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Tate Modern Unveils ‘Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs’

15 April 2014

The Tate Modern is currently staging the biggest ever presentation of French artist Henri Matisse’s cut-out artworks – the artist’s experimental and triumphant final chapter of his career. It is the first show in the UK to display four important blue nudes together, and the first Tate exhibition to be shown at cinemas. 

Matisse initially used paper cut-outs to plan paintings, illustrations and large works such as tapestries and set designs. But what started out as a planning tool became a beautiful artistic medium in itself. "I think Matisse thought of the cut-outs in a way as a synthesis of everything he'd been trying to work through in his life, resolving issues of colour, line, contour, painting, drawing, sculpting," says exhibition co-curator Nicholas Cullinan.

Fallen in love with the bold colour and glorious simplicity of Matisse’s paper creations? To celebrate the evocative and compelling show we are discounting our extensive collection of Henri Matisse museum art prints by 15%. Why not fill your home with the magic of Matisse’s radical and groundbreaking cut outs...

New Banksy Mural – ‘Mobile Lovers’

14 April 2014

British Street artist Banksy returns with another epic stencil. The new mural appeared on his website this morning. However, the details of the location have yet to be released. It is thought that is somewhere in the UK. 

The stencil shows a monochrome man and woman caressing whilst each holding a mobile phone – the light from which illuminates their adjacent faces.  This couple are what you would call ‘connected’ – both physically, entangled in an embrace, and electronically, reaching out to the wider world through their mobile devices. 

This new Banksy is a super ‘smart’ piece that’s sure to create a major ‘buzz’.

Just Released - ‘Red Deer’ by Jake Wood-Evans

11 April 2014

We are delighted to announce a brand new release from the acclaimed contemporary painter Jake Wood-Evans. ‘Red Deer’ is a startling beautiful portrait of a majestic red deer stag (one of the largest of the deer species) on Jake Wood-Evans’ characteristically rich and dark background. 

The giclee and silkscreen print on fine Somerset Enhanced 330gsm paper is signed and numbered. The influence of classical art in this print is evident. Jake Wood-Evans was awarded a scholarship for classical study at the Prado museum in Madrid, where he discovered the work of Diego Velasquez. The Spanish Baroque painter has had a lasting impact on Jake Wood-Evans. This new work is possibly a contemporary tribute to the magnificent ‘Head of a Stag’ by Diego Velasquez. 

We exhibited the original oil on canvas ‘Red Deer Study 1’ by Jake Wood-Evans at the prestigious London Art Fair 2014 earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, the beautiful piece attracted a great deal of attention and quickly sold. We are expecting this small limited edition of 50 to sell very quickly so don’t hesitate if, like us, you’re enchanted by this exquisite creature. 

Two New Original Works by Elusive Artist HYBRID

07 April 2014

We are very excited about the arrival into the Brighton gallery of two new original artworks by the enigmatic artist HYBRID. In these two very distinct pieces HYBRID has really demonstrated their desire of not being tied down by a particular visual style. 

‘A Clockwork bird’ is an original, mixed media, work on paper.  The artist has contrasted vivid and abstract colour in the bottom half of the bird with thick, glossy black drips running down from the top created using liquid glass. 24 carat gold leaf has also been applied for the eye. HYBRID has achieved an uncomplicated elegance and spacious atmosphere in this image. 

‘Pink Floyd on Vintage Union Jack’ depicts the seminal British rock band painted directly onto a vintage flag. It also features some of their philosophical song lyrics from “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”. This is a large, striking image; a real celebration of the iconic band. It is an incredible opportunity to own a unique, one-off piece framed and ready to hang on your wall. 

For further information please call the Brighton Gallery on +44 (0)1273 724829

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. The Strange Case Company, Carne Griffiths and Kate Gibb

02 April 2014

View our collectable art highlights for April 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a brilliant edition by The Strange Case Company, a beautiful Carne Griffiths piece and an outstanding Kate Gibb silkscreen.

The Strange Case Company, ‘Label Queen’ art print: This is a signed limited edition of 100. It’s a really nice bold image. If you look closely it’s got the lyrics to the national anthem running through the tapes and also the colours of the tapes makeup the Union Jack. 

Carne Griffiths, ‘Invisible Lines’ art print: It’s a small edition of 33. Carne Griffiths tends to use a lot of different mediums in his pieces, different inks, watercolour, tea, whiskey. He takes reference from female faces as well as natural imagery, like woodland and floral imagery. He actually used to be a wire embroidery designer so this is where he gets a lot of the intricacy in his work from. 

Kate Gibb, ‘Electric Mick – One’ art print: This is a really nice sized edition of 50, signed by the artist. Kate Gibb has recently been exploring silkscreen as a new method. She’s best known for her music sleeve artwork, in particular The Chemical Brothers. It’s a great piece for music and art lovers alike, a really cool image of Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger. It’s also available in pink in ‘Electric Mick Two’. 

‘My art by artrepublic’ Continues!

02 April 2014

Our first ever Interior Design competition has been such a roaring success that we’ve decided to open an April edition. We’ve been so impressed with the response and inspired by the entries. We’ve had 67 snap shots of artwork in homes from all over the world, including Dubai, Norway, San Francisco and Barcelona!

At the beginning of March we challenged our art fans to show off their artwork and their interior design skills to win a £200 artrepublic voucher. We’ve seen a fabulous array of styles, prints, trends and ‘accessories’ (the cute dogs were our favourites). We’ve had a lime green Jamie Reid bathroom; an adorable David Spiller nursery; beautiful Dave White boudoirs; Dolk’s sharing a fireplace with daffodils; an entire corridor of Peter Blake prints; a Pop Art palace...

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful entries! And congratulations to our winner – a fantastic Miss Bugs artwork in a colourful and eclectic San Francsican home. Why not enter our April ‘my art by artrepublic’ to be in with a chance of winning a £200 artrepublic voucher? Just email your photo to Follow the competition on our Facebook page to get inspired and see how the right artwork can transform your home... 

YBA Bling: Damien Hirst Designed Jewellery...

31 March 2014

Are you looking for the perfect sparkler to wear whilst admiring your Damien Hirst? A new collection of jewellery designed by Turner prize winning artist Damien Hirst and American fine jewellery house Hoorsenbuhs is launching soon...

The Cathedral Collection includes a contemporary rosary and matching ring, set with rubies, white diamonds and black diamonds. These “portable sculptures” are available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold. Both pieces are limited editions of just 25 and each has been stamped and numbered.  

Damien Hirst isn’t the first major artist to experiment with making jewellery. There’s a little-chartered tradition of jewellery-making by early 20th-century artists. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque both made jewellery late in the careers, as did Surrealists Salvador Dali and Man Ray. Handmade jewellery by American sculptor Alexander Calder has sold at auction for as much as $35,000. 

Image Credit:

Ben Eine: Amusement Times

31 March 2014

Have you spotted Ben Eine’s latest street art piece? The British typography virtuoso has left his distinctive graphic mark on 8 Octavia, a mixed-use condominium development, in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.

Eine hand-painted the colossal words ‘Amuseument Times’ on the construction bridge site over a three-day period last week. He was joined by Amsterdam-based designer/artist Niles “Shoe” Meulman, who added “un-unhappy time” in his brush-painted caligraffiti. 

Check out this short interview with Ben Eine and great footage of him painting at 8 Octavia. It’s inspiring to hear him describing Street Art as “socially aware”. “It’s about doing something that’s going to make a difference, that people are going to admire,” says Eine.

Under Milk Wood Print Portfolio by Peter Blake

26 March 2014

We are delighted to have the recently released ‘Under Milk Wood Print Portfolio’ at artrepublic. This portfolio, by our cherished Sir Peter Blake, is a breathtaking collection of images from Peter Blake’s acclaimed illustration of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. 

This highly collectible portfolio celebrates the completion of a 30-year project by British Pop Art pioneer, Sir Peter Blake. The project, to illustrate Dylan Thomas’ 1953 play ‘Under Milk Wood’, was completed last year to coincide with the centenary of Welsh poet Thomas’s birth. The major body of work, including portraits of each of the 60 characters, was exhibited at The National Museum of Wales in 2013-4. This stunning portfolio typifies the intriguing tableaux and enchanting phantasms of the iconic play.

The portfolio features signed limited edition prints of six breathtaking, richly coloured, watercolours and collages. Each of the six print editions has been printed on beautiful Archival Da Vinci soft textured 315gsm fine art paper, with stochastic pigment ink. It is the astonishing cumulative creative output of two of the grandees of British culture combined. We don’t suppose they will be in our care for long...

The Perfect Chocolates for Art Lovers

26 March 2014

Artists have oft been inspired by the visual delights of confectionary, just think of Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud’s slick ice cream cones and copious cakes, but now we’ve discovered a genius chocolatier inspired by art, or more specifically art supplies...

These chocolate paints and pencils were designed by design firm Nendo for the Seibu Department Store in Japan. The edible chocolate pencils were created back in 2007 and the 12-Piece Paint set is their latest limited edition gourmet chocolate collection. This incredible set of syrup-filled chocolates could be easily mistaken with a fresh painter’s supply. 

Nendo explains, “Tubes in a box of paints contain a variety of colours, and these chocolates a variety of flavoured syrups. The labels indicate each chocolate’s flavour and also function as wrappers, keeping fingers clean for eating. A design that combines the childhood excitement of opening a new box of paints and the thrill of opening a box of chocolates you’ve been given unexpectedly." Right, we’re off to Japan to pick up a box of chocs...

Image Credit: Ayao Yamazaki

The Art of The Grand Budapest Hotel

24 March 2014

Film director Wes Anderson’s latest release is a wonderfully playful middle European fantasy. Much to our delight, as well as being a work of art in itself, ‘The Grand Budapest’ centres on the fate of a “priceless” portrait of a young boy pensively clutching an apple and features a fantastic collection of art. 

The film’s central painting, ‘Boy with Apple’, is described as a quintessential product of the Czech mannerist, Habsburg high Renaissance, Budapest neo-humanist style - in other words it is a finely constructed, quintessential Wes Anderson, piece of nonsense. The Guardian describes the painting as “a fiction within a fiction that pays a delicately knowing homage to the art history of old Europe.”

Mr Anderson has explained, “Our reference was kind of Flemish painters. And Hans Holbein; I don’t know if it’s the younger or the elder. I like Brueghel, and another one that’s maybe connected to this is a Bronzino at the Frick. We were trying to suggest that it wasn’t an Italian Renaissance painting. That it was more northern.”

As well as speculating over the art historical inspiration behind ‘Boy with Apple’, art fans will also enjoy spotting a watercolour of lesbian lovers by real-life Austrian genius Egon Schiele and a splendid collection of Gustav Klimt paintings in the hotel, including ‘Faggeto’ and ‘Allee in Park von Schloss Kammer’. 

There’s ‘Signs of Light’ at our Sister Gallery, Ink_d

21 March 2014

Ink_d gallery lit up the Brighton lanes last night with the preview of their latest exhibition ‘Signs of Light’. It was a dazzling evening of light boxes and neon galore in the company of extremely talented artists and awe-struck collectors...

The exhibition which celebrates Ink_d’s love affair with light is open now until April 21st, showing work by the likes of Andy Doig, Carne Griffiths, Dan Baldwin, Tina Keane, Grande Dame, Magnus Gjoen and Pure Evil. Don’t miss the flashing religious icons, luminous alphabets, neon sofa and washing line of incandescent laundry! Go on, light up your life!

Mr Brainwash Designs the ‘Deluxe’ Version of Rick Ross’ Album Cover

20 March 2014

Mr Brainwash is already well known for his work with musicians, having directed David Guetta’s music video ‘Metropolis’ and created the cover for Madonna’s 3rd greatest hits album. His latest creative collaboration is with internationally renowned American rapper, Rick Ross. 

Rick Ross, who founded the record label Maybach Music Group, has just released his sixth studio album, ‘Mastermind’. As well as a ‘standard’ cover the album has a ‘deluxe’ cover designed by none other than our favourite maverick French street artist, Mr Brainwash!

So how did Mr Brainwash and Ricky Rozay hook up? The rapper explained, “I’m a fan of art. I might have got a piece or two at Art Basel. That’s one of the homies. I forgot where we met. I go over to his studio, smoke, let beats play sometimes. He has a huge studio. I let Mr Brainwash get on the mic one night. He was on the mic for three hours, just saying different things. His whole slogan is “Life is Beautiful”, so he was saying some powerful things.” If Mr Brainwash is one of your ‘homies’ don’t miss our great collection of prints... 

Image credits: Rich Kids

Sweet New Work for the Broken Hearted by Zeus

18 March 2014

Last year London street artist Zeus created a collection of incredible handmade sculptures based on the British confectionary classic the Love Heart. His hand cast and painted giant sweets, broken and wittily named ‘Broken Arted’, sold like hot cakes. Now Zeus is back with a limited edition print of the ‘Broken Arted’ wrapper...

Love Hurts’ is a signed seven colour silkscreen printed on Colorplan 350gsm fine art paper, from a limited edition of just 10. Zeus has appropriated the iconic ‘Love Hearts’ packaging, reworking it with an Urban Art twist to read “Love Hurts”. Street Art and sweeties are two of our favourite things so we’re fizzing with excitement about this new arrival! 

Interesting Love Heart facts...  Production of Love Hearts began in 1933. The first special edition was done in 1981 to celebrate Princess Diana's wedding. Wayne and Coleen Rooney got personalised sweets made up for their wedding which read "Wayne and Coleen". 

Behind the Scenes Filming in the Brighton Gallery

15 March 2014

For the nosy among you we thought we show you a little peak behind the scenes during the filming for the Brighton Gallery video...

The lovely Jess took it all in her stride adding another feather to her bow as presenter extraordinaire! Despite the interruptions from the noisy public walking outside the gallery after hours, she remained professional at all times in front of the camera.

The video is now a regular monthly feature on the Brighton Gallery page as we show you some of our favourite pieces in the gallery giving you some further insight into the works and some amazing close-ups of the prints themselves in all their glory.

Banksy Reworks Balloon Girl Image to Mark 3rd Year of Syrian Conflict

13 March 2014

Banksy has recreated his iconic balloon girl Street Art to mark the third year anniversary of the Syrian conflict. The famous balloon girl image first appeared on the wall of an East London shop in 2002. This latest reworking features a Syrian refugee girl in a headscarf, letting go of a heart-shaped balloon. 

Banksy released a statement on his website referring to the 15 children whose detention for writing pro-democracy graffiti triggered the first protests against the Assad regime in March 2011. He finished with the hashtag #WithSyria – an online campaign to support victims of the war. Actor Idris Elba and the band Elbow have also lent their support to the campaign to end the conflict. 

The poignant image will be projected onto various international landmarks today, including the Eiffel Tower and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square between 6-7pm. 

Noah Taylor’s Exhibition ‘People are Strange’ Previews Tomorrow!

12 March 2014

Tomorrow evening our sister gallery, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, will welcome visitors into Noah Taylor’s quirky world of curious and captivating ink drawings for the very first time...

Excitement for the opening is mounting with the exhibition featuring in today’s METRO, the London Evening Standard, and artylist. ‘People are Strange’ will be the internationally acclaimed actor’s first London art show since taking up painting more seriously 10 years ago, “I don’t like to be too idle. It’s just something I’ve always done and I enjoy it,” said Taylor. Musician and friend of Taylor’s, Nick Cave, has said, “Noah Taylor’s haunted portraits stare back at us and we can’t help but be touched by their strange, blank beauty.”

The exhibition runs from the 14th March until the 5th of April. To reserve your place at tomorrow’s preview please RSVP to We’ll be sure to see you there (we’ll be in the ones shaking with excitement wearing our Game of Thrones  t-shirts)!

Andy Warhol’s Jazz Album Covers

11 March 2014

Before he became one of the most famous Pop artists in the world in the 1960s, Andy Warhol made a living as a graphic designer. We’ve just stumbled across this brilliant collection of his early jazz album covers...

You wouldn’t immediately associate Warhol with jazz and its traditions, but these covers capture the cool American music scene perfectly! For most of these albums, Andy Warhol was responsible for the drawings, if not the layout. Apparently, he would often enlist his mum to write the scrawled text. Her handwriting was his signature style until the silkscreen became his medium of choice. You can also see the evolution of his ‘blotted ink’ technique, which would become a hallmark of his later work. 

Warhol’s album sleeves include: Count Basie,’ s/t’ (1955), Kenny Burrell, ‘Volume 2’ (1956), Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, ‘Both Feet in the Groove’ (1956), Jay Jay Johnson, Kai Winding, and Bennie Green, ‘Trombone by Three’ (1956), Various artists, ‘Progressive Piano’ (1952), and The Joe Newman Octet, ‘I’m Still Swinging’ (1956).

Femme Fierce: Celebrating Women in Street Art

11 March 2014

On Saturday (International Women’s Day), the UK's largest all-female Street Art event kicked off. Spanning across 7 days, the female street art collective Femme Fierce are celebrating the best burgeoning women artists in the Urban art scene across the world. 

They have already set a new Guinness World Record by creating the largest spray-painted mural by multiple artists. Over 100 international female artists came together to create a mural in London’s Leake Street Tunnel, affectionately known as ‘Banksy tunnel’. Street artists from the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe sprayed and painted work onto a unifying pink background. As well as highlighting female street artists and graffiti writers, the event is also raising awareness and proceeds for Breast Cancer Care.

As part of the celebration, Sunday saw the world premiere of the Street Art documentary ‘Women on Walls’. The 25 minute documentary by Danish filmmaker Cathryn Cort Koppel explores the issues, dangers and marginalisation that female street artists face and how they overcome such hurdles. The film features old school street artists Chock and Akit, author Nancy McDonald, and our very own Jo Peel

Image credits:

Announcing: Brighton Fringe Urban Artfest

06 March 2014

artrepublic will again be sponsoring visual arts at the largest arts festival in England this May. As part of this we are delighted to be presenting the Brighton Fringe Urban Artfest! Brighton Fringe is one of the largest fringe festivals in the world and a celebration of all things creative. The 2014 programme has just launched and this is set to be a real highlight...

Urban Art Fest will offer a world of Street Art LIVE at Circus Street in Brighton on 31st of May. Several of the biggest names in UK Street, Urban and Contemporary art will be creating artwork live on location, including RYCA, Pure Evil, Zeus, David Walker, Jo Peel, Copyright, Carne Griffiths, Hutch, Cassette Lord, Gemma Compton and Dylan Floyd. As well as live painting and stencilling, the massive industrial location will offer live urban music and dance performances, food vendors and the chance to meet your favourite artists. 

Collaborating with Tarner Youth Project, we will also be hosting a 4 week Street Art workshop bringing our top street artists together with local young people who will demonstrate their new skills Live at the Urban Artfest. We’re super excited about this Street Art event which will be a spectacular finale to the Brighton Fringe 2014. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with more developments, including pre-event interviews with the artists...

Image Credit: Creative England

jeffstaple Featuring Dave White

06 March 2014

The Staple Spring 2014 Collection is ushering in a new collaboration with our very own Dave White! Renowned for his collaboration with the Jordan Brand, artist Dave White has now lent his dynamic imagery to this major fashion collaboration....

Jeff Ng, also known as jeffstable, founded Staple Design, an illustrious visual communication agency based in New York City. Staple has created design work for Nike, HBO, Levi’s, New Balance, Puma and may other classic brands, and branched into its own clothing brand. Jeffstaple is known for working with the big names in design and his latest creative collaboration is with our favourite contemporary painter, Dave White

Jeff invited Dave White from his Dorset, UK, base, to visit the Staple New York City showroom to go over samples, talk creative process and generally catch up. Check out this amazing short film of the visit, in which you can see how Dave’s reinterpretation of Staple’s iconic pigeon has been transformed into a super cool clothing collection featuring his characteristic brush-marks blown up into an almost “abstract camo” pattern. Dave says he’s “kinda blown away” by the collection and so are we! 

500 Years of Women in Western Art

03 March 2014

We’ve just discovered this brilliant video by Philip Scott Johnson which was nominated for the ‘Most Creative Video’ in the second annual YouTube Awards. It features 90 portraits of women from Western Art, dating from the 2nd half of the 12th century to 1954. 

Can you spot masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Titian and Raphael? Classics by Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres depict women in the 19th century, whilst portraits by Alphonse Mucha, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Kazimir Malevich reveal the diversity of 20th century portraiture.

We love how this short video captures the diverse beauty of both women and art, revealing changing trends in fashion, style, painting and portraiture over a 500 year period!  Which is your favourite female portrait? Check out our Pinterest board ‘Women in Art’ for more images of women in Western Art, including photos of celebrated female artists. 

Win a £200 Voucher in our Interior Design Challenge!

28 February 2014

Want to show off your art work and win £200 artrepublic gift voucher to invest in more art? We’re launching a brand new competition, ‘My art by artrepublic’, celebrating your interior design skills...

Do you have an eye for complementing your colour scheme with your contemporary art? Is your Pure Evil perfectly matched with your bed linen? Is your Dan Baldwin the finishing touch in your designer bathroom? We're looking for photos of your artrepublic prints hung at home, in your office, on your boat or in your caravan.

All you need to do is email a photograph to The photo will be put on our Facebook page and the photo with the most likes wins. It's as easy as that! The competition closes on March 31st but the sooner you can send us a snap the more chance you'll have of winning. Embrace your inner interior designer, rearrange the furniture and be in with a chance of winning £200!

Need some inspiration? Check out our 'Art in Interiors' Pinterest board!

Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Justine Smith, Bruce McLean and Dan Baldwin

28 February 2014

View our collectable art highlights for March 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful Justine Smith edition, a brilliant hand-finished piece by Bruce McLean and an outstanding Dan Baldwin silkscreen with diamond dust.

Justine Smith, Diamond Queen art print: This is a signed limited edition of 60. There’s a nice finishing touch where it’s got the signature in blue and a little emblem as well. In all of her work Justine Smith uses different forms of currency. In this one she’s taken the Queen’s head from various English notes. It’s a silkscreen print, some of it is beautifully finished with diamond dust and the background is pearlised. It’s a really great patriotic piece to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the Queen!

Bruce McLean, Tulbagia art print: It’s a signed limited edition of 75. It’s beautifully hand-finished where the white is on the flowers. It’s also got a collaged section at the bottom. Bruce is a really well established contemporary British artist. He represented Britain at the Venice Biennale along with Gilbert and George in 1980. He also currently teaches graduate painting at the Slade School of Art. 

Dan Baldwin, Faith Less art print: It’s a signed limited edition of 100. It’s a silkscreen print that has been finished with Diamond Dust, gold-leaf, and embossing. A lot of Dan Baldwin’s work features a mix of childhood imagery mixed in with quite dark imagery such as sculls, knives, razor blades and crows. A lot of the elements in this work are carefully placed, there’s a lot to look at and explore. You can get really lost in this image!

Sylvester by David Spiller Coming Soon...

25 February 2014

We love David Spiller’s joyful Pop Art and we’re exceptionally excited about his newest work. Currently being expertly printed, ‘Love Is’, is Spiller’s latest colourful cartoon character portrait.

Sylvester J. Pussycat, Sr. (of Looney Tunes fame) appears bright-eyed and beaming with his bushy whiskers and unmistakable red nose. Bold text appears beneath Sylvester’s grinning portrait with the iconic ‘Moon River’ lyric “We’re after the same rainbow’s end.” Characteristically romantic, nostalgic, and gleeful, this print is set to become a Spiller classic.

These short videos are great behind-the-scenes glimpses into David Spiller’s professional printing process. Watch the 9th and 10th layers being precisely silkscreen printed. The final artwork, printed on Somerset Satin 100% cotton 5400gsm paper, will consist of 35 separate colours. We can’t wait to see it in person!

Noah Taylor: People Are Strange

24 February 2014

Our sister gallery, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, have just announced the subject of their next gallery show, the art of Australian artist and actor, Noah Taylor. The exhibition, 'Noah Taylor: People are Strange', will feature up to 30 of his quirky, haunting and starkly-rich ink drawings. We’re very excited about this one...

Noah Taylor is a familiar face, he has worked in the world of showbiz most of his adult life. He is best known for his acting roles in films such as ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Submarine’, but he has been making music and painting since his teens. He had his first solo show last year in his native Australia. It was a sell out. ‘People are Strange’ will be Taylor’s UK debut. 

'Esquire' magazine has hailed 2014 as “the year where [Noah’s] art outshines his acting” and the upcoming show is already featuring on Artlyst and Red Seven Leisure. What can we expect of the art? Well, Noah describes himself as a “non committed Catholic neo-situationist”, if that’s any help! Certainly prepare yourself for the wonderfully peculiar because the ‘people are strange’ and the landscapes are curious...

Banksy’s Kissing Coppers Cash In

21 February 2014

Banksy’s puckering up policeman, who had previously inhabited the wall of Brighton’s Prince Albert pub, have sold at a US auction for $575,000!

The 'Kissing Coppers' was removed from the Brighton wall in 2011 and flown to the US. The monochrome stencil of the caressing constables has now been purchased by an unknown telephone bidder at a Miami auction. 54 pieces were auctioned alongside ‘Kissing Coppers’, including two other Banksy paintings – ‘Bandaged Heart Balloon’ and ‘Crazy Horse Car Door’. Both of these artworks were created during the Bristolian street artist’s 2013 New York ‘street residency’.

The original ‘Kissing Coppers’ was replaced with a replica and encased in Perspex. Critics argue that such pieces should not be removed from their original locations as it takes away from Banksy’s original intent, what do you think?

Image credits: Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Snow Patrol and Antony Micallef are Fans of New Artist John Simpson

18 February 2014

We recently added a new artist to the site and an extensive collection of his enchanting and emotive art prints. It turns out we’re in good company being massive fans of John Simpson's imaginative imagery...

The Brighton-based artist designed the album art for one the UK’s best-known bands, alternative rock band Snow Patrol. Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody bought a large charcoal work from Simpson and subsequently commissioned him to provide a piece for the band’s album ‘Fallen Empires’. The result was the monotype and woodcut ‘Eagles Descent’. Gary bought the original, but we now have a limited edition print of the soaring eagle by John Simpson which has taken its place in rock ‘n’ roll history.  

At the weekend we also spotted John Simpson’s fascinating ‘Descent of the Minotaur’ in artist Antony Micallef’s living room! Featuring in the property section of The Telegraph, the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist gave a tour of his “simple and serene” living space, which features Simpson’s monochrome marvel hung above a rather beautiful grey velvet sofa. With such creative admirers, John Simpson is rightly taking his place in contemporary culture.

Image credits: Antony Micallef Photo: Martin Pope

artrepublic Features in Elle Decoration

18 February 2014

We’re delighted to feature in the March edition of Elle Decoration, the world’s leading homes magazine! The article, titled ‘Design Hero Eric Ravilious’, is a spotlight on the British designer, painter, wood-engraver and printer, Eric Ravilious

Elle Decoration explores the question ‘what makes Eric Ravilious a design hero?’  The article highlights his prestigious ‘Celebration’ mug manufactured by Wedgewood for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1926 and his work as a war artist in the last few years of his life, but it concludes, “it is perhaps his watercolours – of landmarks such as Beachy Head, Rye Harbour and the ‘chalk figures’ of the South Downs – for which he is best remembered.”

Our extensive collection of Eric Ravilious works includes several fine examples of his elegant landscapes, as well as his astute depictions of the World War II, and even a limited edition giclée print of Eric Ravilious' alphabet designs which Wedgwood transfer printed on mugs in 1937. It’s great feature in Elle Decoration and lovely to see that one of our favourite 20th century artists is continuing to receive the admiration he deserves! 

The Monuments Men: Art Historian Heroes

17 February 2014

Last November we heard that more than 1,400 paintings, including works by Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall, missing since they were stolen by the Nazis in 1939, had been discovered in a flat belonging to the son  of a Third Reich art dealer. Now, a new Hollywood film about the scale of Hitler’s looting has been released. 

‘The Monuments Men’ highlights the hitherto little-known exploits of the unlikeliest of war heroes, a disparate group of curators, art historians, archaeologists, museum directors and academics, who risked their lives in order to rescue priceless works of art from the ruins of World War II. George Clooney plays Lt Frank Stokes, a clean-cut American officer and art historian who leads a team of fellow art experts in pursuit of art treasures looted by the Nazis. Clooney not only stars in the film, but directs it. “It just goes to prove that art theft is the unfinished business of World War II,” he claimed in a recent interview.

The film focuses on the rescue of two keys artworks; the ‘Madonna of Bruges’ sculpture by Michelangelo and Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck’s ‘Ghent Altarpiece’. However, between 1945 and 1951 the real ‘monuments men’ recovered and returned around five million stolen items including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrant and Johannes Vermeer.

We’re excited that this brave band of men and women are finally receiving some recognition for their work on the front line rescuing some of the greatest artistic achievements of civilization from destruction at the hands of Nazi fanatics. Who would have thought that art historians would be the subject of a Hollywood action film?

Image credits: Moviestore/REX

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