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Chosen a print and would like to know more about the artist? We’ve biographies for many of the artists featured at Each one is packed full of interesting facts to impress your friends, such as why Andy Warhol called his studio ‘The Factory’ or why many Graham Carter prints feature characters with no noses.

Kahlo, Frida

The paintings of Frida Kahlo often depict physical and mental pain, they  are both narcissistic and nightmarish yet at the same time fierce and flamboyant. Working in a primitive style, her paintings are full of odd colour combinations, static figures, and incredible space and scale. 

Kai and Sunny

Kai & Sunny are an artist duo based in London whose work appears in many artistic contexts. Their intricate, natural and sometimes sinister style has led them to collaborate with Alexander McQueen and has won them numerous accolades including a 2012 DA&D Design Award, and book covers with author David Mitchell.

Kandinsky, Wassily

In both his writings and paintings, Wassily Kandinsky has been enormously influential. He was intrigued by the possibility of conveying a range of emotions through the variety of colours and lines he chose to use.

Kays, Hayden

Hayden Kays is one of the most exciting young artists of recent years and has been described in the past as ‘The screaming voice of an angry Britain’. Working in various media including sculpture, painting and printmaking, Kay’s work has a visceral and direct impact with viewers.   


Keeki is a London based illustrator. Her influences include Japanese artists, twentieth century illustrators and humorous cartoonist such as Charles Addams. Her charming illustrations transport you into her wonderful world of anthropomorphic fruit, sleeping narwhals and orating birds.

Kelly, Ellsworth

Ellsworth Kelly is an American painter and sculptor associated with Hard-edge painting, Colour Field painting and the Minimalist movement. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques that emphasize the simplicity of form and often employ bright colours.

Kennard, Peter

Peter Kennard is a hugely talented artist who works with photomontage, creating politically charged and visually arresting images. 


kennardphillipps is an artistic collaboration between Cat Picton Phillipps and Peter Kennard who have been working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq. It has now evolved to confront power and war across the globe, creating groundbreaking, iconic images. 

Kenny, Penelope

Penelope Kenny is an Australian born artist who lives and works in Brighton.  Her work explores the relationship between humans and other animals, especially in connection to transhumanism, evolution, hybrids and biotechnology

Kettle, Chris

Still Life has been Chris Kettle’s artistic concern for the past 20 years. Based in Brighton Kettle is a practitioner of ‘New Still Life’, which is his modern take on the tradition style of painting. Having explored the genre and occasionally ‘Turned it on its head’ (ART REVIEW), the last decade has seen his paintings partly inspired by the light and deep tones of the Dutch and Flemish Masters.  

King, Rebecca

Contemporary artist Rebecca King is interested in our ever-evolving cities, rapid urban transformation and the abundance of experiences and sensations found in modern metropolises. She creates beautiful, colourful prints many of which are cityscapes featuring unusual laser cut detailing. 

Kingett, William

William Kingett creates bold type driven work. In his iconic 'Post New York' print Kingett has reinterpreted one of the most famous logos in the world whilst subverting its original meaning.

Kitchell, Peter

"Colour is like music. One colour is meaningless by itself, it takes its meaning from its relationship to other colours, from the rhythm of its structure." Peter Kitchell.

Klee, Paul

The Swiss-born artist Paul Klee is known for his simple stick figures, moon faces, quilts of colour and childlike yet deeply meditative paintings.  He participated and was influence by a range of 20th century artistic movements, including Surrealism, Cubism and Expressionism

Klein, Yves

Yves Klein was extraordinarily prolific in a diverse range of media. In Klein's work one can draw comparisons to that of Marcel Duchamp but whereas Duchamp wished to challenge the notion of what actually constitutes a work of art, Klein's intention was one of pure sensationalism.

Klimt, Gustav

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter. His work caused controversy for its celebration of sexuality, but he is now one of the most expensive artists of the 20th century and one of the most frequently reproduced artists in history. 

Kline, Franz

Franz Kline's work was highly distinctive. He managed to create dramatic images through the contrast of hollow and solid spaces and with his vigorous brushstrokes. He is one of the most unique of the Abstract Expressionists.

Konig, Heidi

Heidi works on her prints in a very spontaneous way using the etching plate as a drawing board. She will then hand colour every print with many of the key details being added after they have been through the press. 

Koons, Jeff

American artist Jeff Koons is known for exploring everyday objects and creating artworks which examine contemporary obsessions with consumerism, sex, celebrity, fame, and the media. His unique iconography is often controversial and always engaging.

Koukoudakis, Adam

Adam Koukoudakis is a politically charged artist who has enjoyed the attentions of a top London art gallery in 2007. 

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