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Franz Ruzicka Artist Biography

Franz Ruzicka developed his technique by visiting such places as California, Africa and South America. Working in the figurative and abstract modes, he is concerned with the nature of the individual. To express this theme, the artist often uses contrasting styles such as soft colours with powerful brushstrokes to create a sense of the great complexity of the human being. For some years now, Franz Ruzicka, who was born in 1958, and since 1984 has dedicated himself exclusively to painting, has been working on needled felt using a rolling technique that gives rise to the distinctive style of his works.

He always performs a circuit between figuration and abstraction using not only ‘rolling technology’ but also unusual materials. Many of his paintings are on needle felt or plastic plates. This technique has been applied to his ‘Signs of Hop’ series which was created in the autumn of 2001 and symbolises a longing for peace, freedom and security. The essence of human beings, their sensuousness and the depths of their souls form the main focus of Franz Ruzicka’s creative work. Dissolving corporeal beings by means of flowing and energetic contours is characteristic of his soul images. ‘Streifenfigurationen’ (Stripe Figurations) is the name given by Franz Ruzicka to his androgynous nudes with their clearly-contoured forms.

Some of his works are in the possession or in collections of major international companies. Early 90s, he received design prizes in USA and Germany. “My art is an antidote to a world dominated by rationality world.” Franz Ruzicka

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