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Radio 2 On The Look Out For Artist-In-Residence

21 April 2015

Radio 2 can boast the fact that they are the UKs most listen to radio station but it appears they aren’t resting on their laurels with their latest initiative, to find the stations first artist in residence. 

A panel headed by the Radio 2 Arts show presenter Claudia Wilnkleman and featuring the Godfather of Pop Art Sir Peter Blake, will search the country for an artist who will be given “a golden pass to Radio 2 events for 12 months”. The chosen one will also have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by a number of leading art world figures including Blake and director of the Tate Sir Nicholas Serota. 

The new Artist in Residence will also have the financial backing to create some ambitious work with a £15,000 bursary and up to £20,000 of expenses for materials being made available for the artist to play around with. The residency is open to artists who work in any medium, so poets, painters, video makers, sculptors and more can all apply. When asked about the event Claudia Winkleman said, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for someone to receive proper mainstream exposure for their work to over 15 million listeners, and I cannot wait to see who applies and what they do.” While Sir Peter Blake added ““Finding and nurturing artistic talent is incredibly important for the cultural health of the UK, so I’m delighted to be one of the judges.”

Sara Pope Gets Her Work Approved By The Pope

15 April 2015

Sara Pope has been making headlines recently with her latest artistic endeavour, which saw her get one of her paintings accepted by the Pope into the Vatican’s incredibly rarefied and elite private collection. The portrait is of the incumbent Pope Francis, who has been head of the Catholic Church for the past two years, and is widely viewed as a breath of fresh air with his more liberal views and attitudes to papal issues. In you haven’t seen Sara’s interview held in our Brighton gallery be sure to have a watch. 

For Sara the whole journey to the Vatican began when she held her debut solo show in Italy last year. Whilst preparing a new body of work for the show Sara’s agent suggested she paint a portrait of the Pope because of the fact they shared a name. Portraiture has always been a large part of her practice, since the beginning of her career, so it was very fitting that she revisited this theme. The painting was then presented to the Pope who, it was reported, greatly admired the piece. 

It took six weeks to finish as each layer of oil had to be left for several days to dry before another layer was added, with acrylic on top in fluorescent pink and peach to flesh him out over the cheeks and hands. I’m not Catholic, nor even religious, but the experience was probably the most emotional and spiritual of my life” – Sara Pope

In her painting Sara has presented the Pope in a humble and unassuming light, that reflects his humanistic character and benevolent nature. The gold, which is a common motif in the Catholic Church, is almost dripping off the Pope, alluding to his rejection of materialist privilege. The Pope’s personal translator praised the painting for capturing a look of deep contemplation that he often sees on the pontiff’s face. At artrepublic we are all immensely proud of Sara for having her work accepted into what is probably the most exclusive private collection in the world. She is a guiding light for female artists and it is to her credit talent that her portrait of Pope Francis will be hanging alongside works by the likes of Titian, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael. 

Peter Blake Takes The Ferry Across The Mersey

08 April 2015

Despite being in his eighties the Godfather of Pop Art Sir Peter Blake shows no signs of slowing down with regards to his prolific artistic output. Blake is known for being a constant innovator, thinking up new ways to communicate his creative vision. First there was the Pop-Bus, which was a vintage double decker designed by Blake, complete with his signature emblems, motifs, stars, targets and pop icons. It also served as a mobile art gallery with a number of the artist’s works on display within. We brought the bus down for the day last May as part of the Brighton festival and saw hundreds of people climb aboard for a look around. 

This time Blake has taken to the seas, the river Mersey to be exact, with his latest creation the dazzle Mersey ferry ‘Snowdrop’. The ship has been repainted with a dynamic and unique dazzle pattern designed by Blake, which was commissioned in conjunction with the Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool. The piece its self is called ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ and is the largest work Blake has designed in his 60 plus years as a full time artist. 

Dazzle patterns date back to 1917 when the illustrator Norman Wilkinson created the radical camouflage pattern that utilised bold and violent contrasts of shape and colour. The intention was to prevent British ships from being detected by enemy vessels. Sir Peter Blake has close links to Liverpool partly due to the fact he made the album artwork for Sgt. Pepper’s, by the town’s favourite sons, The Beatles. Sally Tallant the director of Liverpool Biennial said: “It’s an honour to commission Sir Peter Blake to revisit the practice of ‘dazzle camouflage’ and to invite him to paint Snowdrop, an iconic Mersey Ferry.” He also won the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize back in 1961, placing higher than artists including David Hockney and Lucien Freud. 

Blake explained his connection to the city: “I remember coming up on the train and having a party in my room at the Adelphi and meeting the Liverpool poets. It was pre-Beatles, they hadn’t broken yet, but there was a definite vibe in the city and great music going on. I do feel like an adopted son.”

image credit: and

Stanley Donwood brings ‘Dream Cargo’ to Lawrence Alkin Gallery

30 March 2015

Last week saw the opening of ‘Dream Cargo’ from the brilliantly talented artist Stanley Donwood in our London based sister gallery, Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Donwood is well known for creating the album art work for the pioneering rock/electronic band Radiohead and has often been referred to as the band’s sixth member. 

‘Dream Cargo’ sees Donwood reinterpret the book covers for JG Ballard’s 21 novels. Donwood explained the genesis of the project and the importance of Ballard as a writer and influence. "In the first weeks of 2012 I received an email from the publishers 4th Estate, asking if I would be interested in producing cover art and design for the novels and collected stories of JG Ballard. As Ballard is both arguably the finest and most peculiar novelist to work in English in the Twentieth Century, and perhaps my favourite writer, the outcome of that email was a foregone conclusion.”

To produce the artwork for the covers Donwood adopted a radically experimental approach, which mirrored the writing style of Ballard. “Working with scientists in their laboratories, using acids, combustion, X rays, chromatography, and various other techniques, in experimental form. It was clear to me that JG Ballard regarded his writing as a sort of experiment itself, with his readers as the subjects. I travelled to Cambridge, to examine the laboratories at the university. I found myself in an underground bunker guarded by ‘warning - radiation’ symbols, observing extremely mysterious processes involving an enormous metal flask from which I was warned to keep well away from.”

The exhibition is on until 25th of April, with the gallery open Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm. The national press have been quick to cover the show with some brilliant write-ups in both The Independent and The Evening Standard. For more information on ‘Dream Cargo’ or to request the sales catalogue please email: This show is certainly not to be missed! 

We interview new artist Louis-Nicolas Darbon

25 March 2015

Louis-Nicolas Darbon is one of the latest artists to grace us with their talent here at artrepublic. Darbon creates punchy, pop inspired images often featuring modern fashion icons like the irrepressible Queen that is Kate Moss and her younger protégé Cara Delevingne. His extensive travels and ethnically diverse upbringing have also left an impression on his creative output. 

Darbon is well known on the blogosphere for being a highly respected voice on men’s fashion. He offers sage sartorial advice and details what is currently in his wardrobe, as well as creating colourful and dynamic fashion illustrations.

Darbon was kind enough to give up some of his time during a recent trip to Miami to answer some questions in our latest artist interview. Follow this link to find out more about the artist and keep an eye out for his fashion tip for this blossoming spring season. 

New Nick Smith splashes down at artrepublic

20 March 2015

We are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Bigger Splash 2015’ from the man of the moment Nick Smith. This edition couldn’t have come at a more suitable time, as spring begins to blossom around us a sun drenched Californian swimming seems very fitting. Nick has enjoyed a lot of attention already this year off the back of his hugely popular ‘Psycolourgy’ exhibition that was held in our London sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery.

The show was up for a month from at the end of January and saw the former interior designer recreate several famous works from the great canon of art in his imitable pantone style. Well-known paintings such as Rene Magrittes’ ‘Son of Man’, Andy Warhol’sCampbell’s Soup Can’ and of course David Hockney’sA Bigger Splash’ were all included. The show received rave reviews and helped further raise Nick Smith’s profile. 

His latest print ‘Bigger Splash 2015’ is a high quality giclee that has been embellished with a silkscreen gloss varnish over the pantone chips, giving them real depth and a life-like quality. David Hockney painted the original ‘A Bigger Splash’ back in 1967 shortly after he had graduated from the Royal College of Art. The fictional pool was created using photos Hockney had taken of 60s Modernist architecture which could be found around the East Coast of America at the time. For Nick Smith’s version he has added an element of reality by including the names of hundreds of real Californian towns and locations on the individual Pantone chips. This latest piece demands to be viewed in the flesh and is a brilliantly uplifting conversation piece. Nick’s prints have proven to very highly sought after with editions quickly selling out, if you want ‘Bigger Splash 2015’ in your life be sure to move fast to avoid disappointment! 

Michelle Mildenhall and the Fifty Shades of Grey Effect

11 March 2015

Brighton based artist and lover of latex Michelle Mildenhall has been inundated with requests for commissions recently off the back of the controversial and hugely popular film Fifty Shade of Grey. Mildenhall creates powerful portraits by collaging cut out sheets of latex, a material she has spent years working with and perfecting her skills. 

Her original work is highly recognisable and has a direct impact with the viewer, which also translates beautifully into print. Her practice has a strong association with bondage and S&M, two central themes of the new blockbuster film and preceding novel, which was directed by the Turner Prize nominated artist Sam Taylor-Johnson. 

In an interview with Brighton’s Argus newspaper Mildenhall explained that the huge demand for her work caused her website to crash. She also said: "I can't get over the Fifty Shades effect. It has clearly introduced S&M to the mainstream and the global requests for erotic, latex commissions are increasing by the hour...”

Mildenhall has transformed the image of several well-known celebrity faces into latex including Grayson Perry, David Bowie, The Queen and Margaret Thatcher, along the way exploring sexual taboos as well as themes of both empowerment and vulnerability. At artrepublic we all are big fans of Michelle Mildenhall’s work and think it’s terrific that it’s getting such an overwhelmingly positive response. Long may it continue! 

INSA Introduces ‘GIF-iti’ to the Web

11 March 2015

London based Graffiti veteran INSA has been taking over the Internet with his latest viral sensation ‘GIF-iti’. Best known for his stylised high heels graffiti tag, INSA has been painting walls which are then photographed and turned into a short looping animation to be viewed solely online- a GIF. The process is painstaking and time consuming with the entire image being slightly altered and repainted for each frame.

The story was picked up by the BBC who interviewed the anonymous artist about his unique blend of street art, which rather ironically is only viewable online. His most ambitious work in this style to date was undertaken in Brazil where he painted a huge mural with a team of four other painters. The shear size of the painting meant it was visible from space and was photographed by a passing satellite once a day. That allowed the team a 24-hour window in which to repaint the entire surface before the satellite next passed on its orbit. The resulting mural had an incredible 3D effect and was transformed into an animated sequence.

Incidentally we’ve also just had some fantastic new neon prints in from INSA. As a part of his ‘Classic Heels Series’ the limited edition signed silkscreens range in bright colour ways and would make a great, stylish addition to any wall in the home. So you can now enjoy INSA’s ‘GIF-iti’ online and through his app as well as owning some in print form, what a combo!

Brighton Gallery Refurb

09 March 2015

Our Brighton gallery, located on Bond Street in the heart of the North Laine, will be closed this week until Friday 13th March whilst it undergoes a stylish makeover. We will be open as usual from the weekend so why not pop and see what great pieces we have in the sparkling, renovated gallery. 

In the mean time will be running as normal 24/7 with 1000s of prints available at your fingertips. If you have any question you can chat to one of the team live via the website or alternatively call us on 01273 766360, we’re always happy to help! 

Chris Kettle brings ‘Bacchanalia II’ to artrepublic

06 March 2015

We are very excited to have the stunning new edition ‘Bacchanalia II’ available from Brighton based artist Chris Kettle. Chris is well known as a painter of ‘New Still Life’, which is his radical twist on the tradition genre. His ‘Terrarium’ painting was one of the three top overall award winners of the National Open Art Competition, judged by the internationally acclaimed former YBA Gavin Turk. His painting ‘Hubris’ was also chosen for the accompanying NOAC exhibition just going to show his supreme fine art pedigree. 

‘Bacchanalia II’ is a spectacular Giclee print on Somerset Velvet paper, which has been finished with an iridescent silkscreen varnish giving it a really alluring quality. There are few artists around who can make fruit look quite as sumptuous and mouth watering as Chris Kettle, while his depiction of silverware is second to none. 

The print is from a very low edition of just 25 and won’t be around for long! We are currently running a competition to win an original study painting by the artist worth £400. Follow this link to enter! We’ve also recently paid a visit to Chris’s studio in Hove to catch up and find out a bit more about what makes him tick, so read on for a bit more insight into a hugely talented artist. 

Dan Hillier rocks artrepublic

27 February 2015

At artrepublic we are delighted to announce that we have the brilliant surrealist illustrator Dan Hillier on board. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work Hillier creates extraordinary images from collaging Victorian era etchings together with his own traditional and digital drawings. Humans, animals and elements from nature all merge to create dreamlike forms with different layers of meaning. 

Often using modern day technology to manipulate images made in the 1800s Hillier is also well known for producing the album artwork for Royal Blood, the Brighton based rock band who scooped up a Brit award this week. The number one album from the hard rocking duo was released last year and features ‘Pachamama’, which translates as ‘World Mother’ in the Native South American language of Quechuan, as the front cover. We have a select number of the highly sought after prints available as well as a very rare signed artist’s proof. 

Hillier has previously exhibited his work at galleries including Saatchi, the ICA and even The Louvre in Paris. His editions have proven to be very collectable so if you’re enamoured by the work make sure you move quickly! We’ll be interviewing the London based illustrator very soon, so watch this space to find out more and in the meantime keep on rocking! 

Banksy goes undercover in Gaza

26 February 2015

Banksy has just revealed his latest art work in Gaza with an accompanying sharply satirical tourist video that promotes the war-torn region. The video, which was released through his website, shows the elusive street artist traveling through a maze of underground tunnels emerging to depict what life is like for ordinary Palestinians. 

The mini-documentary also features a hooded Banksy spraying the image of the Greek goddess Niobe weeping onto a wall. Other new pieces include a huge cat playing with a ball of metal and a surveillance tower, which has been transformed into a fairground ride.

It is not the first time the artist has travelled to the conflict zone, in August 2005 he ventured to the West Bank and painted a number of huge murals on the colossal wall separating Palestine and Israel. This latest project demonstrations Banksy’s desire to highlight the plight of people suffering in the world without the filter and censorship of news networks and the controlled media. 

Pure Evil drops latest looting print

25 February 2015

Street art supremo and master of stencils Pure Evil has dropped his latest print ‘New Logo for the Favela Looting Team’ this week. The 6 layer silkscreen shows a cheeky young ragamuffin stealing one of the Olympic rings and is based on his sell out 2012 edition ‘The New Logo for the Hackney Looting Team’, which was made in response to the London riots. Not only did the original image sell out incredibly quickly it was also immortalised as the front cover of Jules Boykoff’s ‘Activism and the Olympics’ book.

Pure Evil’s latest offering is released with a year to go until the Rio 2016 Olympic games and helps draw attention to the wider social issues concerning Brazil. The games have seen widespread opposition due to the numbers of favelas and slum areas being demolished to accommodate the huge sporting event. Pure Evil is an artist who isn’t afraid to make bold, political statements through his work. ‘Favela Looting Team’ is the latest in a long line of punchy, colourful and slick prints to come out of the Evil studio. Pure Evil’s prints are always very highly sought after so if you find yourself in love with this one be quick as it’s sure to fly out the door!

STATIC take ‘Game On’ to the streets

20 February 2015

Tom and Craig of STATIC have gone back to their street art roots recently by painting a number of walls around Walthamstow in East London. The pair have been enduring the cold weather to transform drab concrete with their slick, layered, stencil aesthetic. STATIC have been a major player in the Wood Street Walls project, an initiative which seeks to inject some artistic flair into the area whilst also provide a community/studio space for artists. Much like the famed Wynwood Walls project in Miami, they have been bringing their artwork to the attention of a new audience and raising awareness for a very worthy cause. 

For their latest conquest STATIC have overhauled the wall of a local shop, repainting the entire surface black and adding a multi-coloured stencil design inspired by the cult videogame Space Invaders. The image was also used for their latest print ‘Game On’; a fun, 10 colour silkscreen from an edition of 100, which comes in at a very wallet friend £48. 

STATIC are even donating 10% of the print price to the Wood Street Walls project. With more walls and collaboration in the pipeline we can’t wait to see what the duo come up with next. In the mean time you can find out more about the project here and watch this great stop motion video of ‘Game On’ being printed. 

Keith Haring remembered 25 years on

16 February 2015

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Keith Haring; one of the most influential and iconic artists to emerge from the 20th Century. Haring was among the first artists to cross the boundaries from street art/graffiti into the more established world of fine art and gallery representation. 

He made his name on the streets of New York in the 1980s, drawing and spraying gloriously simplistic images, which carried strong messages of hope and unity. The radiant baby became Haring’s symbol and was quickly drawn in chalk onto the empty advertising hoarding of the cities subways. Haring established close friendships with a number of notable artists of the time including Jean-Michel Basquiat, whom he credited with inspiring him to pursue graffiti, Kenny Scharf and Futura 2000, as well as partying with hottest musicians such as Boy George and Madonna. 

Haring believed that art was for everybody and during his life devoted much time to raising awareness for socio-political themes, such as the AIDS epidemic, apartheid in South Africa and drug addiction, through his artwork. His uncomplicated style and skilful draughtsmanship enable Haring to create work that communicated on a very basic human level. As a result his paintings and illustrations were accessible and transcended notions of race, gender or social status. Almost like modern day hieroglyphics Haring’s work could speak volumes with only a few brush strokes. 

His output was prolific and increased furthermore when he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. Sensing his own mortality Haring pushed even further with his art, producing increasing ambitious work as quickly as possibly. Many of our current crop of artists cite Haring as a major influence with practitioners such as Pure Evil, Shepard Fairey and Banksy all paying tribute to the profound impact of he had on them. Haring died tragically young at the age of just 31 but the legacy of his work and message burns brightly 25 years on. 

Valentine's Day at artrepublic

13 February 2015

Love is in the air in our Brighton gallery as Valentine’s Day approaches so we thought it appropriate to feature some breath-taking works of art to get in you in the mood for romance. Here are a few of our heartfelt highlights to suit any budget.

VeeBee is the new name for HYBRID, one of our most popular and ellusive, experimental artists. VeeBee has released 3 original clockwork heart pieces, which have each been hand finish with liquid glass for a glossy, slick look. Heart II has authentic vintage sheet music collaged onto it, while the incredible Heart I featured a mosaic of real butterflies. Just the thing to set hearts a-fluttering. 

The STATIC guys have been very busy recently with their project painting walls around East London but have made the time to create their latest print ‘Game On’. Inspired by the cult video game space invaders, this signed, 10 colour silkscreen is from an edition of 100 and comes in at a very wallet friendly £48. The print was inspired by a huge street mural the duo have recently completed. Perfect for any retro gamers out there! 

Finally for a slightly darker themed February 14th we have the latest offering from the master of digital manipulation Magnus Gjoen. ‘Everything Ends with Flowers’ is a stunning giclee print on photorag paper, taken from an edition of 80. Gjoen’s previous editions featuring skulls have always proven to be very sought after, with his ultra-desirable ‘Roses Are Dead’ edition selling out very quickly. Gjoen’s latest print would make for a truly unforgettable Valentines Day! 

Watch out Shoreditch, Ron English is coming!

02 February 2015

We only have a couple of days to go until the Godfather of Street Art Ron English takes over Shoreditch’s BoxPark in conjunction with artrepublic for what promises to be a spectacular and truly unmissible event. Ron is one of the most prolific and instantly recognisable artists in the world with his thought provoking blend of pop-surrealist artwork being equally at home on canvas or sprayed directly onto a walls. He is well known for coining the term Popaganda, which brilliantly describes his medium of blending of high and low cultural touchstones. 

For the duration of the week we will be launching a pop-up gallery in the iconic BoxPark complex and have on offer a brand new print from Ron. ‘Camo Deer in Autumn’ is an exquisite 28 colour silkscreen print produced by Modern Multiples in LA, exclusively for artrepublic in an edition of just 75. As well as being a beautiful example of the artist’s vibrant work the print also has a very strong sentimental value, as it was the last edition created under the supervision of the late great master printer Richard Duardo, who was a close friend of Ron’s and sadly passed away last year.

 For a very limited time until 9 February we are offering this incredibly collectable print for a special pre-publishing price of just £600, after that date it will increase to £750. Be sure to move quickly to catch it at the temporary lower price. As well as the new print release other pieces from Ron will be on show at BoxPark alongside a number of editions from our most popular artists.

Ron is over in the UK for the event and will be busy painting a live street mural at BoxPark this Wednesday and Thursday, so if you’re in the East London area you’ll have an extraordinary chance to view a certified art legend busy at work creating a masterpiece. Thursday 5th February will be the official exhibition launch with a DJ set from Marshal Darling and free drinks provided from Heineken. Whilst from 2pm on Saturday 7th February Ron will be present for a book signing before jetting back to New York. There will be members of the artrepublic team on hand all week to answer any questions; we look forward to welcoming you to Ron English at BoxPark unit 26!

Nick Smith brings ‘Psycolourgy’ to Lawrence Alkin Gallery

23 January 2015

Our London based sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery is currently awash with colour as it hosts ‘Psycolourgy’, the debut solo show from the master of Pantone Nick Smith. The exhibition sees Nick recreate a number of master paintings with his ingenious Pantone approach. Several significant works from the great canon of art feature including: David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’, Andy Warhol’s ‘Marilyn’, ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubbs and Van Gogh’s reflective self portrait. 

Through his career as an interior designer Nick would use Pantone chips as a way of referencing and communicating colour. After completing a project he was left with a number of spare chips and began to arrange them to form images. From these early, rough pictures Nick’s practice has rapidly grown with the detailed and ambitious work sometime comprising of over 1000 individually hand collaged chips. Nick also applies text to the chips, sometimes as a result of word/colour association and other times running a story or narrative through the piece. This careful choice of words adds a deeply psychological element to his work. 

The exhibition will run until 21 February and kicks of a packed calendar year of shows for the gallery. ‘Psycolourgy’ is an unmissable experience with work selling before doors even opened. If you’re up in London this weekend also make sure to pay a visit to the London Art Fair where our other sister gallery, Brighton’s ink_d are displaying some stunning work at their stand.  

Still got it at 80! Sofia Loren has been a hit in the news and down at our Brighton Gallery…

21 January 2015
Italian actress Sophia Loren became an international film star following her five-picture contract with Paramount Pictures in 1958. All through the early 1960’s she proved to be one of the most popular actresses in the world, staring alongside Cara Grant, George Cukor, Charlie Chaplin and many other successful actors. She won many awards including four Golden Globe Awards between 1964 and 1977 as “World Film Favourite – Female”.

Down at the Brighton gallery we have been showing off her glorious beauty and talent with some of the striking Limited Editions prints from our incredible artists.

Pure Evil has re-invented the actresses with his famous tear drop silkscreen print called Carlo Ponti’s Nightmare – Golden Brown and Carlo Ponti’s Nightmare – Flouro and Silver. Carlo Ponti was an Italian film producer with over 140 production credits, and the husband of Italian movie star Sophia Loren. Their incredible romance is considered one of the greatest modern love stories.

Sofia Loren III is a fantastic limited edition of only 10 by artist David Studwell. He is hugely influenced by popular culture, cult movies and Pop art, which is displayed in this celebrity inspired print. Studwell’s bold and vividly coloured prints bring elements of the past into the present. 

Brighton based artist Maria Rivans celebrated the Moniker Art Fair at the end of 2014, with a beautiful release based on the beautiful actress – Miss Italia. This limited edition was only available at the Moniker Art Fair but we managed to get our hands on a couple in the gallery. 

Well done for being so fabulous Sophia Loren, we salute you! 

Ink_d at The London Art Fair 2015: 21-25 January

19 January 2015

The 27th instalment of the London Art Fair will take place this week at the Business Design Centre in London and we are very excited to see our sister gallery Ink_d exhibit some incredible new work. The Fair marks the beginning of the art year and draws over 120 different galleries from across the UK and overseas. 

Ink_d have been very busy gathering work over the past weeks and months from some of the most exciting names in contemporary art. Their stand (G12) will be bursting with talent including brand new art work from the likes of Dan Baldwin, Carrie Reichardt, Jake Wood-Evans, Nick Walker plus many more. For the Magnus Gjoen fans out there (we know there are a lot of you) there will also be an exclusive print available from the stand. 

Alongside the Main Fair a number of talks from highly esteemed artists, curators, collectors and gallerists will be taking place. The fair’s museum partner Pallant House Gallery will be showing a number of key works from their collection including pieces from Henry Moore, Richard Hamilton and Patrick Caufield. While the Photo50 exhibition will offer a critical showcase of some distinctive and diverse photography. To find out more about the London Art Fair read our article here or follow the link for tickets. Remember to pop by Ink_d at Stand G12 to view the incredible new work and be greeted by their friendly team. See you there! 

Damien Hirst becomes first artist on another planet

16 January 2015

British art supremo Damien Hirst can now boast the fact that he is the only known artist in the universe to have his artwork on another planet. It was discovered that the ill-fated British spacecraft Beagle 2 had actually found it way to Mars some 12 years ago. It was previously reported that the mission had been an expensive failure with the module being destroyed on impact but new images have confirmed that it did successful land on the red planet’s surface with a single faulty motor preventing the signal being send back to earth.

The brains behind the mission, the late Professor Colin Pillinger, commissioned Hirst to create one of his signature, meticulous spot paintings for the probe. The image was simultaneously the first piece of art in space and more practically a colour calibration chart to be used for scientific experiments. Hirst posted a photo of the painting on his Instagram page along with the caption: “I can’t believe Beagle 2 has been out there all this time and I have a painting on Mars! It’s amazing! It makes me think that Colin must be looking down on us smiling and still have a hand in it”. 

Hirst has looked to football ace Lionel Messi for inspiration in his lasted iconic spin paintings. The image of the four times footballer of year was used in the commission Hirst made for the Unicef ‘1 in 11’ campaign, which aims to help children in war-torn or poverty stricken countries receive an education.  

image credit: Damien Hirst & Science Ltd/PA

New Year… New Name!

12 January 2015
Formally known as HYBRID, the ‘unknown’ artist has changed their name to VeeBee and released a brand new original. We were all very excited to hear the news of the artists new name and the arrival of this stunning new piece down at the Brighton gallery. VeeBee's latest piece is called Clockwork Bird – Peacock.

VeeBee has used a beautiful peacock feather as the main attraction to the piece filling the body of the Clockwork Bird - Peacock. They also use liquid glass, resin and spray paint to complete this one off. VeeBee doesn’t wish to disclose their identity, because they want people to be able to view their work as a separate entity from them as a person, as work that has a life of its own. 

“After struggling for a couple of years, I had a revelation; I didn't need a "style"! I wanted to give life to my visions as they came to me, without modifying them to fit in with a specific style. Now it is like being able to speak many different languages, I find it very satisfying. The goal is now to master each style! “ - VeeBee. Don’t miss the chance to own this one off masterpiece!

Aroe takes over the world

09 January 2015

Brighton’s own graffiti godfather Aroe has been extremely busy recently with his latest ground breaking international project. Last month he very nearly singlehandedly shut down the web when he gave away 26 painting in 26 different locations across the globe, posting the results on his Instagram and twitter feeds. 

The project not only demonstrated Aroe’s international appeal and far-reaching respect as an artist but also truly captured the sense of community and radical spirit of graffiti as an art movement. Each painting was hand made by Aroe, featuring his well-known crisp lines, subtle fades, intense colours and signature tag. With the help of his international street team the painting were left in diverse locations across the globe for passers-by or avid followers to collect. The colossal game of hide and seek include a huge variety of spots, spanning five continents. The cities include in the art hunt were: New Delhi, St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Bogota, Rio de Janiero, Venice, Budapest, London, Paris, Moscow, Cape Town, Vienna, Stockholm, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong. 

The project demonstrated the immense power of social media and how it can be beneficial to the evolution of graffiti with thousands of people liking and commenting on the photos. In an age of near saturation of imagery on the Internet it’s refreshing to see innovators like Aroe go against the grain and evoking a sense of wonder and excitment whilst generously giving away some fantastic artwork. If you’re feeling like you missed out fear not because we’ve recently got in some explosive hand painted and silkscreened ‘Ghost Uzi Patrol’ prints by Aroe, which he describes as “Blurring the line between prints and paintings, genius crossed with mad, equal parts good equal parts bad…” To our hometown graffiti guru, Aroe we salute you! 

photos are have been taken from Aroe's instagram @aroe_msk

Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter to sell $290 Million worth of his art

09 January 2015

A new body of Picasso artwork is set cause a major impact on the international art market when it goes on sale later this year. The owner of the late Spanish painter’s work is his granddaughter Marina Picasso. She is also selling his famous Cannes villa, ‘La Calinfornie’, where the artist lived with his second wife Jacqueline Roque who tragically shot herself following his death. 

The sale has a somewhat bitter undertone due to Marina speaking unfavourably about her genius grandfather, describing him as cold and distant from herself and her brother when they were children. Although now she is on the brink of pocketing millions from the sale of his work Marina grew up in poverty with her famous grandfather unwilling to provide any financial support for the family. In her 2001 memoir she wrote even “He drove everyone who got near him to despair and engulfed them..”.

Rather unusually Marina has decided to avoid auctions houses and the traditional process for selling such valuable art, instead opting to meet private buyers and prospective clients personally in Geneva, near to where the artwork is stored. The sale includes several of the Spanish artists early works, with a 1923 portrait of his first wife Olga attracting a price tag of around $60 million.  

Picasso’s immense talent and influence in art is unquestionable but did you know that he is also the single most stolen artist in history? This is partly due to his incredibly prolific output creating an estimated 50,000 pieces of artwork in his lifetime comprising of 1,885 paintings; 1,228 sculptures; 7,089 drawings; 30,000 prints (engravings, lithographs, silkscreens, etc); 3,222 ceramics; 150 sketchbooks. Amazingly the Picasso estate currently has 1,147 paintings registered as stolen, missing or disputed, twice as many as the next artist on the list. In case you were wondering Salvador Dali has 504 missing works and Henri Matisse has 205. So if you ever come across anything bearing that inimitable ‘Picasso’ signature it may be worth taking a closer look!  

Banksy’s Tribute to Charlie Hebdo isn’t a Banksy but is striking nonetheless

08 January 2015

In response to the tragedy that recently unfolded at Charlie Hebdo in Paris the Street Art supremo Banksy posted online a poignant image of hope as a reaction to the heinous event. The image was uploaded to an unverified Instagram account, which is attributed to the artist and was subsequently shared by over 100,000 people. 

A spokesperson for the artist has said that the artwork is not a Banksy and has since been credited to a London based illustrator Lucille Clerc. It was originally posted on her twitter account with the fitting caption “Break one, thousand will rise” along with the hashtags “raiseyourpencilforfreedom” and “jesuischarlie”.

A number of artists have joined in paying tribute to those killed, including the French street art/photographer JR, who created a series of large-scale monochrome portraits of the eyes of victims. The portraits were held aloft during a vigil that took place in New York’s Union Square. The urban artist Kaws also posted on his Instagram. A great number of cartoonists took it upon themselves to express sympathy and solidarity for those affected by creating artworks, several of which have been published in newspapers in this country. All of us at artrepublic would like to send our thoughts and respect to those affected by this inexcusable act of violence. Je Suis Charlie. 

Presenting Warren J. Fox, Lidia de Pedro and Richard Duardo works at artrepublic (January 2015)

06 January 2015

View our hottest art highlights for January 2015 by taking a refreshing walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery in Brighton. Gallery team member Fiona takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a hearfelt edition from Warren J. Fox, a wonderful Lidia de Pedro and a captivating offering from the late great Richard Duardo. 

Warren J. Fox, ‘Heartsong’– a signed limited giclee print of 250. Originally from Australia he’s now based in Hove exploring and employing his artistic talents. He creates unique imagery ranging in style from photo realistic pencil and ink illustrations to colourful graphic images. His previous piece ‘Freedom’ sold incredibly well in our Brighton gallery. 

Lidia de Pedro, 'Wonderland'–  a hand finished silkscreen print of just 25. Lidia is originally from Spain but was discovered by artrepublic working as a graphic designer in Brighton. This print has been taken from her most recently show with our London sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery. With colourful and flamboyant imagery Lidia uses her work as way to comment on her thoughts and ideas as well as news and events.  

Richard Duardo, ‘Grace Slick’ –  a hand pulled limited edition silkscreen print of just 10. Richard Duardo is known for creating vibrant silkscreens of pop icons including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington. He has also work closely with the British street artist Banksy, producing the edition of prints for his LA show ‘Barely Legal’ back in 2006. Sadly this incredibly influential artist passed away in November 2014 and will be sorely missed. 

2015 the year of Hirst

05 January 2015

2015 is set to be a very big year for the artist/megastar Damien Hirst. The former enfant terrible of the art world celebrates his 50th birthday later this year and to celebrate his half century of hell raising he will be releasing an eagerly anticipated tell-all autobiography, which is due to be published by Penguin in autumn. 

This year will also see Hirst open his new art complex in Vauxhall South London, which will display his vast personal collection of modern and contemporary art as well as natural history objects (perhaps a shark of two for good measure?). Hirst has been an avid collector since his early Goldsmiths days and owns notable works from artists including his hero Francis Bacon, fellow YBA’s Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and The Chapman Brothers and pieces by his luxurious contemporary Jeff Koons. The new gallery will span the length of an entire street in the area as Hirst sets out to challenge his former collector Charles Saatchi for the most outrageous way to share his huge assortment of art. 

At artrepublic we have just got in Damien Hirst latest print edition ‘The Cure’ which is a set of 30 silkscreens of two-tone pills printed onto different vibrant coloured backgrounds. The new print is fresh from Hirst’s most recently exhibition of new work ‘Schizophrenogenesis’, which present his art based on the minimal aesthetic of the medicinal pill and pharmaceuticals. All of the prints are signed and numbered by the artist and are from a very small edition of just 15, making them incredibly collectable and sought after. ‘The Cure’ is certainly our favoured remedy for banishing those pesky January blues!

Man punches million pound Monet

19 December 2014

A man who punched a hole in an £8million Claude Monet painting has been jailed this month for 6 years and subsequently banned from all art galleries and museums. Way back in 2012 Andrew Shannon calmly strolled into the Nation Gallery in Dublin and viscously attacked the 1874 painting ‘Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sail Boat’ by the French Impressionist artist. Shannon initially said his motive was “to get back at the state” but during the trial he changed his story, saying that he had felt faint and accidentally fell into the artwork.

Shannon was carrying a can of paint stripper with him at the time and had previously been eyeing up the ‘Taking of Christ’ by Caravaggio before settling on the Monet. The artwork was ripped apart with a devastation three-branch tear being made by Shannon’s fist. The painting has just gone back on display after an epic restoration process, which took nearly two years to complete.

Before the damaged painting was removed from the gallery conservators examined the area for any signs of loose or flaking paint with the fragments being collected from the floor. The fragments were then examined at a microscopic level to determine what paint Monet had used. The broken fibres of the canvas were then painstaking aligned with the use of high-powered microscopes and glued back together. Over 100 miniscule piece of paint measuring between 0.3mm and 1mm were delicately reinserted into the painting, returning the masterpiece to its former glory. Its not the first major work to be vandalised and subsequently restored, earlier this year a famous Rothko painting that had be tagged went back on display at the Tate Modern after undergoing a similarly lengthy process. 

The Eagle has landed: Dave White’s majestic new edition

19 December 2014

Dave White’s latest limited edition print has just swooped down in our gallery. The most recent offering from the master painter is a stunning 30-layer silkscreen of a magnificent golden eagle, which has been finished with an exquisite, sparkling, diamond dust background. The print begs to be viewed in the flesh to fully appreciate its shimmer brilliance so make you sure you pop in the Brighton gallery to see it for your self. The dignified bird continues from Dave White’s ‘Albion’ series, where he has looked to native British wildlife for inspiration, painting a number of endangered species. 

In this latest body of work Dave White has encouraged the public to reconnect with the creatures that inhabit our countryside. By featuring well known as well as more obscure animals in the series he highlights the sheer span of indigenous wildlife on these shores. However it is not the first time an Eagle has cropped up in Dave White’s work. Back in 2011 artrepublic exclusively released his first eagle print, which originated from his ‘Americana’ show. Much like all of his editions it quickly sold and was very well received when it was launched in our London sister gallery. 

 2014 has been an incredibly successful year for the artist with two major exhibitions and a number of highly anticipated print editions being released. Back in June of this year Dave White had his debut solo show in Los Angeles further confirming his international appeal and reputation. ‘Apex’ featured a number of oil paintings of great white sharks, brilliantly capturing the dynamism and elegance of the predator. Dave White has long been one of our most popular artists at artrepublic for good reason and we cannot wait to see what 2015 holds in store for the gifted painter. 

Presenting Ben Eine, Sara Pope and Louise Dear works at artrepublic (December 2014)

19 December 2014

View our hottest art highlights for December 2014 by taking a festive walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a seductive edition from Sara Pope, a revolutionary Ben Eine and a captivating offering from Louise Dear

Sara Pope, 'Lips 6' – This is a signed limited of 25. A giclee print, which has been hand finished with diamond dust. Sara Pope is best known for her seductive paintings of bright and beautiful celebrity lips. She likes to explore the banal notions of style and glamour. 

Ben Eine, 'Revolution' – This is a 12 coloured, hand pulled silkscreen print, signed and number by the artist from an edition of 300. The print features Eine’s most popular ‘Circus’ font. There are 5 colour ways from this newest release with some of the versions selling out in days. We are excited to see what typographic wonders he comes up with next.

Louise Dear, 'Dreaming of Mandalay' – This is a signed limited edition giclee print of 50. The print has been highlighted with a silkscreen varnish and gold leaf. The original painting was donated by the artist to charity. Dear’s work is full of vibrant colours and has been incredibly popular in our Brighton gallery.

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