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Grande Dame has blown us away with her exciting new hot releases down at the Brighton Gallery...

17 December 2014
Welcome Grande Dame to artrepublic, otherwise known as Tiff McGinnis, a self taught multimedia artist, passionate about creating animations, writing music, and a creator of audio/visual storytelling.Her work is joyful, psychedelic and energetic and we can’t get enough of it down at our Brighton gallery!

Grande Dame is originally from the Deep South of Columbus, Georgia, but has been based in the UK since early 2001 and is currently living locally in Hastings. Ever since Tiff can remember, she has been afflicted with synaesthesia – an acute sensitivity to sound, which in her case creates colourful images in her mind upon hearing music. 

Her work printmaking kicked off after producing prints from her music video 'The Shakes'. She recently showcased her work at our sister gallery Ink_d which was a great success. These wonderful vibrant prints are all limited edition runs, signed and numbered. Don’t miss out on these wonderful limited editions!

David Walker drops 'Alana' at artrepublic

16 December 2014

At artrepublic we are all thrilled about the arrival of David Walker’s hot new edition ‘Alana’, which comes fresh from his sensational London show. The exhibition titled ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ was held by our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery in a pop-up space in London’s uber cool Shoreditch. The event was hands down the street art hit of season and saw the Berlin based artist return to his native East London to show work in the capital for the first time in nearly 3 years. 

In the show Walker debuted his brand new way of displaying paintings, where he divided the canvases into different section exploring colour theory. His explanation for this new method was, ‘The different sections of each painting showcase different approaches and colour logic, and in turn for the viewer to see both the individual and the whole”. 

The painting Alana was the main lead image for the show so it is rather fitting that it has beautifully transformed into a limited edition giclee print. The show was incredibly well received and generated a lot of interest on blogs and social media, drawing in huge number of street art followers. The new edition comes in three variations, one has a silver metallic silkscreened layered and the other two are hand finished with gold and copper leaf. The subjects of the portraits are all people David knows personally and there is an underlying theme of different forms of creativity. He has painted fellow artists, musicians and dancers amongst others. Many of the print edition sold along the originals at the show so if you’re as captivated by ‘Alana’ as we are don’t sleep on it because she won’t be around for long! 

Presenting Ben Eine, Sara Pope and Louise Dear works at artrepublic (December 2014)

12 December 2014

View our hottest art highlights for December 2014 by taking a festive walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a seductive edition from Sara Pope, a revolutionary Ben Eine and a captivating offering from Louise Dear. 

Sara Pope, 'Lips 6' – This is a signed limited of 25. A giclee print, which has been hand finished with diamond dust. Sara Pope is best known for her seductive paintings of bright and beautiful celebrity lips. She likes to explore the banal notions of style and glamour. 

Ben Eine, 'Revolution' – This is a 12 coloured, hand pulled silkscreen print, signed and number by the artist from an edition of 300. The print features Eine’s most popular ‘Circus’ font. There are 5 colour ways from this newest release with some of the versions selling out in days. We are excited to see what typographic wonders he comes up with next. 

Louise Dear, 'Dreaming of Mandalay' – This is a signed limited edition giclee print of 50. The print has been highlighted with a silkscreen varnish and gold leaf. The original painting was donated by the artist to charity. Dear’s work is full of vibrant colours and has been incredibly popular in our Brighton gallery. 

Ben Eine conquers the cube

12 December 2014

Street art sensation Ben Eine has been the talk of the town recently. Not only has the typographic wiz released a red-hot new silk-screen edition, ‘Revolution’, which has been flying out the door at artrepublic, Eine has also just launched his new project ‘URBAN[E]’ in Tokyo, Japan. The latest venture from the king of street lettering is a collaboration with Fragile Ventures, a company who specialises in helping artists develop their work into three-dimensional forms and communicate it to the world. 

Eine has created 3 hand cast limited edition cubes, in concrete, wood and metal. Each cube features an etched or engraved ‘E’ in one of the artists signature ‘Circus’, ‘Tenderloin’ and ‘Shutter’ fonts. In a recent interview with The Independent Eine described how he sees himself as a protector of dying out handmade skills. His view of the cubes was, “They’re just so beautiful. They’re all hand finished. I spent the last week in my studio in San Francisco sanding them down and hand waxing them. They are just really tactile, I can’t stop touching and poking them.”

Eine also recently made headlines when he revealed that David Cameron made a joke about ‘Berlusconi’s Jacuzzis and whores’ when the street artist was invited for tea at 10 Downing Street. Famously Eine’s painting ‘Twenty First Century City’ was gifted to Barack Obama in 2010 from David Cameron when the PM made his first official trip to Washington. Eine was rather sceptical regarding whether the painting was actually on show in the White House; “I’ve never seen the painting after they picked it up. It’s probably in the cupboard of unwanted gifts that they only get out when that foreign dignitary comes backs to visit.” 

RYCA at Art Basel

12 December 2014

The 13th annual Art Basel has just taken place in Miami. In recent years the event has become an increasingly important date in the international art scene calendar. It was estimated that some 75,000 people decamped to the glamorous Atlantic coast city to enjoy the art on show, contributing $13m to the local economy.

Art Basel is well known for drawing some of the hottest names in street and urban art as well as a great number of VIP guest. This year saw Kim and Kanye in attendance as well as the ever twerking pop starlet Miley Cyrus. Also attending the event this was artrepublic favourite Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, who took the transatlantic trip to exhibit his work. Callanan spread some of his acid house inspired happiness when he painted the wall of a local school with a signature rave smiley and love heart, complete with a fittingly sentimental caption. Callanan has had a very busy 2014, back in October his ambitious dual venue show ‘8 Forever’ open in our sister galleries Lawrence Alkin Gallery and Ink_d

The Wynwood Walls projects is one of the biggest draws of Art Basel and is where the real heavyweights of street art and graffiti can be found carefully plying their trade with “do not disturb the artist” signs taped to their backs. The project was the brainchild of the renowned community revitaliser the late Tony Goldman. Goldman had a single clear idea: “Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all with no windows, would be my giant canvases to bring them the greatest street art ever seen in once place”. The venture has transformed the area from a site of social deprivation to a colourful and sprawling hub of creative. The Wynwood area now boasts over 90 galleries and draws the big league street artists with people like Obey/Shepard Fairey, Faile & Bast, Ron English and Retna all painting nearby walls.

Record Breaking Turner sale

12 December 2014

2014 has seen the great painter JMW Turner remind the public of his immense talent and enduring influence in the world of art. Earlier this year we reported on ‘Mr. Turner’ the award winning biopic of the 19th Century British painter, directed by Mike Leigh and starring Timothy Spall as the cantankerous, monosyllabic genius. The film was met with rave reviews winning Spall the coveted Cannes best actor award as well as putting him firmly in contention for the Baftas and quite possibly Oscars.

 Alongside the film, September saw the opening of ‘Painting Set Free’ the supreme exhibition of Turner’s late works held at the Tate Britain. The show and film both examine the final two decades of the artist’s life, a time where his output was at its most prolific. It was in these works that Turner embraced a radical and experiment approach to painting, he began to reduce the images down until they were luminous depictions of pure colour and light. 

This month has seen one of the last privately owned Turner masterpieces go under the hammer at Sotherby’s for a record £30.3M. The painting, ‘Rome, From Mount Aventine’, was based on detailed sketches Turner made during his second trip to the city in 1828. Alex Bell who is the co-chairman of Sotherby’s Old Master Painting Department, spoke about the quality and longevity of the piece: “This painting, which is nearly 200 years old, looks today as if it has come straight from the easel of the artist. The picture retains the freshness of the moment it was painted: the hairs from Turner's brush, his fingerprint, the drips of liquid paint which have run down the edge of the canvas, and every scrape of his palette knife have been preserved in incredible detail.” The attention on Turner this year just goes to show the enduring appeal of the great “painter of light”. 

Tracey Emin inspires Brit Award

10 December 2014

Tracey Emin’s new design for the 2015 Brit Award statue has been be revealed ahead of the Award show, which takes place in February 2015. Emin’s imitable scrawled handwriting is a recognisable characteristic of her artwork and has been included on the statue, which reads: “Congratulations on your talent, on your life, On everything you give to others, Thank You”. 

It is the most recent loving and benevolent statement delivered via the medium of art to come from the controversial artist. In 2012 Emin designed one of the official posters for the London Olympic games alongside other artists including Martin Creed, Bridget Riley and Michael Craig-Martin. You could argue that Emin has somewhat soften in recently years when looking back at her earlier expletive heavy text work and has curbed her provocative nature. When asked about designing the statue Emin said: “You want to do it really well. You don’t just want to decorate it, you want to make something that is really Tracey-ish, that is special for the people receiving it."

Tracey Emin is the latest in a line of esteemed British artists chosen to design the Brit Award. Previous people charged with updating the statue include artrepublic favourite Sir Peter Blake, who in 2012 delivered a fittingly Pop version in his signature bold colours complete with his own meticulously written signature and emblems. In 2013 it was the king of the vitrine Damien Hirst who added his iconic multi-coloured dots to the award and in the past Dame Vivienne Westwood has also contributed to proceedings.

Kozyndan are Glowing down in the Brighton Gallery!

08 December 2014
Wacky duo Kozyndan, consist of husband and wife Dan and Kouze Kitchens.  The talented pair are famously known for their artistic creations that combine elements of the everyday together with the extraordinary and bizarre. 

They emphasise their love of the nature and their frequent use of bunny rabbits can be seen throughout their work, such as ‘Uprising’ and ‘Bunny Blossom’. They say they have never done any “skull art” per say ever in their career, but they do always love the juxtaposition of disparate elements, so it made sense to continue their series of bunny prints with a skull made of bunnies! 

Bunnyskull’ is a fantastic illusion, spooky and sweet in one and is also glow in the dark, which really sets it off. This print is from a limited edition of 150 and is printed on 350gsm black paper with deckled edges. Don’t miss out on this brilliant release!

We’re having a Revolution down in the Brighton Gallery...

03 December 2014
One of London’s most prolific street artists Ben Eine has dropped a bomb in the Brighton Gallery with his latest release Revolution. His giant alphabet typography and circus letters can be seen all around the walls and shutters of many businesses around London. He has also taken to the streets of New York, Paris, Stockholm, Hastings and Newcastle upto Tyne.

Prior to becoming involved in commercial graffiti, Eine was a very famous and highly credible underground writer in the London graffiti scene. He found the highest, biggest and most dangerous sites to work on and has found success in his pioneering use of the letter form. Eine predominantly uses stencil and aerosol to create his street pieces. His art was gifted to President Obama in 2010 by the UK Prime Minister. Eines work is currently held in the permanent collections of the V&A, London, The Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles and galleries worldwide.

Revolution is Ben Eines latest release and has been released in Black, White, Blue, Grey and Peach. Each print has a beautiful additional UV screen and torn deckled edges. The first edition sold out online in a matter of days. Luckily we have reserved some especially for the gallery and there is still availability online, but with such a huge success for his work they won’t be around for long! So don’t miss out!

STATIC take their work back to the streets

26 November 2014

The artistic duo behind STATIC have been very busy as of late, they’ve just had an exhibition at London’s prestigious Playboy Club and in recent months have also teamed up with the video game Call of Duty to create a custom jacket and bespoke artwork. Despite working in these exciting and diverse spheres STATIC haven’t forgotten their roots as streets artists and have been making work visible for all to see. 

They have just completed a 3D and mixed media mural in Walthamstow, London as part of The Wood Street Walls community art initiative; a project that is seeking to regenerate a disused building in the area into dedicated studio space. The plan is to help grow the creative community by providing affordable artist space in the borough which currently only has 70 studios, lagging far behind neighbouring Hackney’s 1124. STATIC took inspiration for the new wall piece from their previous KIWIDINOK series of originals that are precisely constructed from spray painted layers of glass and incorporate over 1000 real feathers. 

For the mural Tom and Craig of STATIC hand cut feathers out of wood, which were sprayed vibrant colours, they also painstakingly recut a halftone stencil that was used for the female face after the original was damaged. The mural signifies the launch of the crowd-funding website to raise money for the community project. STATIC currently have two fantastic original pieces on show in Mix, our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery’s winter group show. 

David Walker private view with Lawrence Alkin Gallery

21 November 2014

Last night a few members of our gallery team took the trip up to London for David Walker’s incredible new show put on by our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery. The exhibition titled ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’, which features a large selection of new works from the Berlin based street artist, is being held at a pop-up venue in London’s super trendy Shoreditch. 

The show is David’s first in London for over 3 years and the homecoming exhibited was marked with an incredible turn out from the public. There was an ever-present que of people down the road waiting to view the vibrant and energetic new body of work. David paints exclusively using spray paint and achieves unique tonal qualities in his portraits which brilliant contrast with the chaotic drips and splashes of colour. 

The show also includes a collaboration with one of artrepublic’s favourite artists Ryan Callanan aka RYCA, where the two artist have teamed up to paint their interpretation of graffiti writers lungs on three canvases. David has also work with the life-casting artist Schoony on a number of painted sculptures includes the awe-inspiring centrepiece, which come in a variety of psychedelic colour combinations. If you’re in London make sure you swing by the show to see some cutting edge work from the street art sensation. 

The exhibition will be on from 21 November – 30 November 2014 and is being held at The Arch, 9 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA. Follow this link to see examples of the work on offer and for more information email

Down at the Gallery we have been fascinated by Marion McConnagie wonderful selection of new releases...

19 November 2014
Marion McConagie has been one of the favourites down at the gallery, with a collection of beautiful butterflies released earlier this year, the Lewes based artist has now released a selection of insects, Westwood Bug, Tital Beetle and Soldierfish. These fascinating insects are inspired by the many years she has spent browsing through antique shops, car boot sales and so on. She blends vintage with contemporary and fuses delicate lines with explosive colour.  

Originally from rural Ireland she always had a love for art and went on to study Foundation Art at Nottingham University in the early 90’s and moved on to study Fine Art Painting at Brighton University. Marion McConagie has experience in art, photography and video. Her limited edition prints have often explored natural history and pattern. 

Her latest releases Westwood Bug, Titan Beatle and Soldierfish, are an adopted style to her extremely beloved limited edition prints of butterflies which have been a huge success in the gallery and online. They are all beautifully giclee printed and are a limited edition run of 250. Don’t miss out!

Magnus Gjoen drops explosive new edition

18 November 2014

Magnus Gjoen’s elegant and meticulously crafted prints are always incredibly well received at artrepublic and the artist is definitely a firm favourite. Magnus’ images explore a variety of subjects including ideas surround religion, destruction, instability and strength. His new fantastic grenade editions continue his questioning of the meaning and power of objects. 

In ‘Jasperware Grenade’ Magnus has juxtapose a modern hand grenade constructed from antique stoneware. Jasperware is a type of pottery, which was first developed by Josiah Wedgewood, the famous ceramicist and founder of Wedgewood back in the 1770s. Noted for its distinct pale blue colour, Jasperware became synonymous with decadence and was Wedgewood’s most famous line of products.  

All of Gjoen’s reinterpreted objects are created digitally and begin life as a virtual 3D base in illustrator or another design program. From then the artist builds up layers of tone and shading to give the image three-dimensional qualities. The new print, which is available in a tradition Jasperware blue and a matt black, brilliantly combines the power and destruction of a weapon with the fragility and vulnerability associated with porcelain/stoneware. The print is great value and would make a fabulous Christmas present, but be quick because prints by Magnus Gjoen don’t tend to hang around. 

David Walker – ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’

18 November 2014

Street art supremo David Walker is returning to the city where he first made his name this week when his new show ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ opens in London with our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery. David Walker is one of the most popular names in the field of urban art and is well known for his breath taking, colourful portraits created solely in spray paint. Renowned street art magazine VNA has also featured the show in this exciting preview

The exhibition will be Walker’s first to be held in London for 3 years and will see the artist return to his old hunting ground of Hoxton, East London, home to some of the best street art in Europe. The show features a brand new body of work from the Berlin based painter and presents the canvases in radical different format from previous collections. As wells as paintings there will also be sculpture, 3D work and limited editions on sale. 

The show is promising to be the hottest ticket this winter and an absolutely unmissable event, which is running from 21 – 30 November. The opening night this Thursday will be strictly guestlist only so follow this link to our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery to get your name on the list! Watch this space for our exhibition review of David Walker's big home coming, ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’. 

Three great prints for under £150 each

14 November 2014

With Halloween and bonfire night both firmly out the way Christmas lights are beginning to come on as festive the period draws ever nearer each week. Of course the holiday season can easily become a rather expensive time of year but here at artrepublic we believe great art should be available to fit every budget. Here are just three brilliant signed limited edition prints we have on offer that all come in at £150 or less

First up is a wonderfully macbre and expressive offering from the master of monochrome Tom French. ‘Vanitas’ is a silkscreen print from the acclaimed painter and is of an edition of just 30, making it a highly collectable and sought after piece. Tom French is well known for creating immersive images that draw the viewer whilst carefully treading the fine lines between the beautiful and unsettling, the figurative and the abstract. At just £100 this print is great value for a work from the acclaimed artist. 

Next is ‘Helmet Study’ by RYCA, a must for any fan of Star Wars franchise. The print is a playful nod to one of the artist’s hero’s Andy Warhol and draws inspiration for the Pop-Art pioneers ‘Skull, 1976’. Ryan Callanan aka RYCA has long been one of our most popular artists at artrepublic and recently enjoyed an incredibly successful solo show at our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery. ‘Helmet Study’ has been hand printed by the artist onto Somerset satin paper from an edition of 100. This is a great chance to own a RYCA for just £30! 

Finally we have the incredibly popular Silkscreen print ‘Murmuration’ by the multitalented artist Rob Wass. The print feature two colour silkscreens and has been meticulously hand coloured by the artist using French inks. The tree in ‘Murmuration’ is made up from miniscule starlings placed together to mimic the swarming behaviour of the birds in nature. This mesmerising print is available for just £150, guaranteed to brighten up any space. 

The endless allure of Audrey Hepburn

14 November 2014

Audrey Hepburn is one of the biggest icons of the 20th Century and an ever-lasting star from Hollywood’s Golden Age. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest actress in cinema history and is now back at artrepublic in this fantastic new print from the ever-elusive artist HYBRID

The new print is an exquisite Giclee and silkscreen with deckled edges, which continues in the style of HYBRID’s last two offerings ‘Beautiful Marilyn’ and ‘Jacqueline Kennedy’. ‘Audrey Hepburn’ also features a striking high gloss varnish, which has been silkscreen to add real depth and a fittingly glamorous sheen to the work. All three of prints examine and celebrate women who had incredible power and influence, presenting their portraits on top of a collaged background of newspaper clippings, notes, hand written letters and postcards. The addition of these printed pieces of ephemera provides great texture for the prints, with the application of colourful butterflies balancing the strong graphic typography. 

HYBRID is a unique artist, as they do not wish to disclose their identity because they want their work to be viewed without any preconceived ideas or judgements. By remaining anonymous HYBRID allows the work to be viewed entirely separate from them as person also allowing the artist to create work in any style or visual language they choose. HYBRID’s work is always very popular in our gallery so don’t hesitate if you are as captivated by this Audrey Hepburn as we are! 

Obituary to Richard Duardo

12 November 2014

All of us at artrepublic are incredibly saddened to hear the news of the passing of our friend and collaborator Richard Duardo

Richard, based in Los Angeles, California was the founder of expert print makers, Modern Multiples and was incredibly influential on the contemporary art scene with more than 25 years of experience. 

He worked with some of the biggest names in the art world producing over 450 pieces of art for many highly influential artists including Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey and Banksy to name just a few. His dedication to guiding and helping artists was prominent throughout his career with his famous print studio seeing the emergence of some highly sought after names in the art world. “I believe artists fill in the space that life has mutilated and rendered mute.” (Richard Duardo

Richard Duardo will be sorely missed not only as a highly influential collaborator but as a friend. Thank you Richard for your continuous dedication to the art world. 

STATIC collaborate with Call of Duty

07 November 2014

Tom and Craig who are the creative force behind STATIC have been working on an exciting, top-secret project with the video game developers Activision Blizzard. To accompany the release of one of the biggest games in history, ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’, the duo were commissioned to create a piece of original artwork that reflected the game and a pattern to be used on the fabric of a custom made jacket.

The original canvas, which will be auctioned off for charity, includes a camouflage world map with their iconic ‘Chinook Chandelier’ stencilled on top. They duo have brilliantly captured the militaristic nature of Call of Duty in their signature stencilled and layered aesthetic. 

The Call of Duty franchise is well known for pushing the boundaries in the field of computer gaming, often merging elements of art, film and advanced design into the games. This crossover is evident from their collaborative work with STATIC and the fact that Hollywood star, Kevin Spacey, even plays an evil character in the new game. Be sure to check out this boneshakingly brilliant video of what STATIC have been up to. 


Video: artrepublic Gallery Highlights, inc. Maria Rivans, Peter Blake and Stanley Donwood

07 November 2014

View our hottest art highlights for November 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a hypnotic edition by Maria Rivans, a nostalgic series from Peter Blake and an apocalyptic scene from Stanley Donwood. 

Maria Rivans, ‘Billie-Ray’ – A signed limited edition giclee and silkscreen print of just 50. This piece is of actress Lauren Bacall, who has been transformed with vintage imagery and is highlighted with silver leaf. Maria Rivans has also shown work in New York and Singapore. She has created vivid and seductive collage works, which have been exhibited in numerous galleries across the UK. 

Peter Blake, ‘USA Series’ – This is a box set of 5 prints. They are a collage and silkscreen limited edition of 100. This latest portfolio set from Peter Blake has been finished with diamond dust, embossing and glazes. Peter Blake’s career has spanned across decades and he is known as the ‘Godfather of Pop-Art’. He is most well known for the ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album cover that he produced for The Beatles. His work is inspired by famous icons from pop culture and is incredibly popular here in the gallery. 

Stanley Donwood, ‘Apocolypse 101’ – A signed limited edition silkscreen print of 50. Donwood has worked with the band Radiohead since 1994, creating their album artwork and posters, gaining him worldwide recognition. He has also produced artwork for Glastonbury festival. His work combines person emotions with politics and humour. This print shows Los Angeles landmarks being washed away by the waves.   

Andy Warhol hits Merseyside

07 November 2014

The Prince of Pop’, Andy Warhol, is set to storm Liverpool’s Tate’s gallery this winter with the show ‘Transmitting Andy Warhol’. The exhibition brings together more than 100 artworks by the man who transformed the modern art world forever. It also provides a fascinating insight into Warhol’s artist practice, his philosophies and the impact his ground-breaking aesthetic has on society. 

Highlights of the show include the Marilyn Diptych, Dance Diagram and Do-it-Yourself paintings, with loans from international collections. Also presented will be a spectacular remake of ‘The Exploding Plastic Inevitable’, which was a series of multimedia events Warhol curated during the 1960s. The main focus of the exhibition will be Warhol’s extraordinary use of mass mediums of his time- fashion magazines, pop gigs and club performances to transmit his ideas and imagery to as many people as possible.

Looking back at his methods from a post-internet age demonstrates just how currently relevant his art is. Would Andy be prolific on instagram and a fan of the seflie if he were alive today? ‘Transmitting Andy Warhol’ will be the first solo show by the artist to be held in the North of England and it demonstrates the powerful draw of the gallery. Next year’s summer exhibition promises to be a blockbuster with an exhibition from another colossal heavyweight of American art, the original action painter Jackson Pollock.  

The Chapman Brother’s Hastings homecoming

06 November 2014

The brothers Grimm of art, Jake and Dinos Chapman, have returned to their hometown of Hastings for their “biggest and baddest” show to date. The Chapman Brothers have always courted controversy in their work, setting out to deliberately shock and repulse their viewers. 

In the past the brothers have exhibited re-worked watercolour paintings by Adolf Hitler and detailed the atrocities of war with their intricate, 30,000 piece model Hell’. The exhibition titled ‘In the Realm of the Unmentionable’ is being held in Hastings’ Jerwood Gallery, an award winning beachside contemporary space. 

The show features a new and previously unseen body of work by the “art vandals” and will also present pieces commissioned exclusively for the exhibition. The Chapman Brothers have scoured the antique emporiums, junk shops and flea markets of the town for old, forgotten artwork, which they have then “fixed” in their signature anarchic style. The Brothers have also cheekily recreated Tracey Emin’s iconic tent, which chronicles everyone she slept with between 1963-1995. The original tent was famously destroyed alongside some of the brother’s work in the momart warehouse fire of 2004. Dinos Chapman said, “We’ve got the outposts guarded so if she (Emin) does intend to come here we can quickly unpack it and put it away.”

In true Chapman Brothers style the gallery was also temporarily transformed into a one-day-only tattoo parlour, in which members of the public could get a distinct design by the artists indelibly inked onto their skin by professionals. It’s great to see such significant and brilliant artists as the Chapman Brothers exhibiting virtually on our doorstep in Sussex. If you are interested in the work of the Chapman Brothers our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery current has an incredible series of colour etchings available, follow this link to find out more. 

image credit Jerwood Gallery and Guardian

Ben Eine sparks the 'Revolution'

06 November 2014

Ben Eine is one of the biggest names in graffiti and is the master of typographic artwork. At artrepublic we are very please to announce that we have small number of his highly anticipated latest prints available. ‘Revolution’ is a stunning 12-colour hand pulled silkscreen, which features his most iconic and popular ‘circus’ font. 

Ben Eine made his name on the streets of East London spraying his instantly recognisable single letters and words onto the shutters of shops. His bold, brightly coloured and meticulous lettering stands out against a sea of hastily written, scrawled tags. The artist famously made headlines back in 2010 when it was reported that prime minster David Cameron had given one of his canvases to US president Barack Obama as a gift. Eine also painted a monumental version of ‘Revolution’ on the side a building in Berlin, showing that he is still very much an artist of streets despite receiving such internation recognition and gallery acclaim. 

Each ‘Revolution’ print has an additional UV screen and has been printed onto exquisite Coventry rag paper with beautiful hand torn, deckled edges. Ben Eine’s prints are universally known for selling out incredibly quickly with his editions being very popular amongst collectors. With only a limited number of prints available be sure to move quickly to avoid missing out on Ben Eine’s revolution! 

Pure Evil in Chile & The Telegraph

06 November 2014

One of our favourites at artrepublic, the prolific street artist Charley Uzzell-Edwards aka Pure Evil, has recently been busy painting in the streets of Chile. Over the course of three days Pure Evil painted a huge wall in the city of Valparaiso with a portrait of the great Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, complete his signature ‘Evil’ dripping eye. 

He also sprayed an intricate geometric pattern for the background. Pure Evil transformed the 30 metre long wall in quick time and of course left a few of his signature, fanged vampire bunnies for good measure. Whilst in South American Pure Evil kept up with his ‘365 Street Art’ project, whereby he paints, stencils or pastes something up in public everyday for a year, regardless of the circumstances. Valparaiso in Chile was a very suitable spot for the artist to hit as the city has reputation for being a bohemian paradise with an abundance of graffiti and street art. It’s great to see the artist plying his trade on the other side of the world with stunning results. 

Pure Evil has also just been featured in an interview with the Telegraph newspaper. In the article he outlined ’12 things no one tells you before you become a street artist’. The segment makes a great read and gives a fascinating insight into the secretive world of street art. Pure Evil also made himself a candidate for quote of the year, when talking about the health implications of using spray paint he said, “One day someone will invent a spray that's made out of quinoa and kale. Every time you spray, you'll get healthier. Your skin will glow. Until then, get the biggest Breaking Bad mask out there…” Follow this link to see the story for yourself. 

Images credits @pureevilgallery twitter, top photo by David Bebber for The Times

Is there a new project by Aroe about to explode…?

05 November 2014
We are eagerly awaiting the news of Aroe’s next major project. The prolific graffiti artist from Brighton keeps popping up on our Instagram news feed, with what looks like a new explosive project in the pipe lines!

Aroe’s hand painted art work is widely recognised and respected all over the globe. He is part of MSK, arguably the best graffiti crew in the world. His latest artworks on Instagram have featured a range of free hand painted alphabet letters in true Aroe style, previewing the letters I J K L, tagged by the artist ‘All will soon be revealed’ and P Q S U, one day ago stating ‘A few more from the upcoming project’. We will be keeping our eyes pinned to see what’s next for the breath-taking graffiti artist, but we’re sure there is something rumbling and about to explode... Watch this space! 

Graffiti obsessives and hiphop fans can now own ‘Licence to Skill’ a re-creation of the 1986 cover of ‘Licenced to Ill’ as a tribute to recently deceased Beasty Boy MCA. The first 100 prints sold will be specially signed (‘tagged’) by Aroe himself. Keep your eyes peeled for news on Aroe’s new project and you can have a look at his available prints here in the mean time!

Eccentric artists The Strange Case Company release their latest wacky limited edition ‘Call Me’…

03 November 2014
The red phone box is often seen as an iconic British symbol throughout the world.   The first standard public telephone kiosk was produced in concrete in 1920, and now a days with the use of modern technology they are becoming increasingly rare. The Strange Case Company have tickled our memories with their latest print! 

One thing a lot of us that remember these vintage looking phone boxes, are the classic ‘Tart Cards’ advertising the services of call girls. They are illegal but they are very common. Over time they have become regarded as items of ‘accidental art’ and developed a cult following. They have influenced the work of mainstream artists, inspiring collections, research, exhibitions and books.

The Strange Case Company, Brighton duo Jamie Durrant and Wayne Scott, have a released a collection of patriotic prints, vintage paraphernalia and retro postal ephemera creations since 2009. They’re latest release ‘Call Me’ is a fantastic image of the iconic red phone box. The signed limited edition print comes with 50 ‘tart cards’ which can be applied to the print or the frame, to give you a truly iconic British red phone box experience!

Don't miss out on this small giclee limited edition of just 30!

Aroe's tribute to Trigz

31 October 2014

The world of graffiti is currently mourning the loss of one it’s most recognisable and well-known characters, the famed LA writer Trigz, who was tragically killed earlier this month.

Brighton’s own graffiti legend Aroe, a member of the MSK crew alongside Trigz, has paid tribute with a colossal mural sprayed opposite Brighton’s ‘Level’ skate park. “The piece was made out of respect for Trigz and for the other members of MSK. Trigz was a larger that life character so it was fitting we painted a large than life wall,” explained Aroe. The memorial also includes the unforgettable quote from Trigz “Freeze Means Run…” which he famously said in reference to escaping from the cops when out painting. Aroe is currently working on an exciting worldwide collaborative project, that for the moment must remain top secret. Be sure to watch this space to find out what Brighton’s graf king has been up to…

Trigz was also an established tattoo artist having inked many celebrities including Chris Brown, Travis Barker and rapper Wiz Khalifa. Covered from head to toe in tattoo’s Trigz’ distinctive look gained him parts acting in a number of films including the Thriller ‘Swat’, which stared Samuel L. Jackson and music videos for the likes of Blink-182 and Mobb Deep. His passing has seen an outpouring of tributes from the worldwide graffiti community, with murals popping up everywhere from Brighton to New Zealand to honour their fallen brother. 

images credits: ‘Mister Trigger’- Estevan Oriol and @aroemsk Instagram

Grayson Perry’s new TV series

31 October 2014

The Turner-Prize winning artist and national treasure Grayson Perry has been gracing our television screens recently with his new series 'Who Are You'. In the programme, which is being broadcast on Channel 4, the maverick artist examines the identity of different Britons. It follows the artist as he goes about creating a set of portraits for his new show, to be held at the “Holy temple of British portraiture", the National Portrait Gallery. 

Perry’s work has always examined the notion of identity and the series sees him distilling the inner lives of a variety of people, including X-Factor contestant Rylan and ex-convict/politician Chris Huhne, into a single portrait. Perry describes his focus on portraiture, “A single image is all you get, but get it right and it tells you something one thousand selfies never could”.

Grayson Perry makes a point of saying that most of the portraits hanging in the national gallery are of “polished heroes of British history” and are mainly consist of "white middle-aged, middle and upper-class, heterosexual (as far as we know) men". Perry brings his own collection of unusual and troubled characters to break this convention, more accurately portraying modern life. The exhibitions is open to the public until 15 March 2015, follow this link to read our review of the sensational show. 

Frightfully great prints at artrepublic

30 October 2014

Halloween is nearly upon so we thought it was a great time to showcase a few of the spookier prints and more macabre editions we have here at artrepublic. Traditionally the festival of ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ revolved around the theme of using humour and ridicule to confront the power of death; a subject that continues to occur frequently in contemporary art. 

Magnus Gjoen often explores the symbolism attached with the art of Vanitas in his elegant and meticulous constructed digital images. Vanitas art is an intriguing genre, which dates back to the Dutch Master painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. Object such as skulls, rotting fruit and melting candles are used to represent the fragility and brevity of life. In his work Magnus has often depicted the image of a skull constructed out a contrasting material such as Delft porcelain to challenge the viewer’s preconceived notions regarding the object. 

Eelus is artist whose style is very appropriate for Halloween particularly due to the influence of horror and B-movie characters in his work. Eelus even had an exhibition last Halloween at our sister gallery ink_d which featured a set of 3D collages of some of the most well known faces of the Horror film genre. A ‘Werewolf’, ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’, ‘Count Dracula’ and ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ were all transformed into layered, hand cut paper masterpieces. Eelus is a highly collectable artist with his prints ‘The Warmest Place to Hide’ and ‘Creature Comforts’ brilliantly characterizing the scary cult films in his imitable style.

Tom French creates dynamic monochrome paintings that seamlessly blend academic tradition with contemporary urban realism. His dramatic compositions of skulls in ‘Vanitas’ initially appear sinister but in actual fact are intended to encourage a sense of awareness and feeling mortality in the viewer. His paintings are often a kind of ghoulish optical illusion. At first you see one thing, then on closer inspection other faces and features emerge from the darkness creating their own narratives.   

Lidia de Pedro is back in the gallery with two fantastic new prints...

22 October 2014
Spanish artist Lidia de Pedro has had a numerous amount of sell out shows and has become highly collectable amongst a loyal following. Her work is flamboyant and colourful, and uses her compositions as a way to record thoughts and idea and to comment on recent news and events.

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of her newest prints since her stunning solo exhibition at our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery last month. Lidia de Pedro previously released ‘Free to Everyone’ which was a huge success. Since the release of her first print, her characteristic and original style has quickly gained a strong following. Lidia de Pedro’s original work is seething with different techniques and materials, resulting in densely patterned, multi-layered, colourful and personal art. “I see my work as a combination of things I like. I’ve noticed small decisions that are made very quickly and almost unconsciously influence the outcome of the final piece.”Lidia de Pedro.

To the Moon’ and ‘Wonderland’ are her latest releases, which are both beautifully hand finished and silkscreen printed. They are small editions of 25 so don’t miss out on these irresistible new releases!

New Banksy mural defaced

17 October 2014

The new Banksy artwork in Folkestone which we reported on has been vandalised just weeks after being painted by the elusive artist. The piece titled ‘Art Buff’ which has an estimated value of around £300,000 has been viewed by thousands of art fans since it was confirmed as an original. 

Police are now looking in to reports of criminal damage after a crude penis was spray painted onto the plinth of the stencilled artwork. The damage is not thought to be permanent with the entire image now being covered in protective plastic sheeting to prevent further harm. The mural was Banksy’s unofficial entry into the Folkestone Triennial art festival.

It is not the first time a Bansky piece has been painted over. Last week Clacton-on-sea county council acted quickly to erase a Banksy mural, commenting on immigration, after alleged receiving complaints deeming it “offensive”. Earlier this year another defaced work by the artist, “Kissing Coppers”, sold for £345,000 at auction in Miami. The stencilled work, which shows two policemen sharing an intimate moment, was originally painted on the side of The Albert pub in Brighton. Vandals covered the piece in black paint but it was expertly restored to its former glory by professionals before being carefully removed from the wall and sold. 

Images credit: : Gareth Fuller/PA

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