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Russell Marshall came to art after working as an award-winning journalist and designer for over 20 years in the tabloid newspaper industry, including as Photo Editor at the Daily Star. 

Marshall, who currently lives and works in London, was born in Southend in 1967. He always knew that he wanted to work in a creative industry. After being unsuccessful at gaining entry to Art College he turned his talents to journalism where he developed a hugely successful career. “I reckon there’s ink in my veins,” he says. 

Everything Russell Marshall learned about design, use of colour, layout, use of pictures and the printing process has been from his jobs working for the papers. His choice of colour and production techniques as well as the topic of his work heavily reflects his newspaper background, especially the public's obsession with celebrity. In his art he likes to explore the story behind an unusual newsy or candid image. 

Marshall had been collecting art for years and it was after visiting a London Art Fair that he decided to produce work that was completely his own and went about designing a print. Marshall is very production-based. He prepares the artwork for his screen prints in photoshop, using different layers for each colour to produce a file mimicking the way the piece will be printed. Screen prints are his main medium but he has created a collection of acid etched stainless steel pieces and has sold works on canvas. 

His influences include Pop Art, punk art, urban art, comic book art, street art and manga. He has said, “Anyone that has entered this industry in the last 10 years has to give a nod towards Banksy.” And he’s always loved Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Sir Peter Blake

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Elvis Guns Cheque - Silver (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 70) by Russell Marshall £750 €1073 $1193
Framed Photo Opportunity Landscape (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 45) by Russell Marshall £822 €1176 $1307
Just Sid (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 45) by Russell Marshall £325 €465 $517
Just Dennis (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 45) by Russell Marshall £325 €465 $517
Just Elvis (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 45) by Russell Marshall £325 €465 $517
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