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HYBRID Artist Biography

HYBRID does not wish to disclose their identity, because they want people to be able to view their work as a separate entity from them as a person, as work that has a life of its own. 'After nearly two decades of trying to perfect my own painting style, I realised that I was really bored with it! It was limiting my creativity; I was always translating my ideas to suit my style. Lots of great ideas that were impossible to fit into my current work had to go out the window. Eventually I ended up not painting for long periods of time and when I was painting I wasn't getting any satisfaction out of it. After struggling for a couple of years, I had a revelation; I didn't need a "style"! I wanted to give life to my visions as they came to me, without modifying them to fit in with a specific style. Now it is like being able to speak many different languages, I find it very satisfying. The goal is now to master each style! '

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