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Adam Koukoudakis is a politically charged artist who has enjoyed the attentions of a top London art gallery in 2007. Koukoudakis' uses his art to point out to us those people in power he thinks cause injustice, create violence and war or who he thinks are just plain stupid. Voted by Arena Magazine as one of ム365 things that will rule 2007' Koukoudakis prints sell out fast. Koukoudakis graduated from Central Saint Martins Collage London, with honours and picked up a winning finalist spot in the Mercury Art Prize for a piece he personally doesn't really like. He then moved to Berlin and painted the streets, before returning to London to exhibit at a top London art gallery alongside Banksy and Antony Micallef. Adamメs style is hard to pin down as his work embraces hands-on collage, hand painted prints, highly technical CMYK ink paintings and the more familiar stencil based work on canvas.

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