giclee print in an edition of 100. Donwood's latest series of paintings examines the relationship humans have had with woods and forests over time. This painting is the perfect pick as thousands of people prepare to return to nature this summer and embrace life in a field (if only for the weekend)! 

Dave White Releases a Glittering Great White

20 June 2014

We are brimming with excitement about the arrival of ‘Apex Shark’ from internationally renowned artist Dave White. Carrying on from his sensational Aquatic series, White has looked to the most feared sea creature of all in his new collection of paintings, the great white shark.

The title ‘Apex’ refers to the shark’s position at the top of the food chain and was the title of his recent debut show in Los Angeles. White’s intention is to encourage the viewer to reconnect with these fascinating creatures and highlight their often overlooked beauty and fragility. In an Interview with the Independent Dave White said,"I want people to re-engage and look at the incredible beauty of these things... It doesn't matter what it is, if you just take a step back and have a real look at something, you often leave completely blown away."

Apex Shark’ is a 15 colour silkscreen with varnish, from a signed limited edition of just 50. Each print has been finished with a spectacular diamond dust background. White’s use of energetic and spontaneous brush strokes perfectly captures the dynamism and power of the shark. Move quickly to avoid missing this incredible piece! 

RYCA’s Winning Cup for Fatboy Slim

17 June 2014

Big Beat DJ and Brighton legend Fatboy Slim is taking Brazil by storm this summer with a host of huge gigs to be held during the World Cup. Packed alongside his records, signature Hawaiian shirts and sun cream will be the amazing replica World Cup trophy made by Ryan Callanan aka RYCA

The 'Acid Cup' was originally intended to be used for the album cover of the DJ’s forthcoming album ‘Bem Brazil’ until copyright issues arose preventing it. The handcrafted cup features one of RYCA’s signature acid house smiley faces. It quickly sold out from our sister gallery Ink_d but a limited edition of 7 finished with 23 carat gold is still available. 

So when the national team crash out of the competition at least there will be one Englishman raising a trophy in Brazil this summer!

Peter Blake's ‘Tracks of My Years’ on BBC Radio 2 All This Week

16 June 2014

Every day this week on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Tracks of My Years’, the Godfather of British Pop Sir Peter Blake will be choosing 2 songs that have meant the most to him and discussing his picks with British broadcaster Ken Bruce.

Best known for his iconic album cover for The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, we wonder whether Blake will be picking any tracks by The Beatles this week? We’re certainly expecting some swinging sixties classics. Blake follows a string of celebrities who have appeared on the regular radio programme, including recently Katy Perry, Cheryl Baker, Ian Rankin and Bonnie Tyler.

Bruce picked Peter Blake this week as part of Radio 2’s ‘Colour on the Radio’ week. Radio 2 are celebrating art and painting with a week of special programming. Jeremy Vine will be visiting the National Gallery with a blind person and BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz, Jo Whiley is presenting a ‘Colour on the Radio’ themed mixtape and Simon Mayo will be exploring the business side of the arts world. 

Pure Evil’s Street Art Project Makes the Papers

13 June 2014

Master of nightmares, Pure Evil, has just been featured in a double page spread in the London Evening Standard. In a major interview with the newspaper, the graffiti maverick discussed his new mission to spray a new piece every day. 

In January Pure Evil embarked on 365 Street Art, a project to paint or stencil or paste something up in public every day for a year, whatever the circumstances. “It’s difficult because sometimes there are days when you... Just. Don’t. Want. To do. Anything,” Pure Evil told the paper. He has continued to create new Street Art every day despite having cope with his grief following the death of his father and caring for his 18-month-old daughter Bunny.

“As street art becomes increasingly mainstream and monetised, the 365 project is a return to Uzzell-Edwards’ and the movement’s roots, just putting work out there for better or worse”, writes Nick Curtis in the Evening Standard piece. It’s a great interview with one of our favourite street artists and a must read for any Pure Evil fans! 

Image credits:

Charming Baker Collaborates with War Child UK Charity

11 June 2014

Charming Baker has been chosen by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in association with War Child UK to provide the visual focal point for the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The summit, which is currently taking place in London until 13th June, is the largest ever international gathering held on this issue.

Charming Baker’s contemporary sculptural installations ‘Loves Revolution’ and ‘Faith’s Leap’ were selected for the international summit. Rob Williams, CEO of War Child UK said: “Charming Baker’s sculptures highlight fear as an inhibiting factor in life, both in experiencing issues and in attempting to face them, but his works also stress this can and should be challenged and replaced with hope.”

Charming Baker has also released a new print edition, representing the equivocal dove of peace, with all proceeds being donated to War Child. “I'm thrilled to ‎be even a small part of such a worthy cause,” said Charming Baker in an interview in the Evening Standard. 

Street Art News Feature David Walker’s Urban ArtFest Work

09 June 2014

Renowned Street Art web magazine ‘Street Art News’ has just featured David Walker’s street art work from our Urban ArtFest! The blog, which celebrates the best urban art and street art around the world, has highlighted David Walker’s beautiful shutter portrait. 

The artrepublic Urban ArtFest took place on 31st of May in a vacant, industrial, undercover market in Brighton’s Circus Street. David Walker painted alongside fellow street artists RYCA, Pure Evil, Zeus, Copyright, Carne Griffiths, Hutch, Cassette Lord, The Thomas Brothers, Rob Wass, Gemma Compton and Dylan Floyd. Armed with spray paint they made their mark on the dilapidated walls and rolling shutters in front of a live crowd of street art fans.

David Walker shared his stunning portrait from our event on his own blog and on his Instagram account. The work is characteristic of his explosive colourful style and was a major highlight of the Urban ArtFest festivities. Thanks for the shout-out Street Art News! 

Kozyndan Celebrate California!

09 June 2014

Quirky husband and wife Kozyndan have released a brilliant new trippy ode to California – a tribute to the natural grandeur of their home state. “We wanted to make a playful, trippy, nostalgic image revering the beautiful land that we have called home,” explained Kozyndan. 

'An Ode to California' is fantastic signed open edition is bursting with psychedelic colours and imagery from the magical world of nature. The famous Redwood Forest and the Californian ocean are both imaginatively depicted. Relating to the hippie culture surrounding California in the 1960s, the print includes lots of hippy-loving naked people including a cross-legged child dreaming of a natural world. One of the main features in the print is a kaleidoscopic three-headed grizzly bear. The majestic grizzly bear is a North American subspecies of the brown bear and the symbol of California.

The print was first created as a mural for the ‘SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot’ exhibition at Oakland Museum of California. Their incredible artwork, which measures an outstanding 17 feet tall and 36 feet wide, will be on display at the museum until the 27th of July 2014. 

For further information please call the Brighton Gallery on +44 (0)1273 724829.

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Mike Edwards, Charming Baker and Ben Eine

05 June 2014

View our collectable art highlights for June 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic art works including a brilliant edition by Mike Edwards, a beautiful Charming Baker piece and an outstanding Ben Eine giclee.

Mike EdwardsMorrissey’ – It’s a giclee signed limited edition of 50. Mike Edwards is known for using text and symbols to create stunning visual images. He draws inspiration from contemporary media, Pop Art and rock ‘n’ roll music. Mike Edwards is a local Brighton artist. One of his pieces signed by David Bowie raised £22,000 in a charity auction! He has previously created prints of Bridgitte Bardot, Jo Strummer and David Bowie – we’re excited to see who’s next!

Charming BakerDignity Rides a Tricky Pony’ – This is a giclee and silkscreen print, signed limited edition of 200. He’s a British artist based in London who graduated from Central Saint Martins College. He calls himself a traditionalist. His work is often humorous with witty titles exploring the relationship between humans and animals. He’s had a string of sell out shows internationally.

Ben EineSee No Evil’ – This is a signed limited edition print of 140. It’s a ten colour giclee print with diamond dust which gives it a really beautiful finish. This piece is from his recent show in New York which was a complete sell out. Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific graffiti and street artists. He’s well known for his giant letters and words spread over the walls and shop shutters of East London. He’s a very collectible artist and his prints are very hard to get hold of. 

Upcoming Lawrence Alkin Gallery Exhibition ‘Resurrection’ by Jessica Albarn Featured in the Independent Today

04 June 2014

As our sister gallery in Soho, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, prepare to unveil an exceptional solo show by Jessica Albarn, the artist discusses her drawings of dead insects, her unusual passion for extinct creatures and her idyllic childhood with older brother Damon (of Blur and Gorillaz fame) in the Independent newspaper. 

Describing Jessica Albarns’ fascination with arthropods, Lepidoptera and bees, Victoria-Anne Bull writes in the Independent, “Her new show, ‘Resurrection’, at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in central London this month is a play on the fact that she immortalises these creatures through the graceful strokes of her pencil and paintbrush” 

“I’m not very good with slugs and worms, anything that is slimy or decomposing doesn’t attract me,” confesses Jessica, “but death, when it’s dried and dead, I find fascinating.” Her exhibition ‘Resurrection’ will revise the lost beauty of the dead, treasuring the extinct, rare and endangered in our natural world. It’s open at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery from June 13th to 28th. 

Image credits: David Sandison

Antiques Roadshow Value Boys Club Banksy at £400,000

03 June 2014

In April world renowned street artist Banksy created a new mural titled ‘Mobile Lovers’. The piece was sprayed on a plank of wood screwed to a wall near the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Banksy’s home town of Bristol. Now the controversial artwork has appeared on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow!

The Broad Plain Boys’ Club leader Dennis Stinchcombe has been involved in a row with the local council ever since he removed the Banksy artwork from the wall. He had hoped that he would be able to sell the piece and fund the struggling boys club but the city council removed the street art and put it on display. That was until Banksy himself got involved and wrote a letter to the club giving his blessing, “I don’t normally admit to committing criminal damages, but seeing as it looks like charges won’t be brought any time soon you have my blessing to do what you feel is right with the piece. I’m a great admirer of the work done at the club and would be chuffed if this can help in some way.”

Mr Stinchcombe and Banksy’s ‘Mobile Lovers’ have now appeared on the British television show ‘Antiques Roadshow’. Mr Stinchcombe said, 'I am looking to sell the Banksy at the highest price, and I just took it down to get an expert opinion.” Art expert Ruper Maas told him that it is incredibly hard to put a price on the Banksy but selling it for £400,000 would be a “good deal.”

Image credits: ©Michael Lloyd/, © 

Tomorrow will be Ice Scream Weather!

29 May 2014

We’re super excited to announce an exclusive print release tomorrow with Street artist Zeus. ‘Ice Scream’ is a limited edition giclee which will available in four vibrant colour ways, each in an edition of 30 and signed by the artist.

These dazzling new prints which are a humorous and political twist on the classic ice-cream cone will be released at midday tomorrow (Friday). This exclusive release is timed to celebrate Zeus’ involvement in our Urban ArtFest. Zeus will be flying in especially on Saturday to LIVE paint at our major Street Art festival. Don’t miss out on these striking new prints or the chance to watch Zeus painting in Brighton this weekend!

Our Brighton Gallery Unmasks New Copyright Street Art

29 May 2014

The exterior wall of our Brighton Gallery is getting a Copyright makeover today ahead of this weekend’s Urban Artfest

Urban artist Copyright is down from Bristol and whipping up a fresh new street piece to adorn our gallery. The stencil and spray paint work is titled ‘Masquerade’ and depicts a classic monochrome beauty coyly covering her eyes with an opulent, red, Venetian mask. We’re super excited to have Copyright’s signature imagery embellishing our wall! 

You can catch Copyright painting LIVE again on Saturday at the Urban Artfest on Circus Street in Brighton. You can also get your hands on a brand new exclusive print by Copyright being released on Friday at midday... ‘Morning Star 13’ is a signed silkscreen hand-finished with spray paint, acrylic and emulsion. Be quick though, it’s a tiny edition of just 13 and Copyright is a sought-after Street Art star!

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